Wednesday, January 18, 2012


“Reformasi” was the clarion call since 1998.

“Hidup Rakyat” “Makal Sakti” strengthened “Reformasi” to make an impact in 2008.

DAP’s UBAH made a significant THRUST in the Sarawak Elections.

REFORMASI can only come to pass if UMNO is REMOVED.

Thus, everyone of you who take to the stage must RECOGNISE the ABU Revolution.


THE ABU REVOLUTION is fully aware that with the recognition of pro-rakyat parties, we can together crush UMNO.

If you believe this to be true, endorse this revolution.

The ABU REVOLUTION ask each MPs and Aduns when you take the stage to end your speech by just calling out ABU !

It is that simple, yah?

So Just Do It



Anonymous said...

that's the real muhibah in the making!

Li Huat Chai said...

Yes ABU, great !!!

Anonymous said...

Unc zorro, i ask u one Q, ok. How far back can trace ur roots? If there is no record of them any where then r u a just a myth? 1prof say so. So all people, today , better leaf a record, otherwise u r a myth or mystic. lol

Anonymous said...

malaysian chinese should stand up and be counted.

be there when bersih 3.0 is called. dont just expect other people to fight for your rights.

u cannot hang on long to your dim sums and quality of life for long if u do not help (actively participate or contribute $$$$) to finish off umno.

forget about the others. just kill off umno. then the rest will toe the line.

the malays in pas are fighting umno at all levels. we need more contributors. dont just read and type comments.

pakatan soldiers fighting umno need to makan too. contribute a ringgit or two.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gerakan newbie Ceylyn Tay raised the hudud law requiring 4 witnesses for rape case, etc….these are still hypothetical situations at the moment. Has hudud been actively implemented anywhere in Malaysia? She is using FEAR TACTICS to coerce Chinese to vote MCA.

Hello, Ceylyn Tay, rather than raising these hypothetical issues, you would at least earn some respect if you talked real sicknesses affecting the nation – the NFC cow scandal, corruptions, etc…she talked none of these. Thanks to her, confirmed, I will never vote MCA. Use your brain before you talk!

Anonymous said...

Anon11:39- ur 1prof also admittin in protest God does not exist as there are no empircal data to support ITS existence

Anonymous said...

The family members of deceased Teoh Beng Hock are calling upon the public to go to the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya at 9am on Feb 2 to support a judicial review of Teoh’s Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) findings.