Sunday, January 29, 2012



A HOBO said to another fellow hobo: "I had a grand dinner yesterday."

"How lah?" The other tramp asked.

My cousin gave me a RM100 angpow yesterday. I went to a fine dining joint along Jalan Sultan Ismail and ordered the whole works including a Principes Republica Dominicana cigar. When the nearly RM1,000 bill came, I said, I had no money.

The manager called the policeman, and handed me over to him.

I gave a RM50 note to the police fellow, going down the lift and he set me free.

Isn't that a wonderful example of financial management?


It speaks volumes for corruption opportunities in Malaysia !

But please do not imitate that hobo. This will bring the country into disrepute, yes?



Anonymous said...

this unzorro humour/advice is quite enlightening !

I can never think of it ! Now I can !

EdiÁ•ě said...

indeed an eye opener!

Anonymous said...

perkasa gave whitepow instead of 'angpow'...@#$%^&* ... cilaka IA !

bruno said...

stupid fool ibrahim ali.and the stupid people who took the white evelopes is an insult to give or take white evelopes for chinese new year.stupid fools.

Bedul said...

I don't take Angpows. I give Angpows.

Azip said...

What the predominant party in the ruling coalition has done all these years is to create a Malay race that is totally dependent and insecure.

Dependent in that Malays, especially in the Malay hinterland, are constantly indoctrinated that they are never good enough to compete.

Meritocracy is thrown out of the window. Therefore the Malays are told that they always need help and leverage.

The Malays are also very insecure. Even the slightest mention of race or religion is blown out of proportion and trumpeted as a threat to scare themselves to rally to defend themselves against an imaginary foe, in this case, the Christians.

If I were modern Malay today, I would ask, "When can I stand on my own two feet?"

Anonymous said...

The concept of Malay has changed so dramatically over the years through the social engineering agenda of Umno, these days it would be easier for the divergent forms of political and religious ideologies which manifest in the Malay community, to further fracture the concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ and in the end, the Umno choke hold.

The shortsightedness in the creation of constitutionally-created Malays will have severe repercussions on Umno and in the end, the country.

CSL Senior said...

my condolence to Ibrahim Ali for a death in his family, though I know not who. I am also surprised with Ibrahim's attempt to "teach" the Chinese about superstition when he has no idea about what both red and white packets meant. Red packets during Chinese New Year is a symbolic way of sending out well wishes to people. By handing out those white packets, he actually wishes death and tragic ends to those recepients. By telling the Chinese not to be superstitious about the white packet is as good as him receiving a pig's head and being told not to be supertitious about eating pork. Even when I enjoy the humour of his stupidity, I can't help but to question as to why is it that such a moron still allowed to be so vocal in public? This guy has simply no respect for other races and inconsiderate of racial harmony. I am pretty sure that he has no regards for even Malay well being and his only intention is to strengthen his support through racist means.

Ah Sek Gor said...

"ang pow' means "red packet". There's no such thing as white angpow. "ang" is red in Hokkien. So, Ibrahimfool, this will feature in the oppositions's campaign video for GE13. By giving these old folks money in white envelopes means you're giving "pak kum" meant for funerals. You are either damned mischievous and unkind to these poor old folks, or you are damned ignorant of such a simple Chinese practice.

It seem to me that Ibrahim Ali is organizing a funeral for PERKASA. Ibrahim Ali is the greatest fool in the year of Dragon. PM Najib should be worried by his allied action to insult the chinese whereas he himself goes everywhere to do demaged control.

Anonymous said...

stoolpeed bunch of chinakui...

got insulted, got fucked & got tiewed every single minute by low class animals, yet some more can be so happy.

Jong said...

That bastard Ibrahim Taliban has demonstrated for all to see he cares for no one, inconsiderate and most disrespectful not only to the Chinese community but to his own type as well!

He got what he wanted, had his 'kodak-moment' ridiculing the Chinese community with 'pek-kim/pak-kam'(white envelopes of condolences) during his CNY-do and laughing his ass off?

Those 'attendees' could be homeless and innocent poor and the rest 'rent-a-crowd' unaware of what was to happen except that it was to be an "Open-House" with generous food for free, why not?

But for those present who were aware of what they were into, there was no excuse for not standing up to that bastard. They should have torn up those white envelopes and hurled at his face and walk away. But they did not. Shame on them, how low will they go just for those few bucks?

Anonymous said...

one mca @#$%^&* was beside ia giving out the whitepows ...cilaka !