Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I said it HERE in my 12 January posting, that a former MB with three Mohamad to his name was going to be a Chairman of one of those 1 this 1 that thingy that has become the trademark of this current PM of ours. This MFer is so shallow and he reminds me of what Lady Gaga said recently: I don't like Los Angeles. The people are awful and terribly shallow, and everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to play the game. I'm from New York. I will kill to get what I need.

You certainly are not shallow enough to not figure this out!

I hope you will after watching this clip.

But before you say it let me say this:

Lancheow to this 1Care con!



Concept Paper_6August2009.pdf


ASIDE: My by-elections campaigner friend Ah Mei Chai from Kuantan called me and said that she got her RM500. She is donating it to DAP Kuantan because it did not come from Najib, but from the rakyat.

Dang! That’s 30 pints of Guiness at LaDelicious CITTA Mall.

And do you know what? She said that her s-i-l will be sending thru William a Principes Long Fill Churchill NAT cigar for me to relish when I meet up with Rodney from Ipoh at Ol Skoll tomorrow night.

William and Rodney are ABU adherents, you must have guessed.


bruno said...

Zorro,30 pints of guiness for 500ringgit,wow.25 years ago 1 large bottle of carlsberg cost 5 ringgit.
Super hyper inflation,I guessed.Cheers.

najib manaukau said...

As I had said numerous times before the main reason why the deceitful and corrupted Umno parasites want to keep every Malaysian as ignorant as possible is to prevent them from knowing the truths.
It is also the main reason why they are spending millions to own and to control the media from not only telling the truth. Instead they are there to spread all their lies and propagandas. Unfortunately for them these days there is the internet to surf for the truths not only from Malaysia but from all over the world. Above all it is from the internet people from all over the world also get to know all the deceits and corruptions that are going on. Plus being exposed and there is nothing they can do even though there are trying to prevent the internet within Malaysia from doing that !
The GE is about to take place and again it is time for the deceitful and corrupted parasites to give away billions of ringgit. I must add it is the people's money they are giving away, not theirs.
But mind you after the GE, if they are able to remain in Putrajaya, they will introduce new laws to claw back billions or trillions, just so there is money in the national coffer to enrich themselves and worst of all even with borrowed money. That is why Malaysia is in deficit by the billions and that is the reason why you might as well take with open arms whatever they are distributing now because soon there will nothing left and with on one to borrow from !
I winder how then are the civil servants going to get their pay from ?

Anonymous said...

Why is that anything that still looks good in the country has a 1 placed before it? Does the stupid fellow think we are "shallow" like him or is he really thick like you said?

Lembu Frust said...

wah lao eh!

How can Sharizat go on paid leave?

Better check if her credit card spending is paid from NFC fund!

Anonymous said...

This conman PeeM who has 1 in everything as advised by his APCO public relations outfit is so shallow, deceitful, fork-tongued liar that he fails to realize that only nincompoops in his UMNO lair believe in his bullshit.

What next? 1 dickhead? 1 lancheow now that sodomy2 sandiwara has been found to be wanting in credibility. This 1 dickhead and his UMNO thugs are going to get a good drubbing at the 13 GE.

It is ABU for me and all right thinking Malaysians. Only the lembu Malay 1st, his cowgirl and her fat salaried cowherds would like to think all Malaysians are shallow and stupid like them.

jae@SportsRnews said...

How about 1bullcrap?

Bedul said...

Shameful of this guy to take the RM500 in the first place. Why take it when you dont need it.
Typical Chinaman when there's freebie, will rush to take it. Greedy pigs.
And why donate it to the rich racist Chinese party.
There are thousands of deserving Malays who do not apply for the aid.
You can see on Tv and other media that majority are nons.
To think that Malays are the poorest of the poor.
If you dont believe me, ask the Finance Minister. Ask them to supply the statistics to prove that i am right.Bet you Uncle Zorro first in line to submit the forms.
Nond take the money. But they do not vote BN.

zorro said...

Bedul, how about a friendly RM500 bet that I did not apply. Can easily check with registry. How about it? I dare you.

Anonymous said...

So what if the chinese take the RM 500? The malays have taken more, always get benefits without merit and whatnot. So what is RM 500 one time??? Anyway it is the MCA that is in charge of giving out these forms to the Chinese in the hope of gaining their support for the next GE! So whose fault is this? Should it not be 1 MCA's fault??? No?

Uncle Zorro, just go ahead and take the money and enjoy your guiness, to hell with this BEDUL person. He sounds like a bedul too!

timor said...

Bedul the Bendul,
Bangang, memalukan orang Melayu!

Bedul said...

Dont have to check. I believe you. Infact I salute you for not applying. Rich man surely dont need government hand-outs. I know people who need it but do not like the hassles of submitting form.

pukimaq said...

I love butt not ABU.

Anonymous said...

Only the nons take the RM500/. Because it is rightfully theirs from the taxes paid. Whereas you malays don't pay taxes but spineless people waiting for handouts as quoted by your big mamak. That is more shameful. Understand!

Anonymous said...

Take the money and do whatever you wish with it. It's your hard-earned tax payer money anyway.
Think of it as a tax rebate ;-)

But the best thing to do is to simply pass on the money to anti-UMNO/BN groups and political parties. Thanks for the funds, caring govt !
Nice way to give the shameless UMNO/BN vote buyers some heartburn.

And remember to vote against UMNO/BN at the next General Election.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Be always aware of the kleptocratic
UMNO-MCA-MIC-BN trick of always trying to pit the "races" (ethnic
groups) against each other.

So that they, the corrupt ruling elite, can stay in power and continue to rob the hard-working, middle class tax payers of all ethnic groups.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fight over whether more Chinese or Malay take the RM500. That is EXACTLY what UMNO wants and they are seeing results. You bunch of DUMB-ASSES!

Just take the RM500, whether you are Melayu, Cina, India ... it is YOUR money in the first place. If you don't take it, UMNO & BN will grab your share.

Their concept is simple, for instance, if they allocate RM1billion for this and they will sapu what's left of that allocation if no one else claim the money. Do you think they will put the balance into the rakyat's kitty?

By the way, Zorro, just for you and the other more intelligent readers, I think UMNO is planning to bankrupt the country before the next GE. Simple plan, if they lose, they will leave a bankrupt country to Pakatan. If they win, they will find ways and means to sell what's left of the country and also tax the rakyat more to get money to run the country and support their lifestyle. That's why Najib is going around the country splashing money like spalshing water during Loy Krathong festival.

Anonymous said...

The 500 as compared to 250,000,000...
@#$%^&* !!...& ONLY now the @#$%^& nfc wants to (unwillingly lah) pay back the soft-soft loan , how much per bulan ...rm100,000 ah !!?? (without interest yet ) = 2,500 bulan /12 = 208 YEARS ...DAMN DAMN DAMN !!
as reported : in 2009 alone THEY used up rm600,000.00 credit cards
money ...@#$%^&* ...( i have NO breakfast yet !!).

Anonymous said...

they'll finish the epf 1st ...no wonder they want the employers to pay up to 13% lah !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Next GE, we will officially send gerakan and mca off and end their misery existence. Even that means voting us out from being represented in the government if umno/bn goons are re-elected back. I think most of the chinese have psyche themselves to such eventualities. And they dont give a fcuk!!!! I hope other minority group has the same resolve and courage to do the right thing. Demonstration on the streets are fine but more importantly, the ultimate must endure the sacrifice of not being represented. The chinese have gone beyond race representation, as long the govenrment is just, fair and equal for all.

Ahmad Sobri said...

Mahathir had not only failed Malaysians in Proton, but, also in all those lopsided agreements with highway concessionaires, with IPPs, you name it, he probably would have screwed it all up, big time!

Mahathir had failed Malaysians absolutely, and Proton is a living legacy of a failed project, by a Government who abused every instrument at their disposal to bull doze through whatever they want, the way they want! Mahathir, really had denied Malaysians their rights to purchase a car of their choice simply by protecting Proton! Why aren’t all the car makers of the world protecting their makes the way Proton is and the length of time the industry had to be protected? Just another abuse of power by lazy, greedy “leaders”.

Just look at our northern neighbours, just look at the cars they are driving, just look at the car prices they are paying. Had Malaysia not ventured into that crazy Proton project, all those car manufacturers would perhaps be located in Malaysia! Sometimes, Malaysians must wake up, we should not hero worshipped politicians or leaders. If you do, this is what you get, PROTON!

Looking back, we produced cars at the same time Hyundai did and KIA was unheard of then. Just look at what semua BOLEH Mahathir did to Proton? Just a crying shame! Hyundai is all over the world and creating waves wherever they go together with KIA and today are giving the Japanese makes a run for their monies, but, Proton? Just another third tier car maker. Proton is really a shame to Malaysians and a grim reminder of our failed national car! It is a shame to see all those plastics on the roads.