Sunday, January 8, 2012




Cat Zeta Jones Loves Zorro said...

Uncle Zorro
You Gotta Help the cops b4 they help you ?
That's the way they learn from their master of the day ?

all the best tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...


Enough la. Tomorrow is a Monday, a working day for many of us. We got to get to office on time. If you people wannna protests or gather, why dont go somewhere remote and not cause massive traffic jams all over the city?

Anonymous said...

There will not be any jam if the police don't put up any unnecessary road blocks. The jams were created by the police cos they were the tool of the oppressors.

Bobo said...

Eh Hello (Anonymous)

If we don't protest for change and when the economy falters, it will be because of UMNO-BN's weak economic regulations and plans. By then you want have any office to go to because you'll be out of work.

Every protest we do has to do with change for the betterment of the country unlike your useless groups who can't even do anything useful for the country.

And please don't blame it on protestors, Thailand protested and their economy went to higher ground.

Can't believe they are Malaysians like you around.

Dumbass punya LEMBU!


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow......... the judge will go on sick leave.. hahahaha...

farouk said...

hello to you too...

apa yang enough... if you are not willing to trade your day for a better tomorrow (coward), then just go to your office la... do whatever you want to do... selfish bas***D

wongty robert said...

There are always bad and good cops. The good cops must not allow the bad cops to ruin the day. All the cops need to remember is just 1condition not 10. Just provide proper crowd control without using any force. These are Malaysians with a cause. Just do your job and be impartial.

najib manaukau said...

The deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras will then be able to claim that only 5,000 people protested ! Right minister of home affairs ?

zorro said... on man!

Pristine and Pure said...

My question is good demonstrators or bad demonstrators?
I really fear for the safety of us Malaysians.
All I am interested is will I arrive at my office on time.
We all have mouths to feed. No time for Anwar and his stupid followers.

Anonymous said...

Mangkok like pristine and pure will regret that if change doesnot take place this time he or she will have no office to go and padan muka lu and the rest of the mouth makan pengat pisang la sendiri mahu ingat!
The foot!

Anonymous said...

HELLO...... If you don't want to participate, shut UP. GO to HELL and don't comment.

passion1 said...

anom 2.15 and pristine wrote as if their office is near the high court. Take leave tomorrow, so that life will not be so stressful.
However, do understand the reasons why the others are looking forward to this 'show' of solidarity.

Anonymous said...

I am a BN man, and we will fight you PR scums come GE13. We will take back Selangor from you bunch of ladyboys.

The rakyat will send you bunch of idiots into permanent retirement.

CK said...

Pristine n Pure,

Does this mean you condone corruption and injustice for the sake of arriving at your office on time? Shame on you as you are neither pristine nor pure!

Anonymous said...

A few more years of UMNO/BN kleptocratic rule and it will become even harder for you to feed the mouths at your home.

Heard of the words inflation and hyperinflation? Or do you believe the govt's statistics on Malaysia's rate of inflation?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

1. Najib has left the country and gave Muh the baby to take care. Smart move! He's going to detour from South Africa to Milan for a break, so that R can go shopping.

2. The judge is having indigestion as we write. He's also going to have diarrhea because the pressure is very much on him. He won't be able to sleep all night and will show up in court like a panda.

3. Anwar will party all night like there's no tomorrow ... with his family and supporters by his side.

4. Saiful will be holed up somewhere being shagged by his mate(s) ... getting ready to make another police report tomorrow, if he loses.

5. Zorro will be drinking his malt and posting these comments onto his blog.

6. Hasan Ali will be partying with Ibrahim Ali because he had his wish granted. Probably they will go to Golok and get some girls because nobody knows them there.

7. Muh will be smarting because Najib gave him the difficult baby to deal with tomorrow. He will be cursing in his heart at Najib.

8. Mahathir ... he will be planning Sodo-mee 3.

9. Azmin will be dreaming about what he will do when he becomes the PM.

bruno said...

Whatever the verdict tomorrow,Umno/BN is in a lose lose situation.Umno/BN has squeezed themselves in a tight corner that they are in a heads PR wins tails Umno loses situation.ABU all the way until Umnoputras are in Kamunting or Zimbabwe.

bruno said...

Zorro,no matter what happens tomorrow,it will be a good day.Hassan Ali has been sacked from PAS and Umno is avoiding him like a plague.He is now a pariah.ABU sure works in many ways.

Anonymous said...

know only one type... all r fucking lazy corrupted pigs.

Anna said...

The cop go hard, BN lose vote.

Antares said...

Anwar has passed every test thrust on him since 2 September 1998. Other DPMs before him were cowed by Mahathir. Only Anwar had the balls to fight back, inspiring 80,000 to flood the streets of KL yelling "Mahathir undur!" That's when the demonophilic Umno became demophobic.

Hidup Anwar - a true Malaysian hero!

Grandma said...

For those who take to the streets for the future of our next generations, I salute you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you !

bumi-non-malay said...

AMEN...Anwar Acquitted!!

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP)--Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted Monday in a surprise end to a politically-charged sodomy trial he has called a government bid to cripple his opposition ahead of upcoming polls.
In his brief verdict announcement, Judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah said he couldn't rely on controversial DNA evidence submitted by the prosecution.
"The court is always reluctant to convict on sexual offenses without corroborative evidence. Therefore, the accused is acquitted and discharged," he said.
The ruling set off pandemonium in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, with Anwar mobbed by his wife, daughters and opposition politicians in joyous scenes.
Thousands of Anwar supporters who gathered outside under heavy security erupted into cheers and raised their fists in the air as news of the verdict filtered out.
The verdict in the more than two-year trial defied the expectations of many political observers and even Anwar himself, who said the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak was intent on eliminating him as a political threat.
It was the second sodomy verdict in a dozen years for Anwar, a former deputy premier in the 1990s who was next in line to head the country's long-ruling government until a spectacular downfall.
The charismatic Anwar had been groomed to succeed former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad until a bitter dispute between them saw Anwar ousted in 1998, beaten and jailed on sodomy and graft charges widely seen as politically motivated.
Once the sodomy charge was overturned in 2004 and he was released, Anwar headed to the opposition, which he led to unprecedented gains against his former ruling party in 2008 general elections.
But the new sodomy charges emerged shortly after those polls--Anwar was accused of sodomizing a former male aide--sparking accusations they were concocted by the ruling United Malays National Organization to stall the opposition revival.
Sodomy is illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia and punishable by 20 years in jail.

Now To OBLITERATE UMNO-BN Corrupted racist forever and sent them to the GALLOWS of Crime against MALAYSIAN!!

bruno said...

Zorro,Anwar sure is charmed like a cat.With ABU steamrolling over Umno/BN,Anwar is destined to be the next PM.ABU sure works in many ways,again.It sure is a good day.

Pristine and Pure said...

So Zorro goes to court for nothing, yeah.
Smart judge. Smart BN.
Stupid PKR. Still want to fight?
Get lost lor. Really making us hard to make an honest living.
Yang syoknya Anwar only. And do we care about him???

BN Barang Naik said...

Barang Naik!!!

Sugar - RM1.45/kg (Jan 2010) to RM2.30 (May 2011) - 58% in 18 months

Telur: B grade RM9/30eggs (sept 2010) RM10/30eggs (now)

Electricity tariff - average increase of 7.12% in June 2011.

Teh tarik and kopi susu - increase RM0.10 to RM0.20 (9.1% to 18.2%.

Gardenia bread - 5%-14% hike (2011)

Service tax increase 1% - additional RM720 million in taxes to Federal Government

Onions - price up 17% (Dec 2010)

Milo prices - up 5% 1st half 2011; 4% 2nd half 2011

Nescafe price went up further 6% in 2nd half 2011 - when price is already >RM20 per 300gm.

All your favourite food whether roti canai, char koay teow and nasi kandar is smaller even though at the same price.

Anonymous said...

Hooooo Hoooooooooooooo.

Now lets concentrate all our efforts on ABU.

Lets ABUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Lets do it.

Hassan Ali can shit with Ibrahim Ali!

Haslam Skop said...

Looks like Police treated Zorro with respect?