Friday, January 6, 2012


Ferdtan commented on M’kini:

A tipping point has to start somewhere - where we can say 'enough is enough'. The rot ends here. If you are in the boxing ring, and you know that the referee and the judges are siding with your opponent, what do you do? Let the process continue without any kind of protest?
Like any abused child, you have to start to say NO!


I will be there, not because Azmin asks.

This is not wholly about Anwar.

This is not about 100,000 pressuring the Judge who probably needs only one man to apply the pressure.

This is about the consistently conspired ABUSE of a Malaysian family.

I will be there in SOLIDARITY with this ABUsed FAMILY.


Anonymous said...

Judge cari makan from Umno!

Anonymous said...

Do not ever trust that fork tongued PM. With Pekida he sing one tune meanwhile with the church leaders he sang another tune.

Anonymous said...

Don’t be taken and be seen as fools by the corrupt BN gomen because if you do than you deserve the lies that BN, Perkasa and Utusan dishes out to tarnish the Christian faith.

Fi-sha said...

Howdy Uncle Z

Gee, I havent been around blogs for ages.

So, thanks for this solidarity. It's funny that some people are turned off after seeing AA asking one and all to stand up against the corrupted system come 901. Perhaps, we should all ditch idolism and personal attacks but just support causes worth fighting for. After DSAI it is natural for AA to speak on behalf of PKR, which DSAI helms as Ketua Umum. And one more thing Uncle Z, its unfair to belittle PKR after DZI left the party. Truth betold, if DZI is truly a gem, KITA would have been part of the emerging forces we public could lend our support to but look at KITA now.

Thanks again Uncle Z. May God bless us all

Anonymous said...

Original upright judge Komathy Suppiah (my classmate in secondary school)was taken off the case.

Smells fishy, no?

Phua Kai Lit