Saturday, January 7, 2012


Because I did not do any posting on Raja Petra’s interview I have received 92 emails – majority castigating me for my embarrassing silence; majority of which also accused me of protecting “my renegade friend” by my silence; majority all hate mails. Of course the main vein was “DID YOUR FRIEND SELL OUT!”


You asked so here is my answer:

People let me be. I am emotionally and physically TIRED.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Never mind.

Just ignore the hate mail from the fascists, BN kleptocrats and the half-crazed ultranationalists, and soldier on.

Those who defend racism, racial discrimination and inequality, social injustice etc are on the wrong side of history anyway.
They'll go the way of the South African fascist apartheid regime, the East European Communist police states, Arab dictatorships and very soon, the Burmese military dictatorship too.

Cheers and in solidarity,

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

I had wondered on what had happened to Raja Petra for since the news broke out. Then on the third day, I had a dream which said that it involved a very high price. Upon waking up, it was quite a revelation to me. The thing with dreams is you don't know who put them there and when they are going to put what.

Raja Petra must have his own justifications for changing his tune, and it is all valid. After all, for the past 12 yrs or more he has done a lot for the alternative cause(s). If he chooses a more hassle-free life, he can have it now. But his word may not be worth as much. I have since deleted M'sia Today from my bookmark. All the same, thank you and all the best.

Anonymous said...


Nicely said but you did not answer the question directly. So he did sell out but not soul out.Whatever his reason his credibility is zero now - a good thing - BN cannot used him effectively.

Anonymous said...

Zorro please conserve your energy. No need to defend RPK as he can always go on pilgrimage to redeem his sin like Jibby.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, si Afdlin Shauki decided to be NBU to bodek Umno as a member?

Anonymous said...

That's right answer expected of from a blogger who has lived long enough to know the ups and downs of his many friends including RPK and the circumstances surrounding them.

By show of compassion instead of hatred will one day make him realise whether what he has done is the right thing to do.

Orang N9

Anonymous said...

We,being Ripped off..
Rot n RIP RPK! Wat a waste..

Umar Rentaka said...

I agree with you Uncle. RPK did not sell out. In fact, I think RPK is scoring a brilliant political strategy.

Anonymous said...

Nat Tan said RPK did not sell out but his big ego clouded his thinking.

But one trait is Ezam, Nalla and the rest of the PKR turncoats, their dislike of Anwar Ibrahimis pretty ominous. This clouded their thinking. They resorted to that fanatical act of ' marah nyamuk kelambu pi bakar'. His interview did PR no favor. Of course Umno mouth-pieces went to town and RPK ego became inflated thinking that he had damaged Anwar and PKR/PR. He lost big time and get whacked left and right.

Anonymous said...

i'm with u uncle. concerning Pete, even though there's must be something that triggered him to do what he's doing now...well let him be. fighting goes on....after 54 years, we really need a new dawn!


Jong said...

"RPK ready to return if freedom guaranteed"! - Malaysiakini 7Jan 2012

Hahaha! Well he has earned half his journey, the other half depends on what else he can dish out, shock, upset and disgust whatever Umno/BN's foes - opposition Pakatan and its Allies

delCapo said...


Sir, Malaysians - still so fixated with scandals, heroes, icons.kanineh.

Time to progress lah.
Beyond individuals.
People (not person) Power!


Anonymous said...

Hate mails to you Mr Zorro ? For having walked with RPK before ?

Wonder if people send Ezam/Nalla's/Zulkifli's old friends hate mails for spitting on Anwar

lol !

Anonymous said...


You have been wrong many times before as in the most recent case when you wrote that Abu Kassim will shake up MACC. Of course the only thing Abu Kassim shook up was his p.... just before he zipped up his pants after peeing.

You seemed so sure that Marina will not allow RPK to turncoat. Have you spoken to Marina and find if she too is tired living the life of a fugitive wife and living in a foreign country? Marina too gets homesick you know.

Anonymous said...

If only everyone can keep in mind that its not WHO is right but WHAT is right?

Bible quote - Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)

Pray Malaysia will be exalted.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Perhaps Pete's intention is to say that Anwar will be found guilty and PR should not waste time protecting Anwar.As we all know that PR will emerge stronger and gathers more support if Anwar is in jail.
RPK like to play with minds and various hidden messages.
Sucking up to umno and make it fall like dominoes is his plan.

Jong said...

Bernard, you are too kind. I can feel your pain and disappointment, tired and the sadness, and note that deep sense of betrayal yet, you still have good words for the man!

You two were real bosom chums, practically into the same trousers and now?
How I wish he realises how much you and many others were there to support him through thick and thin during his Kamunting days, Candlelight Vigils, Court visits but that was once upon a time, people do change! Sigh.

Let's move on ..ABU it is!

sampalee said...

I am with RPK.He is consistent and answer to GOD.The day of the Lord is at hand and all politicians will be exterminated and we can welcome RPK HOME.When will that be?This year.

Anonymous said...


How la PKR?? RPK spilled the beans on corruption and conflict of interest in the Selangor state govt. Are we gonna vote out BN and allow another set of crooks in PR to take over??

malchindian said...

"Marina will not allow it" - What an amazing woman she must be.
And so we soldier on for ABU.

LC Teh said...

Bernard, I happen to think he has aces up both his sleeves...

zorro said...

Malchindian....Marina is tempered steel!

LCTeh....left to be seen. I thought sinilar over the Perth interviews b4 the Sarawak elections.

bruno said...

Zorro,,forget about the RPK issue.Whether RPK sold out or not is irrelevant.One man is no river.Even in Hillary's book 'It takes a village'...If the Umno led regime with all the firepower and its racial and religious bigots,mat rempits,FRU,
MACC,PDRM and the Judicairy cannot break the might and willpower of the people,who can?

Anonymous said...

To be a good muslim wife she must obey and support her husband.

Well. Do not want to speculate.

As far as RPK is concern he has done a lot damage to himself.

If disagree with DAP, PKR,PAS set up his own party like Zaid. Then we will see from there.

Do not hide behind 'neutral'.

Let me say. I'm not so concern if PR are corrupted in Selangor or Penang or Kelantan or Kedah. The UMNOs, MACC are watching closely. They will act the instance they smell one.

Give proof if RPK has any. No need to beat around the bush.

Anonymous said...

Maybe yes, maybe not! It doesn't matter.

I have moved beyond Anwar and beyond RPK. Malaysia and my children's future do not rest on the shoulders of these 2 men, regardless of what they say or do.

They rests with me and a few million others who were born in Malaysia, live in Malaysia and will most likely die in Malaysia.

So, people! Stop thinking it is the end of the world because Anwar goes to jail or RPK sold out! They will answer to their Maker for whatever they did or did not.


Anonymous said...

RPK reads Sun Tzu Art of Wars...

Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan said...

This is what happens in extreme partisan politics. Long time comrades are expected to denounce their treacherous friends in the name of partisan solidarity. My views on the Raja Petra fiasco are expressed here:

My advice to you, Zorro, is to ignore the haters and carry on doing what you do best, being the fly in the ointment of those who malfeasance influences the direction of this country.

Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan

Malaysian said...

I don’t think RPK has sold his soul to UMNO. I think he is being frustrated that in our desperation for ABU, we are willing to overlook PKR’s weakness. He has been consistent too in whacking BN throughout his writings. But how many of his exposures of BN abuses and corruptions have reached the rural folks in hinterland? Now his latest whacking of PKR and esp that of Anwar was splashed out in MSN media, doing damages to our hope of ABU. It’s like being kicked by him. And the worst is, he is enjoying it.

I salute RPK’s struggle for a better Malaysia and I feel sorry for him and his family sacrifices but I just hate his wickedness with us. What does he hope to achieve with his latest exposure with the MSM media? Many of the urban folks have already made up their mind about ABU but what about the rural folks who don’t have alternative media? Everybody knows that their votes are just as crucial in achieving ABU. To be honest, before the existence of alternative media, I was fearful of PAS and dislike the idea of PKR associating with it. But now, I rather embrace PAS candidates than those munafiq in UMNO.

RPK, with your left hand, you have opened our eyes to the importance of ABU but lately, with your right hand, you whisked it further away from us. Many of us are just tired and sick of the current govt, we just want ABU, and it doesn’t matter even if it’s not perfect! We can kick the ABU-govt out in the next next next GE if they end-up like UMNO!

Thank you Zorro, for your steadfast cause for ABU. I hope RPK would not do further damage to our cause.

Anonymous said...

just name a person who is more capable to stand the blowing wind other than DSAI?? a man who was jailed and embarassed ..a man who keep on fighthing by uniting the 2 split factions to form a formadable players called PR ....and abled to take 5 states and reduce UMNO/BN majority???? anyone in Malaysia who can achived that??TMM?Najib?Mohideen?Nik Aziz?Hadi? LKS?LGE? Mohd Sabu?Azmin?Wan Azizah?

Hccheah said...

You too spewed insults if not hatred on other 'froggies'.

Different standard, different principle for different people? Like RPK?

Remember there is only one set of principle, integrity and lofty ideals. They apply to foes and friends/kins alike equally, not selectively.

Hccheah said...

You too spewed insults if not hatred on other 'froggies'.

Different standard, different principle, for different people?

Remember there is only one set of principle, integrity and lofty ideals. They apply to your foes and friends/kins alike, equally, not and never selectively.

flawed-genius said...

Whatever the Sodomy II verdict going to be, the real winner is not the Government of the day. It is PR!

The Government will have to spin again to justify whatever the verdict going to be.

RPK? Life goes on.....someone can take over his role. There are many budding RPKs out there.....

zorro said...

Hccheah, thanks for sharing your selective wisdom but you need not have to send it twice for impact.

BTW..."one set of ...lofty ideals" what you meaning hah....smells of MCA, fornicate, show and tell, no?

zorro said...

Anon946....even Paris Hilton reads that book!

Anonymous said...

I think one night not long ago, RPK went for a drink with some friends. As he came stumbling home, he saw a big dog. Ever friendly to animals, he stoop and gave it a pat. Instead, he got bitten. It was not a dog. It was the werewolf of London AAAAIIIIYYYEEEEEEE!!The Werewolf of London aaaaaiiiiyeeeeeeeee!!

malchindian said...

Take 5 and rest today Zorro. Tmrw is a big day and a logistical nightmare for the boys in blue. What they are going to do with the folks after letting through the first 5000 is anyone's guess.
Unusually heavy patrols in BU and Tropicana. Chap with skull cap was stopped in BU this morning. Cops stationed at LDP/Fed Hwy interchanges are watching out for a specific profile I guess. If only they would be this diligent weeding out the easily spotted froggies! ABU!

Anonymous said...


Why 2 sets of rules? Other frogs, you whack. BUT RPK, you start to talk cock. You bunch of so called barisan bloggers are a joke.

zorro said...

Anon1110am....a typical ZEDONK! What 2 sets of rules? We (Barisan RAKYAT Bloggers, do you mind addressing us correctly!) have learnt from your masters 4 or 5 interpretations to 2 sets of rules. You could be too dumb to understand that, so I will not try here to elucidate. We learnt fast to talk cock from your main stream media, did you not realise? I whack other frogs because they are UGLY frogs....rough skinned compared to the smoothy ones. By the way zedonk is a cross between zebra and donkey. Easy to figure out this one yah? Have a nice sunday!

Anonymous said...


Calm down, calm down. If they are UGLY frogs ... then why the fuck in the 1st place you dumbwits in PR put them up as candidates in the last GE?? Why the fuck you idiots from BARISAN RAKYAT BLOGGERS support those UGLY frogs in the last GE??? You people must be a cross between a baboon and pig ... a BABPIG

Your two sets of rules makes you look like some cheap road side medicine peddler.

Go and get drunk you drunkard and stick your thumb up your hairy arse.

zorro said...

Thanks Babpig....dont you think Boonpig or BooPig sounds better....just a suggestion lah.

Anonymous said...

I understand what zorro is going thro. It takes time to swallow a bitter pill, he is still trying to figure out the 'truth ' of the situation, like many others. Anyway, a word of advice - trying to understand bigger than life personalities like RPK, DSAI, is like trying to hold water in your hands. Their impact is their charisma and their intelligence, but to claim to know them well is just fooling oneself

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Dear Sir,

I think RPK has been consistent in his views...bashing both BN and the opposition for any appearance of wrong doing.

In fact I have more respect for pete as he has the BALLS to speak 'against' anwar and yet support Nurul for PM.

His accusation of conflict of interest of legal work....requires response by MPPJ showing how it selects 'vendors'....and azmin BIL issue...what are the facts here...just because its PKR..we should be silent....We don't know the facts and only the authorities can provide more INFO..


Hccheah said...

I sent it twice not for impact. It was a mistake. I am not very computer literate. My apology. Would you have mind my mistake if I had sang praises to you and RPK?

I was, am and had always been a die hard opposition supporter all my voting life, starting from Dap and then Pakatan Rakyat.Never, never MCA.

If I remember correctly you were a MCA member at some point of time in your life. My apology in advance if I am wrong.

As such and until I am proven wrong by you, your smell of any mca's smell/stench could only come from you.

Sklau said...

Look fellas. We know RPK has an ego the size of a football field. I think it is this whooping ego that will prevent him from selling out his soul.
The government could make him filthy rich if you would just stop writing but he'll never have a day of peace every time he spend a penny of it. His conscience would prick him to death. Nah, I don't think he's a turncoat. It's the same old paint under that raincoat.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe when I saw many commentary and worst even the so called "highly educated or thinking commentators" and bloggers also bashing RPK and called him UMNO stooge, turncoat, villain, accused him all sort of things, being paid truck of money...etc.

I am really puzzled what has RPK really sold out?? Can you elaborate in details?

Was it because RPK critical to Selangor government corruption and Anwar?? No one can be critical on PR or Anwar?? Whoever critical on PR or Anwar will be a "sold out or turncoat? Are you living in the real world??

Many spinnning lies that RPK receiving $$$millions and now becomes UMNO stooge. Can you show us proof for your lies?? Can you? No? Then are you any different from UMNO cyber bloggers/troopers for spinning lies about RPK???

RPK has been fighting about the causes and not about Anwar. RPK is loyalty to the Rakyats...Dulu ,Kini dan selama-lama nya.

When you called RPK UMNO stooge/turncoat, what happen his next article exposes more UMNO/BN scandals?? Could you decide whether he would be called UMNO stooge or PR stooge after more exposure of UMNO/BN scandals????

DAP chairman Karpal Singh stated two years ago, that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was 'not fit' to lead Pakatan Rakyat. What RPK said any different from what Karpal Singh said??

zorro said...

Anon752, are you directing all your questions on the content of my posting?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

Not to you Sir but to those commentators spinning lies about RPK. I believe you and Haris will not betray RPK.

I am just pissed off! RPK has done and sacrifice so much for Malaysia in the past years but now many just simply called him "sold out" just because he was being critical on Anwar and PR.

Anonymous said...

RPK's inconsistency has led to his downfall. That's why not a single 'friend' of him has come up with a well argued defence. Uncle Khoo's lame excuse: Marina won't allow it. pfft.