Wednesday, November 9, 2011


“The prattle in the Umno blogs about Razaleigh’s expected resignation and the highlighting of its imminence by a TV channel on prime-time news indicate that the top hierarchy in Umno are going to drop him as their candidate for Gua Musang, a seat long regarded as not only an Umno stronghold in an otherwise PAS-dominant state but also as the Kelantanese prince’s personal bailiwick,” reported Malaysiakini HERE

On my blog-posting of Thursday, July 23 2009, I volunteered this COMMENT:

KU LI will never leave UMNO. He needs to be sacked from UMNO. But would UMNO dare?

For sure, at all cost, BN will jail Anwar. Two things can happen, as I envision it, - if PR wins at GE13, Ku Li will be nominated PM by Pakatan IF HE LEAVES UMNO. If he does not, Anwar can be the PM whilst in prison. Why not? I remember Datuk Harun whilst serving prison term was nominated and elected into UMNO Supreme Council! I also recall that Napoleon did say...."The word IMPOSSIBLE can only be found in the dictionary of fools!" Howzat?

….and is there anything wrong, or do we lose anything by DREAMING?



Anonymous said...

Ku Li needs Umno.
He cannot forgo the benefits!

najib manaukau said...

The impossibility only applies to the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons so they think !
Let's go and get a New Malaysia without the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li will win his Gua Musang parliamentary constituency under whatever ticket hands down.

Bedul said...

Ku Li is provoking UMNO to sack him. Then at least he can say it was UMNO who do not love him. That will elicit some sympathy.
He dare not take the gamble to resign and lead Amanah to fight against UMNO.
Amanah will lose if it enters the fray.
Amanah has not received much support, and that is why he is registering it as an NGO.
And Ku Li does not want to be seen as a traitor to join PKR or DAP.
He still has burning ambition to be PM and the only conduit is UMNO.
He is playing a game like the Malays said sorong papan tarik papan.
Criticise yet will support the party. Play safe in short.

Anonymous said...

Pm from jail?
Just when I thought you lot could not get any more dumber

Jong said...

Hahaha!! I thought they have all gone nuts! No one in Pakatan better than Anwar?!!

bruno said...

Hope as we may,Tengku Razaleigh will not leave Umno unless he is sacked from the party.If Ku Li wanted to leave Umno,he will be leading another major political party today,ready to be the next PM if Umno is sent packing.Alas, some may say 'at least we are still hoping so there is still hope as long as we are still hoping'.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li had left umno and formed S46, failed and rejoined umno.
He wants to leave again at this late point of his life?
& why should umno sack him? There's no reason.
His time is over just like his contemporaries that has now retired years ago...

Tiger said...

If not mistaken, Erdogan was picked as PM of Turkey while he was still in jail.
Who's the dumb one then?

Anonymous said...

Deja Vu!
Pakatan picking up umno rejects again ?
Let me refresh - ZAID IBRAHIM
What happened to him now????
Oh wait! ANWAR IBRAHIM - umno superrejects!!!
On that point, whole of PKR are rejects!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck no! Razaleigh will be worse than Badawi. He will just sit pretty at his PM throne, stretch out his hand to be kissed by people, smile and give a British royalty style wave as he walks past.

Then he will go back to having his afternoon Earl Grey tea and scones under the gazebo, dressed in his prim and proper Western suit, watch croquet and polo. He still lives in the 1950's while we are all in the year 2011.

Heck no! Malaysia will be FUCKED with Razaleigh as prime minister. He is way, way past his "used by" date for the post of PM.

He doesn't even have the guts to come out immediately to speak against the corrupted ways of UMNO and how the current UMNO leaders are raping the country, instead maintaining his elegant silence just like Badawi and Najib.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!
Pakatan has no credible leader???
Nik Aziz, Hadi, LKS, LGE, Azmin need to stand behind Ku Li?
You guys are doomed

Jong said...

About time Malaysians stop dreaming! We can't aford to play-play; time is of the essence, we have a nation to claim back from BN.

For 54 long years, blame our our parents and grandparents for being too trusting, to have had allowed this corrupt regime to continue mess up this country, sick as it is today, and to the verge of bankruptcy!

Forget those UMNO rejects, and enough of Anwar if he goes to jail. Too much time has already been wasted on this one guy alone, time to move on folks! Enough.

We need fresh new faces, leaders without baggage and capable to lead this nation forward and I know we are never short of PM-material candidates.Just give them a chance, definitely won't be worse than the bunch of BN baboons lining the top seats today!

zorro said...

Jong, you said: I know we are never short of PM-material candidates.

Just name me one who is READY!

Anonymous said...


Jong's right.

To name a few who is READY:

Rais Yatim
Ibrahim Ali
Zul Noordin
Ridhuan Tee
Liong Sik
Tee Keat
Samy Vellu


... I can name several thousands who think they are READY.

... but to name one who is CAPABLE ... Razaleigh???

Anonymous said...

this is utterly depressing.

everything the opposition and civil society has been fighting and struggling for, all the words and marches... essentially to present the people with ONE choice:

anwar or ku li.

even if anwar is in jail, we will turn to him. a PM in jail. of the thousands in the opposition and civil society NOT in jail, none are qualified. only he can save us from the flames. him or ku li.

pathetic. we must look beyond personalities. stop looking for "heroes" to save us. movements for change must be beyond personalities. anti-BN idealogy must be centered on the strengthening of institutions, not putting X on the throne.

the judiciary, legislators, the media, watchdogs orgs. you dont need one man, let alone one SPECIFIC man, to revamp these. If the institutions and systems are strong, the name of the leader does not even matter...he will do the job or face the wrath of the system.

"name one who is ready to lead". this is narrow-minded cynicism. it presumes that a leader must be from a party leader, a veteran. veteran of what? politicking? what does "ready" even mean? does it mean the strength of will to put the people first? the courage to put themselves on the firing line with unpopular but necessary decisions? someone who knows that he is not a boss but a worker? if so, then neither anwar nor ku li have proven themselves to be "ready". if anything, their histories of indicate the exact opposite!

Jong said...


Except for Nik Aziz of Kelantan, none of the MB/CM of Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor were 'ready' when thrust into the job soon after GE-12 Mar 2008 and they proudly, deligiently and responsibly held on till today with flying colors!

Khalid Ibrahim - MB Selangor
Lim Guan Eng - MB Penang
Mohamad Sheriff Osman - Kedah
Nizar Jamaluddin* - MB Perak

*Perak's favourite son Nizar Jamaluddin's tenure was unfortunately shortlived, fell victim of the infamous vicious Perak Powergrab masterminded by the then Deputy PM Najib son of Tun Razak!

zorro said...

Jong, EXACTLY!unless Ku Li don't make it.

Jong said...


If you insist guess he needs to get in queue! :D

Cow bau said...

Ku Li would help bait Malay voters. That's how best to view it.

He's not a pauper but even wealthy people need good governance ...unless in Malaysia even the opposition believes you don't have to work, but which so far has not been presented as good values (not working for something that is).

I hope Malaysia doesn't have such silly notions of justifying AI's jailing because ONLY Ku Li can become PM.

It's basically a link to ancient ambiguous hegemony notions.

That stinks!

Apajadi said...

Tengku Razaleigh - the Malay elite who refuses to abandon UMNO, speaks no evil, sees no evil and hears no evil while UMNO leaders continue to rape the country?

And who says Pakatan Rakyat will offer him on a platter the PM seat, when PR comes to power? Continue, dream on!