Monday, November 21, 2011


Many senior citizens are outraged by your uncalled for comments about the RM100 given to them by the Penang state government in appreciation of their contributions to the development of Penang .
Your comments indicate how uncultured you are, totally unbefitting of a cabinet minister. You said you are ashamed and offered your sympathies to Penang ’s senior citizens because they are worth — according to your absurd calculation — less than RM10 a month in the eyes of the state government.

Can I ask you how much a senior citizen was worth when the BN ruled Penang ? Absolutely nothing, Yes Nothing at all.

You went on to say that you thank God that there is a federal government and a Barisan Nasional government to take care of the people’s welfare without which the poor in Penang will be starving. Yes, the BN government looked after the people of Penang so well that on 8 March 2008, they kicked the BN out of Penang !
As a senior citizen, let me tell you this. It is not the money that
matters. It is the thought, the appreciation and the caring attitude of the state government that senior citizens value most.

Did you say that the BN government looks after the people’s welfare? Let us examine the BN’s track record. The NEP has been in existence for almost 40 years and during this period about 1 trillion ringgit was allocated supposedly to help Malays through ASN, ASB and numerous other government programmes involving many government agencies.

Umnoputras hijacked the NEP and by masquerading as champions of the Malays siphoned off a sizeable amount of the funds to enrich themselves, their families and their cronies. These Umnoputras live in palatial houses and live opulent lifestyles. Look at the posh cars they and their cronies drive and the designer clothes they wear while the poor Malays continue to languish in poverty, even after 52 years of Umno’s total dominance in Malaysian politics. How much have these Umnoputras, their families and cronies invested in high-end properties overseas? How much of the loot is stashed away in overseas banks?

A Morgan Stanley analyst estimated that between 1984 and 2003, RM360 billion was siphoned off by Umnoputras and their cronies. The Auditor-General’s Report bears ample testimony to the plunder of the nation’s wealth.

After more than 52 years of Merdeka, many kampungs do not have basic amenities like piped water and electricity while Umnoputras are wallowing in wealth and luxury. No wonder the income differential in the Malay community is the highest among all ethnic groups in Asia .
You were defeated in the last elections and came into the cabinet through the backdoor. We are ashamed of you No wonder Rafidah poured scorn on you. As minister of Women, Family and Community Development, you did little to genuinely empower Malaysian women, especially Muslim women whose problems — marriage, divorce, custody of children, alimony, property rights etc,etc have remained unresolved. Your failures in this regard are well documented by women NGOs and Sisters in Islam.

You had the audacity to offer your sympathies to the senior citizens of Penang . Let me tell you this:

Shut your face, honey. Guan Eng is making money (for Penang , of course), unlike you and the rest of umno gang.
My advice to you is this:

Don’t open your mouth to make a bloody fool of yourself. Do us a favour; disappear from the political scene.
Stop monkeying around.

Orang Lama Malaysia


Anonymous said...

For Sharizat to disappear from the political scene is not good enough. She and her family have to be tried for fraud and embezzlement of the tax payers money and be made to cough back every single sen plus interest of everything they have stolen and embezzled. Then they go to prison and disappear for good. This is the only right form justice from such despicable people who are all abound in UMNO & BN.

rexuan said...

typical.. still blaming everything on umno. you write as if there're no good deed ever came from umno from the day of our independence. that alone is pure bullshitting done on your part! funny you didnt mentioned the pakataiks fiascos happening in states ruled by them..

Zain said...

Good one Zorro.

I appreciate you can provide such 'awakening' messages so that we could put it as 'chain letter' in email, so as to counter Jibby's new effort to use social network to spread his 1Malaysia lies.

zorro said...

Rexuan, if that is your belief, so be it. I have berated politicians from both sides on what I perceive to be mis-steps. I still have friends on both sides. It is just that I want a new Malaysia minus corruption, cronyism and blatant nepotism. Can't I wish and work towards that?

Anonymous said...

South Korea has Chun Doo-hwan & Roh Tae-woo, Taiwan has Chen Shui-bian, Philippines has Marcos & Joseph Estrada (now Arroyo might be joining too), Egypt has Hosni Mubarak, Libya has Gaddafi etc etc. Come on Rakyat of Malaysia, let not be losers, do what you need to do come GE13 and then we can also have our own "roll of honour"

nkkhoo said...

Najib's recognition of pro-BN online activists is the government's approval of vicious smear attacks against Pakatan Rakyat.

So Barisan Rakyat Blogger need to step up the effort to counter those BN propaganda and lies.

najib manaukau said...

What else can you expect from this half breed, a mamak or at best an Umno made Malay just like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir. To take as much as possible during her tenure as a minister just also like all the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons. Finally don't expect the bitch to roar like a lioness !

Anonymous said...

If Sharizat and her family could escape punishment for abusing the loan, Malaysia is a country of ....???
In Malaysia, if You want loan, it depends who you are and whom you know. Join Umno if you want loan!

ANGRY said...

This woman minister is a wolf under cover.Pretending to be good but using her position to solicit monetary gains for the family(like the NFC project which is blatant misuse of govt money for personal gains.)Remember when the matter was brought to the open,she defended by saying that their family deserved it and accusing the opposition of trying to destroy Wanita UMNO.What loads of rubbish reasons!

bruno said...

First of all the lady minister and her family have the mentality and IQ lower then the animals that they enriched themselves on.If the family were that smart,they wouldn't have been caught stark naked in the act.People who cheated on cattle should be branded as cows like in the cowboy days.

As for her laughing at the senior citizens of Penang she should look at herself in front of a mirror,imagining herself to be the CM of Penang.Then she will have the opputunity to rob not only the senior citizens but cows of Penang high and dry too.

Anonymous said...

another mamak plunderer in the mould of the kerala mamak.




zorro said...

Anon126am....YES! YES! YES!

Anonymous said...

rexuan @ 4.23pm,

Just give one example what UMNO Baru has done for the benefit of every Malaysian for the last 30 years without enriching themselves in the process. Just one example is good enough. Racial and religious tolerance have been deteriorating over the last 30 years, no thanks to UMNO who played the race and religion cards to hoodwink people like yourself. So give one example of what UMNO has done good for this country. Otherwise shut the f*** up!

Anonymous said...

Nazri can arrest people who assemble without permit under the new bill.

Zorro be careful so as not to spend x'mas in kemunting.

Penang Lang said...

Well Said !! Tks Uncle Zorro !!

Anonymous said...

I have never ever like and trusted mamak esp this unique "cowgate" heroine minister. Portraying her as a champion for all women muslim reaaly sucks. Another Umnoputra exploiting and milking the poor rakyat money.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians who love our country and strive for freedom of speech should vote for the END of BN rule. The winds of change are shifting towards Malaysia!
Gua si Penang Kia