Saturday, November 12, 2011



This BULLshit from COW (Club of Obedient Wives) about sex-from-a-distance with different partners is not new. In our hot-blooded days we had multiple disembodied sexual dalliances with the likes of Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Gina Lolobrigida and Kim Novak. Not forgetting Sharon Stone too. No need to be religious. Just simple deep concentration (not even fringing on transcendental meditation) and its attendant handwork and viola you explode into multiple blissful nirvanas. Don’t teach us to suck eggs….instead take the advice of my friend, Saudi Ali of London, Neek Hallak. Go find out what it means in Arabic. If Ali’s advice is not compatible, Duke the Whisperer’s Kan Ti Tu might help.



I have a friend who is so depressed over his close friend Sharizat that he has not done what he normally does everyday – reading and writing. Disappointment is written all over his rugged face and it took some unusual coaxing before I could convince him to loosen up with a near-noon Tiger. He was floored with her two remarks:” We work very hard” and PKR’s Zuraida is “out to discredit Wanita UMNO.”

Dang! Working hard is wrong. We were drilled endlessly by our parents, teachers and later on our employers. They didn’t know better. We need to work SMART, not HARD. Working HARD to achieve our plan is SMART! Investing money on Condos is not smart! That RM9.8 million could be put to better use to fatten this emaciated herd whose framework is embarrassingly evident in this picture!

Before we parted I told him not to be too enamored of this particular basket of politicians. They are all a disappointment. They can’t help it, they just are….still dependent on crutches and cronyism. I told him to tell her that, if their continued friendship meant something thing to him. His parting shot: By the way, her husband is a…….. (bleep).



The auditor-general said that the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) is a mess but Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin contradicts the AG by saying that it is a good strategic investment move.

And this Rembau Lembu wants to be PM before 40? This is what a M’kini reader wrote:

SusahKes: KJ, have you done project financing before? You're supposed to be from Oxford, and you had a go at investment banking with ECM Libra.

Tell me which bank would lend you a project facility, and later allow you to draw down and utilise/invest the said funds for something that has got no connection whatsoever with that project - unless of course, NMLC (National Meat and Livestocks Corporation) meant to house the cows in the condo?

Do you know how many rules a bank would have to compromise or neglect in respect of its corporate governance if it was to close one eye and allow its borrower use the credit facility for something other than its intended purpose?

Tell me which bank does that in Malaysia? Or is it only the Malaysian government that is so dumb to appreciate Banking 101?



"As the head of Islam of this state, I am responsible to ensure the administration of Islam in this state runs smoothly and effectively.

"Hence, I command all assemblypersons to agree to all proposed amendments presented and then approve the said Bill so that all the proposed amendments can be implemented immediately," reads the decree.

The Pakatan Selangor State Assembly was confronted with this ultimatum. They were cowed into submission and they gave easy passage to this royal edict! Why didn’t they SEEK COUNSEL? Is it arrogance, ignorance or pure pusilanimity that they so easily painted themselves into a corner? Is Pakatan serious about marching into Putrajaya? Prove to us that we need not have to weigh our options! I for one will remain loyal to my cause - a new Malaysia courtesy of a new government. Loyalty is an admirable virtue, blind loyalty questionable, but purblind loyalty is definitely a no-no. Loyalty forced through fear is DEGRADING! We cannot condone this from our elected representatives. SHAPE UP! The rakyat has to make a decision soon.



Anonymous said...

"Do you know how many rules a bank would have to compromise or neglect in respect of its corporate governance if it was to close one eye and allow its borrower use the credit facility for something other than its intended purpose?

Tell me which bank does that in Malaysia?"

Answer: Bank BUMIPUTRA and George Tan of infamous Carrian. Furthermore, poor Malay internal auditor was murdered in the process.

We don't forget that easily!!

Tok Rojak

Anonymous said...

PR sgor Asy'men are indeed cow(ard)s.

They gave in easily to the appointment of the SS Kushrin despite legal opinion that it is constitutionally wrong to appoint someone w/o the concurrence/approval of the State's MB.

The Sultan took that case as an indicator that he cld do anything he likes with these cow(ard)s. He did it again. And these cow(ard)s are mooing now after being told to eat their own dungs. Damn these cow(ard)s.

malchindian said...

Well MB, DSAI can't save your cowhide even if he knew how. It is unlikely PR will retain Selangor now but if by some fluke they do, your new nose-ring awaits you!

bruno said...

Such skinny cows.They look more like the cheap local cows of low grades.Like the ones the 'COWS' club have set up in BB,Chow Kit or Pudu to train their members in physical gymnastics to gain personal satisfaction.It is an insult to the Wagyu or Kobe steed which are better well built and bigger.

Anonymous said...

life goes on as there is plenty of money still to be made.....whats a little bit of bullshit...he he he

flyer168 said...

Anon 04:48,

You have a point there...

Guess who controls that Bank with its new name, the Escrow account to "wash/move" the funds?

They all have each other by the "Orbs/Juglars"...

Next to share this...

Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin and his sick Cattle Whore -

Finally to share this…

Sunday People * NST Online - Cowgirl Izzana makes the moo-ves
Saturday, November 12, - RACHAEL PHILIP

You be the judge.


flyer168 said...

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." - Milton Friedman


Anonymous said...

At long last, someone to slam the PR ADUNs of Selangor.

Now, please reveal who where the idiots who said "Aye!" to the amendments?

We need to know who NOT to vote for come next Selangor State election.

motherchell said...

Oh that was well said , anon 4:48 PM.

The Lord of the duds KJ is silently us that dUMNO is in limbo. Maybe he was trying to tell us that even Oxford University is investing all its idle funds into hoarding up Velcro and pomegranates for a rainy day!!

He is one primate who had been telling everyone that espresso is a highway in Italy---his gray matter must be oozing thro his ears.
With the way he defends Sharizat---i hope he does not come around to say that Fidlot is now looking into leather condom manufacturing and take take us on to procure more funds from Nazi-b---- who seems lost on his way up a ladder!! no doubt !! KJ did buy his degree on the web!! :)
Lets see how this fella is going to get out of this one, thinking mistakenly we're FROM HIS mORONS uNITED TEAM!!!!
Great post my dear Zorro.
Much regards and cheers!

flyer168 said...

Ofcourse Oxfart has to support her...

Cos she has a beautiful 22 year old daughter who is very, very rich with 2000 cows, 1Menerung Penthouse, etc, etc.

No need to have ambition to be a Minister...Forgone hope !


Anonymous said...

Is the oxymoron KJ aka rembau lembu licking up to mamakreezat to show he is sil material. His religious cowhead zeal allows him to take 4 wives. How about the 2000head cow heir as a member of the COW? After all this is Bodohland where they worship money, murderers, sodomites, paedophiles and last of all their God. Will they ever learn Fair and Clean would be GOOD for them too in the long run?

Anonymous said...

Oxfart-endorsed lembu kondo?

Malaysia Boleh!
Can give Kobe Beef a fight?

Anonymous said...

Hei menipu menipu,
Ahli Parlimen pada biola
Lembu itu melompat ke bulan
Khairy ketawa melihat sukan itu,
Dan Noh lembu-ed seperti berlawak

Anonymous said...

Persoalannya mengapa kaum petani / peternak di Malaysia di anak tirikan. Kenapa project NFC tidak diagih secara kecilan disetiap negeri negeri di Malaysia?
Bukankah ini satu cara untuk meningkatkan pendapatan golongan miskin & sederhana?
Inilah cara slogan "Rakyat DiDahulukan" yang dilaung laung Najib?

Anonymous said...

Well we have the famous watergate, now in Bolehland we have the "unbelievable" cowgate, it seems. How amazing indeed!!. What a bunch of greedy politicians milking the poor rakyat hard earned money.
The Deputy Prime Minister Mooo…yiddin Yassin said Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is not involved in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal is not surprise at all, if you know what i meant.
That so called minister and her husband must be living separate lives. Otherwise how can she not be involved? Without the minister’s influence, where could her husband have gotten the soft loan of RM250 million bucks?. Thats a lot of bread. Imagine if that money is use to help the hardcore poor rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the large number of comments from the people who can think for themselves, they have already said their piece. This is an outright abuse of the taxpayers’ money by the government to grant a RM250 million loan to a project undertaken by people who have neither the entrepreneurial or technical skill to do it, not to mention integrity and wisdom.
Everyone knows that Mooo..eee..din has been playing politics with Najib Razak, disagreeing with the PM in most of the critical issues, and a good example is the one over whether Malay or Malaysian comes first. Najib should take advantage of this NFC “cowgate” issue and bury this real cow politically for the good of the nation. Why is is he not doing that raises a doubt whether he himself has as many skeletons in his closet as Moo..eeee..din’s? God help Bolehland!!!!!!