Saturday, November 26, 2011


Was a good day….more pluses and just a few minuses.

The minus #1 - The whole cleaning crew was out cleaning up the fountain area this Saturday thus not allowing anyone around the fountain. I asked a macik if they usually do this on a Saturday. “Selalu hari isnin.” The message was loud and clear.

Minus #2 – the service at Malones sucks. We were warming up for the gathering.

Minus #3….the gathering was not what I expected. Considering the impact of this Bill if passed, the response was minimal. There were around less than 300. I said this when interviewed: Thanks to the brave people who turned up today. However, we as a people have awoken up, but many have not got out of bed. Awake but still lolling in bed! Bangkit people!

Plus #1: On the LRT I was reading I, Steve….a book that Patrina brought back for me. I didn’t notice a young lady until she sat down opposite me and I noticed that she was pregnant. I apologized: I am sorry I did not offer you my seat. I did not notice your condition until you sat down. Her reply: Don’t worry Uncle. You would if you had known. That made my day.

Plus #2: Never arranged but the usual suspects were there ….part of the Special Bunch!

Plus #4: Royalty from Perlis and Seramban graced the occasion.

Plus #3: The Mayor of Jalan Changkat brought along his heir and heiress. Will they fine parents RM20,000 for bringing kids to protests?

Plus #5: SK whom I have not met in months was here too. I had the parched look and he bought me a pint.

Plus #6: Dian called out to me. I turned and Pak Idrus took this pic.

Plus #7: This is the BIGGEST plus. Hah Thiam Khean whom I have not seen for ages after he left for US as an Intel employee, was there with his friends. He came in this morning from Penang and was heading back to Penang for a friend’s wedding after the gathering. THAT TO ME IS COMMITMENT, to this cause. Thanks Thiam Kheang. Your late Pa would be proud of you. You mother and your brothers Nic and Kelvin too would.


bruno said...

As Ambiga said,'Lawyers usually attend court.But when they decide to walk ,something ir really WRONG'.

But when hard working,law abiding and honest Malaysians who usually show up for work five days,some even six to seven days a week to make ends meet walk,it means that the 'ruling regime is on the way OUT'.

Shamsul Azhar said...

Good evening, kindly allow me to add a few points on this gathering.

- Looking at the crowd of 300, can we say that the steam is dying out? I mean, 200+ with no roadblocks, no closed roads, no water cannon. How to "occupy klcc" when I see more banglas in klcc park during hari raya holidays? Maybe alot have indeed woken up!

- Where is the racial representation from the majority race? Is this an non malay affair?
I mean, just by looking at the crowd sampling, it looks like their skin are as yellow as their shirts.

bruno said...

Najib needs to consult with his shrink before he made himself an international clown.To do away with a draconian act and come up with bill which is as if not more draconian makes the administration look like a bunch of fools.It is like the MB who had sex with an underaged schoolgirl calling a man who had sex with a woman against her will a rapist.

bruno said...

Now Najib is blowing the warhorn calling on the factions within Umno to closed ranks for the coming GE.PKR better pay heed to Najib's well intended advice.Especially Selangor PKR which is the weakest,because of infighting between Azmin's faction against Khalid's.Or else Umno will just steal it back under their noses.

Anonymous said...


Please remember that if Umno is really able to take care of the interests of the Malays, then the Malays would not be so poor as they are today. Only Umnoputras get rich.

Anonymous said...

The UMNOputras re a shameless bunch of robbers, murderers, racists and religious bigots. If they had really taken care of the Malays using the NEP, there won't be any disgruntled and marginalized Malays. Incidentally there wouldn't be PAS or PKR.

Instead of championing the plight of the poor in the country, these shameless UMNOputra scums were ONLY interested in amassing wealth for their families, cronies and lapdogs.

Now that they know that their days are numbered they call the Malays to unite against the others. Their unity call shows their desperation.They want the common, poor and marginalized Malay to fight so these scums can stay on in power and continue their piracy.

The Malays are NOT rich but ONLY the shameless UMNOputras. The recent addition is Shahrizat's family with RM250million of the taxpayers' money.

Comrade in Yellow said...

It seems BN does not give reforms much toss

Making all right thinking people rather cross

Let People Power walks with the lawyers too

Come mightily, better than Bersih two

Together we get our message across

Come GE13, show BN we are the boss

Saving Bolehland is what we have to do

A better prosperous Malaysia for me and you