Sunday, November 20, 2011


Something sure stinks in the state of Malaysia, and Malaysians must stop putting up with these bull shit. It is time to harness all our anger, despair and sheer frustration, and send a loud message to these inept BN politicians that their time is over in the next GE.

This NFC fiasco has all the ingredients of cronyism, nepotism, corruption, incompetence and fraud.

Could this be because this is the normal practice in our government ministries? That it is OK to award a RM250 million cattle project to a company with no experience whatsoever, in which the Auditor-General slammed as “in a mess”, whose owners happen to be the family members of a federal minister, and in which the board diverted national funds to purchase luxury condominiums against the mandate in which it was given?

To these damning revelations, our government says: “What’s the problem? These are hardworking people! Stop complaining and smell the roses!”

Indeed, incompetency and failure by these cronies are bizarrely rewarded with bailouts. And when the rakyat questions this, the standard modus operandi is first deny that it is a failure — “mana ada masalah?” (the Auditor-General is mistaken because he does not know how to count cows); then decry it as a (take your pick) sexist, racist or religious slander by the opposition.

The way the BN politicians are behaving, it would seem they believe the adage that “Malaysians easily forget”. Don’t comment on it, let the issue die by itself.

We cannot allow them to take us for fools for even a minute longer. Despite all this talk about transformation and transparency, it is business as usual for these political masters and their cronies. The lack of action by the government in response to this NFC saga aptly reveals that the government we have is nothing more than a private, cosy club that dishes out lucrative contracts and concessions to their family members, relatives and cronies.

Why not our cattle breeders form a consortium, ask for grants/loans (that no banks will give them) and combining their expertise prove to the government that they are the right people to champion rather than their fat cronies who plunder our treasury at will without fear of repercussions. FULL STORY HERE


The star of the Asian Food Channel’s “Best Wan” cooking show appeared upset at Chef Riz’s attempt to embellish his curriculum vitae CV but did not try to defend his only son.

Instead he did the opposite “Let those people use this against him padan lah muka dia, serves him right ” he said.

“Shame on him ” he added stunning several of his fans and prompting requests for him to forgive his only son.

Chef Wan was also eager to distance himself from his son’s behaviour and said the 29-year-old was of age and has to be responsible for his own deeds.


Jong said...

Obviously Riz was ridding on his famous father's name, no different from that notorious SIL who married a famous daughter to ride father-in-law's name that got him to the 4th floor!

Both same same - shameless and spineless!

Jong said...

At least Chef Wan spoke up and distanced himself from his son's bad behavior, but Sleepyhead continued romancing and sleep that cost him his premiership because of SIL!

Where is SIL now, heard from 4th floor to basement?

najib manaukau said...

The investment is only a reflection on the need of 250 million ringgit the project will need when according to them it is better to buy a couple of condo instead of just leaving the money sitting around doing nothing.
Obviously the need for the amount far exceeds the actual requirement needed for the project and consequently there is so much spare cash around.
Worse of all renting the condos out at '75,000' ringgit a month, vow such good return I would not hesitate to invest my hard money to purchase ten units. Or may be the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons should also invest their ill gotten gains in it instead of stashing them abroad. What a bloody shamble disguising the fraud as a loan ?

This is just a true reflection of the lack of business acumen of the kind of people in charge of the project.
Really it might as well just give them the cash instead of dressing them up as loan, that according to those involved in it that the money was sitting in the bank doing nothing. If that is the case why then bother to take a loan for a start in the beginning ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chef Wan may have dignity,honesty and humbleness but he dont have the filthy richness our arrogant,proud,selfish VVIPs have.So whats so great about this poor little man compared to our heavily titled big shots with awful amount of big bucks?The big bucks guys should be our idols, nevermind the horrible reputation.

Anonymous said...

zorro - how about setting up a blog that will keep track of all the scandals lest we forget....else two weeks from now we will be talking about something else

bruno said...

Zorro,like Dr Mahathir said,Malaysians have poor memories.What Dr Mahathir said are the truth and from true life experiences.

We all know that Malaysians are screaming and cursing that BN have robbed the nation blind,their basic rights,human rights,freedom of expression and miles of grieviences if recorded on paper.

But when the next GE comes,that is within the next few months,their 4-5 years of grieviences and torture are suddenly forgotten,when BN danggles 50 or 100 ringgit bills in front of them.And the next cycle of torture,grieviences,cursing and screaming starts all over again for the next 4-5 years with BN still retaining power.

As long as there are long lines of takers for these 50-100 ringgit bills the BN will forever be in power.And the opposition is going after Rosmah like crazy hounds after a bitch who is on heat.Why waste percious ammunition on Rosmah who is not offering herself as a candidate,instead of going after these long queues of 50-100 ringgit takers.Or keep hammering home on the cow's minister and her collegues in crime.

malchindian said...

Chef Wan is a showman and a damn good one at that. Telling off his son is pure " wayang" to maintain his reputation and to minimise the backlash on the son's career. Very clever damage-control.

Anonymous said...

NFC = Natural Fried Chicken ( macam KFC) !!??

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

You wrote 'The NFC fiasco has all the ingredients of cronyism, nepotism, corruption, incompetence and fraud.'

I will add, Salleh, the husband of Shahrizat, Ketua Wanita UMNO and a back door minister, has all the ingredients of a CON MAN.

zorro said...

Anon827....good idea but we prefer the element of surprise during election campaign. I have documented all the "bullets" collected post 803. For sure we will not forget so easily. Thanks for keeping faith with us in our quest for a new Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


What can we do about the corrupt state of affairs in this Bolehland? Yes, we can try to vote out the present corrupt government but we also know the corrupt government will do everything at all costs to hang on to power by creating havoc on race, religion and royalty issues and then finally cheating in the GE. There are still plentiful of Malaysians with blinkered eyes who support UMNO-BN without realizing they have been hoodwinked left, right and center by the corrput politicians they blindly support. We will be back to status quo with the corrupt UMNO-BN government still in power and the stealing continues unabated at an even higher rate.

The opposition Pakatan has to do more to enlighten/educate the Malaysian masses that the pillages, stealing and fraud by the corrupt UMNO-BN have got to stop immediately before the country becomes another Greece. The mindset of the Malaysians have to change and they must be made to understand that the corrupt UMNO-BN politicians are stealing from them. Malaysians have to be made to realize that they are entitled to a better standards of living if the corrupt UMNO-BN politicians are voted out of office and put behind bars for the crimes they committed against all Malaysians.

I don't have the answers of how to educate the Malaysian masses but I'm sure the strategists in Pakatan have to get off their butts and do their jobs if Pakatan has any chance of winning over the Malaysians support.

Anonymous said...

Never a fan or follower of Chef Wan because my family dump the local TV channels long long time ago.
But here is one rightous towering Malaysian man!

Anonymous said...

Bruno @ Nov.20, 10.22pm,

The dangling of the RM100 bills has already taken place in the form of "school aid" generously given out to the school students. Parents are happy to receive the RM100 bills as it means an extra RM100 for lunch or dinner or maybe to pay for the 1 week tuition fee.

The students are very happy because they have been fed the bullshit from their teachers that the RM100 is from their UMNO master who "cares" for them. What a great strategy to win over the young minds just like McDonalds using colourful toys and figurines to win over another new generation of young customers.

My children are all grown up, otherwise I would also pocket the RM100 per child but I will vote for the opposition, even if the candidate is a donkey.

Anonymous said...

anaon 3.26 ha, ha you vote for the donkey, I will vote for the monkey but never, never, ever the pig (read Babi N)