Wednesday, November 30, 2011


“I want to issue a warning to the opposition - Zuraidah, the biadap (rude) PKR Wanita chief, you think we are afraid of you? You want me to resign, who are you to say so?” she said, reiterating that the opposition targeted her out of jealousy as Umno Wanita’s achievements.

Jealousy? Why would Zuraida be jealous. She is not Wanita UMNO! She is disgusted, not jealous.

“You want me to resign just because my husband is the chairperson of NFC? I have nothing to do with it. I take care of my duty and he takes care of his, but you want me to resign... If this is your principle, I challenge the PKR Wanita chief today to urge the PKR president to resign.

Just tell us how he qualified to be the chosen one? I dare you.

“I want to issue a warning to the opposition - Zuraidah, the biadap (rude) PKR Wanita chief, you think we are afraid of you? You want me to resign, who are you to say so?”

Reminds one of schoolyard rumble….even girls indulge in this infantile “you touch me first” dare?

I challenge the PKR Wanita chief today to urge the PKR president to resign.

You want the PKR President to resign? To quote you: Who are you to say so?

Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil says that if she resigns over the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail must also quit as PKR president over her husband’s criminal charge.

Why should she….she is an elected President, whereas you lost to her daughter and became a backdoor Minister! Yah, we know you beat Rafidah. We also read in a blog how TDM had to use you to get rid of Rafidah. Like some few hundred millions….some enchanted sum, no?


Tulan said...

Sharizat,the backdoor minister(belakang mari) should resign because the NFC involved her family which has abused the trust that govt put on them because of her status.
If she is not the minister,you think the family will get the project?
BTW,the opposition brought up this issue is not because of Wanita UMNO(who cares who is wanita UMNO head)but because it involve public fund which the family has abused it.

Anonymous said...

Sharizat says she will not be cowed by the opposition and it is the opposition who are cowering as Umno wanita is gaining in strength. What a load of bullshit.she can deny till the cows come home but everyone knows she is a cow indeed!

Lynn Cheang said...

Well said, Bernard! The part where she said "...every woman, mother and wife understands me and are crying with me" makes me want to puke in her face! Hello Shahrizat, maybe those stooges of your Wanita UMNO may be crying with you, but certainly the rest of us womenfolk feel like slapping you!! As so many others lashed out in MI, you have no right to call for Datin Seri Wan Azizah to resign as she's not in the government but WE have every right to call for your resignation and more because your salary and perks comes from taxpayers' money and your husband and family are misusing government funds made possible to them through their connection to you. Yeah, let Najib select you to contest in GE13 and let us see how many votes you will garner!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Lembu is still > Shahrizat.

Anonymous said...

guess UMNO mamaks are the same;dirt and corrupt, no?

bruno said...

Shahrizat says she will resign if Wan Azizah resign as PKR president.Why should Sharizat resign if Wan Azizah resigned.Is Shahrizat the follow the leader type,or one who could be led by the nose.Or is she publicly admitting that her husband is 'guilty till proven innocent' in the NFC scandal.

Anonymous said...

That woman has lost it.. she is being asked to resign from the Cabinet, for apparent conflict of interest and abuse of power (influence), not as Wanita UMNO Chief. She can keep that UMNO post if the wanitas want her to. Wan Azizah is an elected President of PKR and her husband's (Anwar's) alleged misadventures or rather misfortunes could not be because of any complicity on her part, would it? seem to be under some stress..starting to "membebel" now. Go!

Anonymous said...

wonder what would wong chun wai writes after the lambasting of christians by UMNO goons. probably he says UMNO is great.
did you see Maslan speech in Star paper? sanitised is the word.
chun wai, you are a great christian.

bruno said...

Shahrizat,your husband and children would not be in this mess if you were not so greedy.If you hadn't gone to see Badawi to ask for help,the NFC project would have been awarded to another or others more well experienced and derserving than your family.

Your family will not be punished if Umno retained federal power,but they will go to prison if PR is swept into power this coming GE.And it is all your fault.You have failed your family by putting them up to this.And most definitely you have failed all your wanitas.

Anonymous said...


you insolent fool! how dare you question shahrizat about what she says and how she used the RM250m. she is an UMNO god which means she can do no wrong and it is the rakyat's honour and blessing to have her receive the RM250m for her family use. the menopausal women in UMNO attested to that during their religious ceremony yesterday.

shahrizat should send the UMNO wanita members to your house and punish you. They will take turns to sit on you with their fat arxe.

Now are you afraid!!!

Anonymous said...

In days to come... Not only her, but from the kepala najis right to the usher boys - all are blardy biadap bangsat of the highest order.

zorro said...

Anon1033pm....thanks for the warning....I am so afraiding. Having in-depth discussion with my wife as to whether I should exile myself to the Bahamas. Bahamas has no cows! I should be safe. However tonight at (TDH)Tom,Dick & Harry somebody suggested that I should ask for forgiveness and work for free at Meat Works at CITTA Mall. I love Malaysia so I will send in my CV to MeatWorks tomorrow. Thanks again buddy for the timely and fair warning.

Jong said...

Kakkkaaka!! Some say she was putting on a brave face while others think she must be having weird orgasm on stage. Whatever it was, Rafidah Aziz must be finding this most amusing and laughing her butt off watching that cow-woman rolling up her sleeves.

Remember not very long ago we witnessed how this same woman pulled the carpet from under Rafidah's feet while grinning from ear to ear?

Anonymous said...

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The secret lies in breeding the cattle in 5-star, luxury condominiums. A businessman (who has never had any experience in cattle breeding) and his two sons stumbled upon this discovery after buying two luxury condominiums in the elite Bangsar and housing a herd of cattle in them (much to the dismay of expatriate neighbors). The purchase was made using public funds meant for a national feedlot project.
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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

A cornered rat will attack back.
And it will attack blindly as we get to see
Thank You umno for having their AGM.
The defenses put up by KeraJantan , Bodohwi , moohideen
are so porous.Even without going to the court. we now know that the queen cow is guilty.
But the queen cow must be defended by umno at all cost.
As if they slaughter the queen cow, entire umno and federal govt will go down with her. As nearly all projects are interlinked between all of them That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

and Rafidah still got class!

Anonymous said...

November 30, 2011 10:33 PM--They will take turns to sit on you with their fat arxe.

Better still, they will become your obedient wives! Imagine having 4 of them with Shahrizot's face

Anonymous said...

"...Some say she was putting on a brave face.." Jong

Betul tu!

Hubby always busy and working very hard with the herd!

Grandma said...

I find it quite amusing watching a shameless con woman shouting her voice incoherently on stage,but, on the other hand, l have a surge of deep pity for what she'll have to undergo when she meets her end at afterworld.

flyer168 said...


She is ungrateful to Pak Lah & UMNO who brought her in (after begging for a post?) inspite of losing her MP seat/status...

She has no shame, her skin must be thicker than the elephant's hide

Another Mamak insulting the "Bonsified Brained & Mentality UMNO "real" Leaders & members...

She has got them all by the "Orbs" after helping Moo win big at the last UMNO General Assembly with her Wanita votes...?

The Leaders of Ketuanan UMNOputras with their "Ali Baba Mentality" nominated and created this "Monster", so they deserve it...

Sadly, at the rayaat's & nation's

Only a matter of time before the "Reals" will be kicked out of their own house...

It used to be KIMMA but soon it will be United Mamak National Organisation...?

You be the judge.

Next, to share this...

40 Penyamun ambik gaji .....Ali Baba Bujang Lapok – YouTube -

ALIF MIM NUN WAU = UMNO = Circus !– YouTube -

You be the judge.


najib manaukau said...

Have you ever heard that 'It takes one to recognize another' mamak minister, the wanita chief ?
It took the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir who is also a mamak to not only recognize another mamak but supported another mamak against Rafidah. Very soon the entire deceitful and corrupted Umno will be filled with half breeds or at best Umno made Malays and not born Malays. Or shall I say Indonesians who are claiming to be sons of the soil and not the Orang Asli (original People). Why are they called the Original People and who gave them the term ? Most of you are twisting and distorting history by calling these true sons of the soil Pseudo Malays just to justify your aggressions and bully because of your political dominance and nothing else.
You even have the audacity to call these people 'squatters' and soon you will banish them back to the jungles !

Anonymous said...

Looks like some Wanita UMNO could not be cowed easily by MAKMAK Sharizat. If some Wanita UMNO are still in their deep sleep, to those wise ones please wake them up before it's too late. It took us more than 30 years to realize that the great MAMAK KUTTY has put the Malay race to sleep.