Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Seksualiti Merdeka is an annual festival celebrating the human rights of people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities organised by a loose coalition of NGOs, artists, activists and individuals since 2008.

The festival’s programme, which includes forums, talks, workshops, book launches, an art exhibition and performances, will run from Nov 9 to 13

Ibrahim Ali, Perkatak head croak said the programmes should be called off because there are limits to freedom and the organisers should respect religious sensitivities for the sake of national security.

He added in the report that while it concerns human rights, organisers are ill-mannered for introducing equality for homosexuals in a country where the majority are Muslims but he conveniently forgot to refer to statistics available on the overall racial composition of people of diverse sexual preferences!

Leakages from government spending is biasah!

Homosexuality is a threat to national security?

One needs to have a forked tongue and a pair of webbed feet to come out with such an absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, and ridiculous assumption!


Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali is a threat to National Security. Besides he is extremely ugly. There should be a law against him in making pubic (oops Public) appearances.


Bedul said...

The nation's foremost gay/homo should open it.
Good platform for him to campaign on the merits of being a gay.

zorro said...

Bedul, you mean Saiful? Didn't they find a collection of different specimens up his?

zorro said...

Bedul, you mean Saiful? Didn't they find a collection of different specimens up his?

Monyet King said...

This is the katak's strategy. Once a month say some stupid so that people will remember you.

Leithaisor said...

Normally I would salute the family of a politician who stands by him through thick and thin.

Like Marina Mahathir still showing her feelings for her father despite the widespread condemnation of him, and the mountain of corrupt and wrongful deeds he is reported to be guilty of.

But in the case of low-life Si Katak, I would not blame any of his immediate family for not wanting to be seen with him, nor be known to be his kinfolk.

Just when it would seem that he has shown how rock-bottom his character and integrity is, that politically and morally bankrupt excuse for an MP comes up with an even worse load of dung.

But bad as Ibrahim Ali is, whoever is backing and directing him, if the allegations floating around are true, is even worse than he is.

bruno said...

Umno stands a very good chance of losing this coming GE.And it is partly due to Toady Abrahim's blunders,acting like a racist and religious biggot.But many Umnoputras will be more than willing to play the 'blamed game' as it is the newest game in town.

If this became a self fufilling prophecy and Umno did lose,most probably they will make Toady Abrahim the sacrificial lamb.Most definitely he will be skinned in public.Toady better head for the pond and swim towards the swamp into oblivion.

Anonymous said...


For all we know Ibrahim Ali could be a closet gay toad thus he has to use the lamest reason of "threat to national security" lest that he be exposed as a closet gay. He may be too ashamed of admit he is gay because he might not find a female to kiss him and turn him into a frog which is slightly better than a toad.

Bedul said...

Haha Uncle Zorro, Uncle Zorro.
You are what Malays said sudah terang lagi bersuluh.
Of course you know I meant Saiful's penetrator.
Pandai ya spin like make dono one.
Mana belajar?

zorro said...

Bedul, you are new here and I believe you do not know me well enough.Its ok it takes time to learn. As a teacher, I always empathised with slow learners.

Who is Saiful's penetrator....wasn't it revealed in court that a football team could have buggered him?

Where were you during Sodomy 1?

Were you aware that Anwar was absolved of Sodomy 1?

Despite all these some people are stupid enough to go the route of Sodomy1.

Of course the whole UMNO machinery is primed to jail Anwar to save their skins. If you still don't know this, you must be a hired cyber creep! You are not, are you?

Anonymous said...


You are a truly a dedicated teacher to have the patience to teach a retard like Bedul. I'm sure his parents actually named him Bodoh but since he could not spell Bodoh, he took the easy way out and spelt his name Bedul.

I also sensed that Bedul aka Bodoh must be from Muhyiddin's village and since Muhyiddin has moved out of Johore to the bright lights of KL city to do more damage nationally, Bedul has taken over from Muhyiddin as the new village idiot.

Anonymous said...

Those BN-affiliated religious authority somehow ok with overspending and wastage of public fund.

Is there halal corruption just like halal beer?

The malay gays and malay lesbians are obstracised by their own community. When they seek help from the church, suddenly hell breaks loose.

Bedul said...

Anon 3pm

Smart one, you lah. Just tembak or guess work and it's right.
I am a Muarian and am proud of it. Yes Muhyiddin is my MP and I voted for him.
Bedul by the way is a pet name for Abdul.
It takes a retard to know another.

Uncle Zorro

Are you aware that several Muslim NGOs have lodged police reports protesting the proposed gathering.
They said it's against our constitution and against all religious beliefs to give due recognition to gays.
You don't agree?? Sure not since you really want the gay one to be our PM.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

There are those who believes in God / Allah and there are those whom are not. That is their business.
How many wives, mistresses , lovers are their business too.
There are those whom are straight, homo ,bi and transexual that's their business.
Weather Rosmah bonks the carpetman or not . Thats their business.
As long as nobody touches the underage or juveniles.

Wonder why Ibrahim katak did not demand for the head of Rahim Thambi Chik.
Can a real Muslim can be seen as championing for the ISA, NEP , anti BERSIH and Ketuanan?

Anonymous said...

Better a gay PM than a murdering one!

nkkhoo said...

Are you promoting gay lifestyle?

人民 said...


Anonymous said...

rampant corruption is an even bigger threat to national security.
i am more concerned with who is robbing us blind than who is gay or not duhhhh........

zorro said...

nkkhoo....even if I am, what business is it of yours.It is best you concentrate your efforts into making sure your kids do not follow what you perceive as deviant behavior. That should be your priority business instead of minding OUR business.

Like anon1048am says: Better a gay PM than a murdering one!

Let me add: Better an alleged gay PM than a confirmed corrupt leader!

zorro said...

Bedul Abdul, Anon1048am answered your query.
I have added mine above.

andi said...

there you go zorro. you can actually ASK BACK to bedul like qouting "November 1, 2011 10:20 PM" but you yourself the one that ask the question to bedul failed to ask the question to "anon1048am" which PM is the murdering one, have any court in MALAYSIA have sentence PM guilty of murdering OR do you any PROOF that non of malaysian known?

oh for you addition "Better an alleged gay PM than a confirmed corrupt leader!" are you referring to LGE...

heh :D

Anonymous said...

Its take all sorts to make the world goes round. There is good, bad, ugly and beautiful etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Bedul Abdul and andi @ 5.11pm. What a great gay pair both of you make. Its ok to come out of the closet now. We won't discriminate against you both as your sexual preferences is your own business.

Bedul said...

Looks like the gathering is off. The police is banning it.
Ambiga is once again in hot soup.
She and the organizers will be called in by the police.
Aiya why search for trouble. Obviously she has ulterior motive, like what Muhyiddin said on TV tonight.

Anonymous said...

This is another needless distraction from the ills that are plaguing the nation.

As we write, Najib, Muhiyiddin and their cronies are screwing Malaysia and Malaysians in a never ending orgy of plunder and corruption.

Malaysians, instead of raising the awareness of the uninformed and laidback masses around the country, are engrossed in the people's rights to be gay or straight or gay/straight.

All these because some people are more interested in so-called 'art festival' and right to express sexuality.

I have nothing against these sexually active people who wants to express themselves. For alll I care, they can do each other anyway they want or with anything but WHY the insistence to openly show others their keen interest in this? They can do it in the privacy of their community. And WHY ask Ambiga, a politically (whether she likes it or not) high profile person to grace the event? This is a damn stupid move isn't it? The organisers are asking for it and they are screaming collateral damage!!!

Meanwhile, all Malaysians are being shagged by Najib, Muhiyiddin and their cronies. We deserve it since we are so shallow minded.

zorro said...

Anon706am....probably all of us misunderstand and over react over this festival. We need to empathise with them. The forums could unearth reasons, circumstances etc why our fellow Malaysians go their ways and are why they are. They are asking for our understanding, compassion. They are not shouting: Our way is THE way!

They are a small minority seeking a voice. We cannot deprive them of this avenue. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

If gays and homosexuals are not accepted by Islam, can gay/homosexual malays convert to other religion?

Otherwise what can they do?

Max said...

I have just watched REAL STEEL the movie.

Be like the underdog ATOM robot that has all the courage to knock down the powerful ZEUS.

Najib should bring on the election.
Collectively we poor rakyat can show BN the REAL STEEL knock-out punch.

Already RM407 billion in debt.
We can save ourselves by removing the corrupted BN from office.

Otherwise we are heading for the Greek tragedy while the cronies are having shopping spree with our money.

nkkhoo said...

The background of this website is turning blue from yellow. Are you becoming BN-friendly?

zorro said...

nkkhoo, one thing for sure about you. You are color blind. This blue is not your BN blue.You bring to mind something I came across some time ago. It has to do with a monkey. I goes something like this: "The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind." Gee, the more you come in here the more you are revealing yourself....not much core actually or where you originate from. Try something else like sliding down from the tree!Oops wrong advise, monkeys swing and not slide....apologise,too much of a good thing at WIP last night

Lone Ranger said...

zorro, why you shoot at nkkhoo when he is also like you exposing BN's skeletons in the closet ? You 2 are active social bloggers should join hands to combat corruption in the country - may be joint collaboration blog to educate the voting rakyat.
what say you ??? :)

zorro said...

Lone Ranger....we banter only lah. Keeps our adrenalin pumping.If nkkhoo takes exceptions to this banter, he will say so and I will comply.Our shootings do convey some subtle messages to those hired cyber creeps crawling in here.

Anonymous said...

Utusan links the event to 'Seks Bebas' to tickle the G-spot of malay community?

Anonymous said...

I lost trust in the ability of Barisan to think and act rationally for the benefit of all of us regardless of race , religion and sex. They have always inculcated the" us and them" attitude in our culture so much so today we dont mingle and mix as much as we did in the 60's and 70's. The 1 Malaysia concept is brilliant however everyone knows it is not what the government stands for in its heart. If what governement says does not match with what it thinks in its heart, there will not be congruence in the way it acts hence their true intention will be found out. People made money from events, advertising and simply aligning their marketing strategies to 1 Malaysia to be in line with the theme and seen supporting the PM rather than in true spirit. A whole generation in their 40's who had the potential to transform the country into a dynamic economy were were destroyed through NEP. They were crippled to meet a racial agenda that is still making this wonderful country economically weak and its brilliant children denied the opportunity to realise their full potential. Apparently we are carrying a generational debt that cannot be redeemed because our forefathers agreed to a social contract so we are doomed and should be happy with what we are given. These same parents whom are probably the vast majority of tax payers are fighting to save the future of their children from being a victim to flip flop policies and shallow, questionable intellectuals influencing policies that would shape their childrens future.

zorro said...

Anon1146am. Exactly my sentiments too. Your thinking process is well calibrated. As such have you considered hosting your own blog. Share your thoughts and aspirations. We who knew the past must must project the positiveness that existed before.Thanks for the comments.

patrick said...

Boy,what I'd give to line up all these corrupt assholes,like this good-for-nothing katak,get a black gay guy with a huge schlong and make their fears come true!

良 said...


Anonymous said...

Lone Ranger & Zorro

I don't think nkkhoo is part of Barisan Rakyat Blogger as his writings is pro-MCA. Likely that he is a mca cybertrooper.

That's just my opinion.
I do hope he can use his talent to help the Ubah movement.

zorro said...

Anon735pm....not to worry about nkkhoo. I am capable of handling this. MCA, Gerakan and MIC have failed after half a century to graduate from mice to rats.