Monday, November 7, 2011


Early this morning I read this article in Malaysiakini by one Abdah Rahman Koya, editor at Islamic Book Trust.

I have only this comment: He knows so little and knows it so fluently.

However in the spirit of freedom of expression, you can read Islam, homosexuality and the West's guilt and the comments that the article generated and tell me if my comment above is wrong.

His piece so jolted me into remembering what I read on StarOnline on Sunday. AUDREY EDWARDS’ Fanning hate ends freedom, although on the same topic was refreshingly impactful and compassionate. She pleads at the end of her thread:

Stop being so full of hate.

shameful says Ambiga


bruno said...

Fanning hate is what the ruling regime knows best.That is the only way that they can retain whatever support that they still have.That is the Umno diehards.But they should know that the diehards are a dying breed,soon to be extinct.

bruno said...

With Marina Mahathir coming out screaming at the empty barrels of trouble makers against Seksuality Merdeka,and Papa Mahathir watching from the sidelines,it is a sure bet that the cowardless nothing to do pariahs with their tails between their legs,will again head for the hills.

najib manaukau said...

Have you never heard of this saying ' When the heart overflows that the mouth speaks'. What else can you have in your heart when you get it gets drilled so much hated into it from young.
Now you know why you have so many suicide bombers in the muslim world, these suicide bombers don't value the lives Allah gave them.
They either die as suicide bombers or the way so many of their leaders do.
Or has nature make a mistake in their creation !

Anonymous said...

Amma Ambiga should just shut up.
A rebel without a cause.
Just surrender your Datoship la dey.

zorro said...

Bersih2.0 is not a cause? Are you on some cheap drugs?

Urban Malay said...

Ani Zonneveld is a 49-year-old Malaysian-born singer-songwriter. She co-founded Muslims for Progressive Values in 2007 based on 10 principles, include a commitment to equality of genders and for LGBTQ (or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) people, repudiation of militarism and violence and the need for “critical engagement with Islamic scripture.”

Read more here:

Malik said...

TV3 is fanning hatred with its false reporting every night on its Buletin Utama.

It is targeting primarily at malays as most of the non-malays shun that station.

I urge those better-informed moderate malays to advise those ill-informed ones not to be deceived by TV3's Umno propaganda.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This is what happens when the UMNO government lets loose its religious extremist rabid dogs to sow hatred and create unnecessary tensions just for the sake of hanging onto power. The UMNO crooks only want to bleed dry this country before they flee with their ill-gotten wealth and leave behind a bankrupt country for the religious extremists to propagate their brand of extreme Islam. Malaysia is on the same path of Greece and becoming a Taliban country populated by people such as Anon @ 8.43am.

NKM said...



Anonymous said...

anon8:43 is another supporter of Abdah Rahman Koya. I wonder whether this joker is another mamak like the Koya character. Two imbeciles with shit in their skulls as all their grey matter has been flushed away through their ass.
Mamaks and ridhuan tee abdullahs have taken over the country while the Malay Muslims are in lala land.

patrick said...

aNON 8:43am is definitely on cheap carpet glue!And like cheap carpets,just quickly wear them out and throw them into the rubbish heap afterwards!

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that none of the comments in mkini which greeted Abdar Rahman Koya's article could counter his argument. He has finally exposed this LGBT groupies for what they are - just a bunch of name calling maniacs who hate UMNO because they hate Islam (as taught to them by UMNO), and who hates PAS because of its Islamicity. Oh please la.. you people are just small but noisy.