Tuesday, November 29, 2011




Anonymous said...

Hidop Barisan!

Anonymous said...

Umno name acronym itself spelt in English words (UMNO-United Malays National Organisation).

So here Umno is not patriotic, traitor to Bahasa Melayu by not using BM acronyms (PEMEKEBE – Pertubuhan Melayu Kebangsaan Bersatu).

But funny as well Umno is against PPSMI anti-English.

So non-racist against English language usage but itself using English names?

Nothing racist about Umno, just pure Hypocrisy.

Now how do you spell Hypocrite in Bahasa Melayu? Damn right it’s conveniently spelt ‘HIPOKRIT’.

Anonymous said...

The Police have discretion (previously) but in this new Act, the right of citizens to gather peacefully is guaranteed, so this is important," said Najib.
So please tell us, Najib, if the police have discretion to decide and people have rights, which of these two principles takes precedence? In a direct showdown, who wins?
Is the precedence of the right to assemble peacefully over the exercise of police discretion now guaranteed, absolutely?
If not, we are back where we were before under the old Act: in a world where police discretion - exercised arbitrarily and without need for justification or right of appeal - holds sway.
So this, dear PM, is an improvement? How stupid are we expected to be? Is this the level of argument and analysis in the cabinet?
Perhaps so. Perhaps this also explains why the government stumbles from mistake to mistake - and is always surprised.
You have said that you only "researched 12 different Acts worldwide", given there are 196 countries in the world. Either you're terribly lazy, Najib, or you are lying through your teeth again.
Remember 1 this 1 that, but everything get worse than before

Anonymous said...


Never knew lawyers too are sooooo free these days until they have to march the streets perhaps just to kill time.

Economy merosot ke???

loveMy Kirs said...

Anon, November 29, 2011 4:50 PM
aduh, u just woke up after covering ur head in the ground like an ostrich ke?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:50pm,

Not sooooo free,
It is to FREE Malaysia.

Not just to kill time,
It is to Kill The Bill.

Economy merosot ke???
You are darn right! Malaysia economy merosot, you will soon loose your job. UMNO cannot afford to pay you. Hard luck for you.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, waste of time for these lawyers. The bill has been passed. so, what are these lawyers going to do next? go back to attending kangaroo court?

bruno said...

Under police discretion,permits for parties associated or considered BN friendly will be guranteed.Parties considered not friendly to BN will be chased away.Police discretion in other words means 'two sets of laws'.

pro-peace said...

why kill the bill? why? it's good, now we are allowed to gather peacefully in a disignated place. no traffic congestion, no body gets hurt, business as usual for all those not involve. common sense bro... you put it in a stadium, we will still hear you, loud and clear, so whats the problem. Funny yeah... if you still want it to be on the street. we are a matured nation.


bruno said...

Umno's Ahmad Maslam talking crab,we can understand,because of his low IQ.DAP's Nga talking crab,we cannot understand.This fella and his cousin screwed up Perak fooling around with that froggy lady.Now he is trying to complete with racists from Umno.Another potential member of the NFC cow's club.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply disturbed by DPM speecha t Umno AGM shown live on TV last nite.

Political leaders will only have power to the extent of support from rakyat. Question to all my Malaysian friends in general and Malay friends in particular is how long should we let these kind of people divide the rakyat for their own political agenda?

Especially this DPM, what exactly has he done for the betterment of our country? What capability has he demonstrated to lead this country forward? Because unless we can find good answers to those questions, letting him continue to be our DPM will mean throwing away our nation's future for sure.

Seriously do we want a person who is busy fanning racial rhetoric become our future PM (as most likely will be if he continues to be our DPM)? I mean would my Malay friends be better off supporting people who like to manipulate their emotions by cooking up racial threats?

I doubt so. Wouldn't you agree it would be better if we are united as Malaysian, working together to build this nation forward?

The choice is ours to make. Do we want to let people who play up racial cards continue to weaken our country through racial divisions or do we want to send a strong and clear message by booting them out once and for all, regardless of which party they belong to.

What do you say?

bruno said...

Shahrizat admits her husbands guilt of comitting CBT.Says she is not involved but will resign if Wan Azizah resigns.What a lembu of a thick hide lady minister with cow's brains.

Melayu dah tahu said...

What's new from our beloved DPM?

It's always Malays being threatened, Rulers being threatened, Islam being being threatened. And I've always thought UMNO is the only protector of Malays. So it means..... UMNO failed all this while even when in power?

Stop making Malays look stupid. Stop making Malaysians look stupid. You can be stupid all you want but no thank you......

KY said...

Bladdy STUPID bunch of PAKATAN RAKYAT MPs. We voted you DONKEYS to fight for us but when it matters most but u WANKERS decide to MARCH OUT from Parliament instead. If so, why the DAMN HELL did you WANKING DONKEYS stand as candidate in the 1st place? Too free & have no shit to dump?

Look, we voted for individuals who would DIE HARD fighting for our rights regardless how tough the scenario would be. Walking away from your voter's mandate is certainly NOT something we would ever imagine.

Damn!!! If this is the case, I would rather vote for BN come the next G.E. This is becos at least BN MPs WON'T desert us by walking away from their duty although they could be nasty in many ways.

Voting for MPS who only know how to walk away from Parliament when debating an important issue is equivalent to having NO MPs to represent us.

Go SCREW yaself, Pakatan Rakyat!!!

Anonymous said...

UMNO terus mara....untul rakyat MALAYSIA!!!


Anonymous said...

What do you expect the Umno delegates to debate at their AGM?

The NFC fiasco?
The overpriced APCs and patrol boats?
Or the fact that so many UMNO ministers were conned by Ling on PKFZ?
The Auditor-General’s report ?

There must be a theme to deflect attention from all the actual abuses, and what better bogeyman to bring to the centre of attention than DAP?

Jong said...

That cow-woman fierce-O on the rostrum fighting back like kampong jalang insists she has done no wrong morally! ...assuming those wanita-wanita present are that stooopid?

From their stoic expression, it's all written, she has to go! She's a goner.

flyer168 said...

Just to share this...

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