Saturday, November 26, 2011


Four years ago I posted:

This afternoon, Wednesday 26 September 2007, at around 11.10am, my 67 years old heart skipped many beats. But it was because of the exhilirating feeling I was given a chance to experience. It was a sight to behold. It was a sight that strengthened this old heart. It was the sight of close to a thousand plus black-jacketed lawyers coming together, shoulder to shoulder who had gathered at the PutraJaya's Palace of Justice to begin their 2 kilometer WALK FOR JUSTICE to the PM's Office.


I remember what the then Bar Council President AMBIGA said as she kicked off this event: “Lawyers normally attend court. But when they decide to WALK it is because something is really WRONG.” This march eventually forced the formation of the RCI on the Lingam Tapes.

(pics and story HERE)

On Tuesday 29 November, 11am, the Bold & Beautiful will walk from the Lake Club to Parliament to oppose the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 which has been presented to Parliament.

Come! Let’s give them our support.

Read THIS and I think YOU will join us.


Anonymous said...

Najib has been travelling all over, within and outside the country. I wonder whether he has had the time to personally read and understand the Bill.

He might have just been told by his 'brother' Nazri that everything was OK and in line with his wishes.

Now caught by vociferous protest from all sides particularly the Bar Council, I hate to imagine the dilemma he is in now.

Anonymous said...

get that dipshit rocky out of the picture.fuck him

ccm168 said...

Jesu S won't b able to make it on a weekday. Go/)d bless! Takecare.
Gr8 meeting u in d flesh

zorro said...

Thanks Mun....the drinks and the company.

Anonymous said...

that guy behind you forgot to take his dulcolax again. he is so full of shit.