Saturday, November 19, 2011


On Thursday night I was elated! Our Bersih (they wore yellow!) team beat Indonesia 1-0 to move into the semi-finals. I decided to declare a holiday for myself on Friday in case we do not make the finals. But then this PAS SOB unloaded another load of Christian bashing! Yes, Hassan Ali, who still aspires to be Selangor MB, said that solar phones are now used to christianise Muslims. I undeclared my Friday holiday!

Strangely nobody supported him. Instead he received these two broadsides besides the hiding at the hands of Malaysiakini readers:

“Thus far, since the genesis of this phase of Christian bashing last May when a Christian plot to dethrone Islam was allegedly discovered in Penang to the Damansara Utama Methodist Centre controversy in August, this has been a story of plenty of smoke and no fire, of billowing fog and no facts behind it,” remarked Bishop Paul Tan.

“There has not been an iota of proof to back any of the claims made of Christian plotting or proselytising, but these claims persist like they have a life of their own. If you weigh your values only in the scales of your belief-system, you emerge, in a plural world, with a view that is so lopsided it makes you daft,” the Bishop concluded.

Former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has taken Selangor exco member Hasan Ali's claim that Muslims were turning apostate through a device called 'solar-powered handheld talking Bible' as an insult.

"Suddenly it is publicised that there are (Muslims) who took to Christianity just because of this device that reads out the Bible. This insults Muslims and Islam.

"It sounds as if Muslims who have listened to the al-Quran for so long, would suddenly turn after hearing the Bible.

He added that in Malaysia, the al-Quran is disseminated through loud speakers, television, radio and at government functions.

"But we do not hear non-Muslims becoming Muslims after hearing al-Quran recitals daily."

I initially wanted to dedicate Nacro’s Eat Shit and Die to Hassan but the Mayor of Jalan Changkat volunteered this instead:


Concerned Selangorian said...

It is a burden for PKR(for that matter PAS) to keep Hassan Ali in the state administration.
He is souring relationship among the PKR partners which might cause the loss of control of Selangor by PKR.
What kind of logic reasoning is it that the gadget will turn a muslim into christian after listening to it? If you are steadfast to your religion(unless otherwise),one would not be taken in by it.
He is showing his stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I think the PAS leadership should not field him in the coming election, because we do not want such stupid wakil rakyat. He is the Trojan horse, and he will resign and become a BN friendly independent if he win again this time.
Good luck to PR. I may change my mind and vote for BN, if these people continue to be fielded in this coming election.

Anonymous said...

Umno is doing to Islam what is has done to the Malays. That is to make it 'inadequate', 'weak', 'intellectually below par' therefore needing 'protection' by Umno and its trojans in PAS like that holier than thou religious stone age era bigot Hasan Ali, who will safeguard the 'kesucian' and 'kedaulatan' of Islam.

Because it is utterly cynical, ridiculous and bogus, as Asri pointed out, their actions a big insult Islam and Malays. I hope Malays are beginning to realise that Umno and PAS are abusing them and Islam for their own financial and political benefit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Lest you forget or have a sudden loss of memory, Hassan Ali is PR/PAS. And this is the type of vomit you get for voting PR. And mind you, Hassan Ali is not the only one ... there is Ronnie Liu etc. All garbage.

Voting for PR doesnt mean, all will be rosy. Stop being delusional. Both PR and BN are fucked.

KoSong Cafe said...

Muslims should feel offended for being portrayed as easily influenced and swayed. Hassan Ali seems like a thorn in PAS leadership. Wonder why they are still keeping him.

PAS member said...

hassan ali is provoking PAS to sack him and i think it is because of the baiah(means he cannot quit), he wants the party to sack him.

dr rani's (PAS selangor chief) statement in FMT is very clear.

bruno said...

It sure is a surprise that this Hassan Ali is still in PAS.He is definitely a trojan.It is a wonder what the PAS leadership see in this fellow,that he isn't being chased out of the party yet.

bruno said...

Maybe PAS is keeping Hassan Ali till nomination day.Then till the last minute they will drop him and he will fall like a rock.They will have nomination papers ready for another candidate.That is the way to punish traitors.

Geronimo said...

Quite frankly, Hasan Ali is no longer the Trojan horse of UMNO. By his blatant actions, he is UMNO and represents all that the party stands for. It is so immoral of him to continue to represent PAS when he is openly supporting UMNO. He should be dispensed with without further ado. The longer he stays, the more votes Pakatan is going to lose.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Sacking that idiot will turns him into some sort of a hero. PAS will not kick him out yet.We must try to understand the difficult position of PAS when it comes to dealing with such idiot.
PAS decided NOT to response to that shit stirrer.
Majority does not believe his bullshit anyway. Except those Perkosa fellas and the Rajagopal of Selangor.
The important thing right now is that a former mufti by the name of Dr. Asri who is not related to any political party rebuked hasan point by point in a logical and Islamic way.
And this DR. Asri is a no nonsense mufti and by the book.

patrick said...

Nothing but shit comes out of this wanna-be muslim champion's mouth 'cos he's just full of it!It's pea-brains like him preaching intolerance and hatred,that will fast-track his belief system further down the gutter!

Anonymous said...

this piece of shit by the name of hassan ali...he was once btn director general...sob is a racist asshole...pakatan should kick his ass out before he does further damage on behalf of umnooooo...may he rot in hell

Anonymous said...

Hasan Ali is openly a BN supporter in Pakatan. There are others like him in Pakatan ... for instance, Azmin Ali.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear the latest in the grapevine?

Cows are being brainwashed by the Christians to proselytise to Muslims. That's why BN had to spent RM250 million to do the counter-brainwash ... yes, one cow at a time ... they need to be reprogramme to stay true to their instinct. Sharizat was given this important task.

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* : sara MUST be blamed for telling her husband to have sex with her maid Hagar then later chased out her & son !!

Anonymous said...

Anons 11.25, 2.22, the target of each and every Malaysian is the forest, not the small trees! Hope u get it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.50am,

Hopefully what you see is the forest, not a desert with some dried cactus. Hope u get it as well.