Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hamish McDonald, Asia-Pacific Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote the day after Najib’s elevation to the premiership in April 2009.

‘Yesterday one of the countries Australia and its friends have long seen as a pillar of regional stability took another big step towards becoming a pariah nation.

‘Malaysia swore in perhaps one of the most questionable current politicians in any of the world’s democracies as its new prime minister, in a triumph of party-machine politics over sound governance and morality.’

As such the major repair work started immediately!

APCO pocketed some millions but got packed off for failure to put humpty dumpty together again. FBC paid TV stations with staged interviews and got nicked. Probably Alistair Campbell, Blairs master web-weaver is Najib’s do or die resource. Sources close to Alistair says that AC insisted that patch-work is best done overseas at some friendly conference like CHOGM. Lies always sound better in a non-combative environment. If this fails again, PM will revert back to TV3 or Utusan. And FREE no doubt! If this fails, a commentator in MT "arazak" thinks he will recruit God.....that is why all the publicity about his current trip to Mecca.

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Anonymous said...

Really celaka.

Anonymous said...

The Malay community must wake up and start demanding that all government leaders send their children (DPM for his grandchildren) to local schools, colleges or universities to study in BM.

bruno said...

Malaysia since the eighties is a country where anything from open corruption to suppression of free speech and human rights are the norm of the days.Since then until today,the corrupted rules and the people are oppressed and suppressed,with robbers and crooks running loose on the streets,and the nation's coffers robbed high and dry.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the common thread linking the country's prime ministers these past 50 years has been Umno. This is why politicians can become prime ministers without the people's mandate. This is why ignorant racists produced by Umno can, have, and will become the country's prime ministers. And this is why corruption, inequality and misrule have become a way of life in Malaysia.

najib manaukau said...

Cometo think of the idea of the present regime, it is best to keep them in the watch, after all in a very short time the nation will be in a bloody mess.
Why don't we just leave the bloody deceitful and corrupted Umno morons to 'enjoy' the shambles they have created ? Just leave them to do more damage irreparable damage, just like what Greece is, instead of fighting with them daily the damage they are doing.
At the rates they are going it wouldn't long before they meet will meet with their 'waterloo' just like a cancer patient suffering from the final stage of the disease.So don't waste your time and efforts to keep them alive.
Only after they leave and so will all their lackeys start building a new nation for all true Malaysians !

Anonymous said...

it is funny when politicans tell others not to meddle in politics.

for far too long now, umno/bn has given reasons why students in universities should stay out of politics, reasons like: students are too young or immature, their time should be spent on studying hard, they should leave politics to those who are no longer in schools, they will not do well in their education if they were involved in politics, etc. even some adults or parents have blindly accepted such ridiculous reasons. this despite the fact that students in countries all over the world who have also engaged in politics have long proven all that to be rubbish.

clearly, this has long been another way for umno/bn to use students for their own politics. everything about malaysia is politicised by umno/bn and this evil must be removed before malaysia can move forward.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Finally Najis has realized that he cannot trust his DPM, Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty, his dickhead cousin or the DUMBNO warlords to save him from ignominy. Even his appeal in Mecca is futile.

His only HOPE is with the MCA towkays buying votes through their porn-star leader CSL and of course the directionless, cluless Indian beggars conned by MIC and the MSM media to TRUST a condoning racist, conniving murderer and a blatant practitioner of 'lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu'.

Najib's version of a clean and fair election where open corruption, gerry mandering, manipulation of postal votes and the barter trade of votes for blue Mycard from foreigners.

The irony is EVERYONE knows he is nothing but a con-man, snake oil salesman thru APCO, FBC and AC except the stupid, racist Malays.

Norlaila said...

Why double standard by DPM Muhyiddin?

Cambridge Chance For Mara Junior College Students
KUCHING, Aug 25 (Bernama) — Agreement has been reached with Cambridge University to help students of Mara Junior Science Colleges further their studies at the premier British academic institution, according to Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Seri Mohamad Shafie Apdal.

He said tonight that the agreement was reached during his visit to London last week, when the university undertook to help improve the quality of teaching at the junior colleges.

“They (Cambridge University) will help improve the quality of graduates of the junior colleges and see for themselves the present system of studying,” he said at a meet-the-people session at the Mara Skills Institute IKM here.

Apdal said the people from Cambridge would suggest the best method for the junior college graduates to enter the university.

He also said that Mara would spend RM159 million on its education development programme in Sarawak under the 10th Malaysia Plan beginning this year. — BERNAMA

Anonymous said...

What happened in Tunisia is an eye opener for us.

The country, after the Arab awakening, now has a Muslim party with a majority of seats in a coalition government. Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the victorious Ennahda party, has vowed to promote an inclusive Tunisia where the rights of "women, men, the religious and the non-religious are assured because Tunisia is for everyone".

This is an Islamic party which has said it would not ban alcohol, wearing bikinis or impose Islamic banking. PAS and PKR Muslims must realise that adopting the primitive Saudi and Taliban model of Islam is outdated.

The Muslim Arabs have awakened, when will the Malays in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Islamisation of the world started with the overthrow of the shah of iran by ayatollah khomeini in 1980.

Looking at the developments now taking place in Tunisia, are we seeing the start of a rollback of Islamisation in the world?

Perhaps Islam expert Ridhuan Tee can enlighten us? Zorro can conduct an interview with him?

zorro said...

He is a "convenient" culop muslim. My muslim friends say he is a fraud, jumping from uni to another until he had no where to go. UMNO got him a job at Defence College.

Let me summarise what I think of him by quoting the past para of my post Cock Tales:

He knows so little and knows it so fluently! What Mark Twain said is spot on: "He is useless on top of the ground; he aught to be under it, inspiring the cabbages."

Charlie Oscar said...

Anon 1:22PM
Why go so far to Tunisia when Kelantan is nearby.
Zorro Support PAS = Zorro Support Hudud...right???

Anon 4:58PM
Zorro should not waste time and space on this idiot!!!
A Chinese Muslim who Now think He Is More Than A Malay Muslim!!!

Anonymous said...

Ridhuan Tee is no organic.
Don't contaminate the cabbage.

KKK said...

Even UMNO Ministers shiver when they see the likes of Datuk Ambiga,Marina Mahathir and Irene Fernandez. Don't play play with them. These are the silent educated and capable majority. Don't play play.

These are the people who should be in the cabinet not the likes of Nalla, ezam, just what a shame? But, they will not even want to be associated with UMNO in any way. Malaysia certainly have very capable leaders, against those noisy minorities, the likes of Ezam, Nalla, Koh Tsu Khoon, Chua Soi Lek, Palanaviel and KJ!

Anonymous said...

A good BN (I mean barang naik) video on youtube: