Friday, November 11, 2011


Harakah Daily) - The Penang state government continues to be in the good books of the Auditor General, who commended its improved financial position in 2010 compared to 2009.

According to the latest AG report, Penang's consolidated revenue grew by 2.7 percent, from RM1,101.89 million for 2009 to RM1,131.17 million in 2010. The consolidated cash reserve rose by 6.2 percent to RM572.49 million, up from RM538.95 million in 2009.

“The state’s revenue for 2010 has increased by RM34.19 million or 9.1 percent compared to 2009 from RM376.51 million to RM410.70 million,” observes the report.

The AG advises the state government to make better investment analysis as a way to increase dividends.

“Besides that, the state government is also urged to continue its effort to collect arrears in revenue amounting to RM78.78 million at the end of 2010 from land tax, loan repayment to students, rental of houses, shop lots and so on,” the report adds.

On development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the AG rates the state’s performance as satisfactory with a total of RM787.17 or 77.8 percent being spent from the allocated RM1.01 billion.

In terms of implementation of projects, the report hails the state's performance as 'very good' with 99 percent of the 9,003 projects successfully carried out.

The report concludes that the financial management of state agencies remained good for 2010.

“In 2010, 3 agencies are in ‘very good’ category like 2009. 10 agencies are considered ‘good’ and one at satisfactory level,” it says.

For three successive years, 13 state agencies audited at least twice between 2007 to 2010 have showed ‘very good’ financial management by the state treasury and development body.


BUT THIS eeeeeeeeDIOT State Gerakan publicity bureau chief Dr Thor Teong Ghee gives an "F" rating!

This dweeb reminds me of some people who always gives in length what they lack in depth.

I can boo and hiss at him , but you know I can’t do that and YAWN at the same time. Of course, as a fruitcake he cannot grasp this. Doctor!


pinsysu said...

GE13 will be the funerals for MCA, Gerakan & MIC ... & UMNO_BN. May be PR shd start collecting peh kim in advance. waiting anxiously for ahjib to dissolve parliament dei! let loose all your mad condo cows & see how the rakyats deal with them.

najib manaukau said...

Just mark my words this AG will not be long in his job !

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

You know what they will later accuse the AG ? That he is pro-PR and must be sacked. The report is too good to be true. What PR govt has accomplished within a short span of time is what the Gerakan/BN had failed miserably during all the long years they ruled the state.

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

This Gerakan chap has a powerful name, Thor. Remember Thor the comic figure? He was strong, powerful and good. This Dr. Thor?

I would like to use a scientific fact to describe him. Light travels faster than sound, right? Definitely!

Some people look smart until they open their stupid mouth! This Dr. Thor is just like that.

BTW, is he a medical doctor or a PhD one? If he is the latter, I can understand why! He suffers from permanent head damage or he is just phenomenally dumb.

nstman said...

The AG, whoever he may be, is finished. Najib will make sure he will disappear. The AG will be replaced by an Umno sycophant who will say the country needs cow sense when it comes to doing business.

bruno said...

These corrupted fools are still living in a world of denial.They are still in fantasy world,with their wettest dreams still alive,hoping and praying that they will be able to wrest away the state government.

Tua Lam Pah said...

I will also give a 'F"(which stands for Fucker)to this Dr Thor.He is only good at f"cking his spouce.

Anonymous said...

Double standards!!!

If the AG slams Pakatan, they will call him a moron.

If he praised Pakatan, they will believe everything the AG wrote in his report.

For all we know, the AG and his team probably could not tell the difference between debit and credit. The AG's team was probably taken around Penang for to have fun throughout the audit and probably only spent 1 day pretending to do audit. After all, that's how companies in Malaysia entertained auditors so that they get a clean audit report.

Anonymous said...

If you take a look at Koh Tsu Koon, you will understand why this Dr. Thor said what he said.

Koh has the look of an idiot. Naturally, his ma-chais look and behave the same way ... birds of the same feather flock together, remember?

bruno said...

Dr Thor,together with his masters,Umnoputras will be waiting for the once in a lifetime climax that will never come,at least not in this coming GE.

malchindian said...

Will other candidates looking to succeed KTK stand up and take your best shot in the spotlight? Thor F-lubbed royally.

Anonymous said...

Thats the trouble with bolehland! The one eyed buggers still think they can lead...
Remember that Koh fellow wants to pass over his batang and this worms like this Thor are surfacing out to replace him....Well! to us Gerakan is dead... no way to make noise except in Penang!

Anonymous said...

KTK and this dimwit doktor (wonder what his doctorate is about) is trying his best to suck up to his useless, UMNO lapdog boss, the backdoor minister KTK. There are so many backdoor ministers in the PM's dept who are there to suck Najis' dick. This ia another backdoor wannabe minister! This is another example of a low-life trying to pimp and prostitute at the same time.

zorro said...

Anon1106pm....thanks, you answered my query: Is idiocy contagious?

YOU are INFECTED brother! A turpentine/kerosene cocktail may be a good mouthwash.Try it.Dont drink yah...its only a mouthwash. Can gargle though. I know it will be difficult to cure idiocy but try it anyway for some comic relief.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday NST relaunched with 3D effect i.e. the stench from the pages!

MCA are so scared to have malaysian abroad voting them out. Ha Ha! Their time is up, but delayed by Najib.

Anonymous said...

Fresh milk sold at Kedai 1Malaysia/1Mydin is found to contain e.Coli & selling adulterated food which is against 1983 Food Act.

BN: People die first?


Anonymous said...

Gerakan fellas are a bunch of idiotic sourgrapes.

Anonymous said...

doc? where did he gets his degree? UMNO university?

Anonymous said...

First this idiot from GERAKAN giving an "F" rating to Penang State govt despite the good report from AG.

And now another idiot from MCA thinks Malaysians oversea cannot vote! We, oversea Malaysians, know what you idiots did 'last summer(s)'. We are not that idiot to rely only on Bernama to keep in touch of what is really happening back home.

It only confirms that idiocy is contagious in BN parties! Or perhaps idiots of the same kind herd together!

I got news for you, MCA! I knew I couldn't count on the govt to allow Malaysian overseas to vote, so, I have registered in my constituency the last time I was back and this time I WILL BE BACK to vote ... ABU!!!

I have always wonder which party is worse: MCA or GERAKAN??? I will celebrate with joy when both parties are wipe out in the next GE, even if BN remains in power.

wongty robert said...

Hopefully, he is just trying to create and gain some media publicity, even for all the wrong reasons, for his candidacy in the coming GE. If he truly believes in what he said as a result of his diagnostic abilities, god help us.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective whether that thick face, opportunist so called Gerakan leader stay or go. It doesnt make a diff. Anyone who succeed him will be no better, guarantee to be worst. I have said upmteen times that GERAKAN/MCA/MIC/PPP etc....have all became irrelevant to their respective communities since 0308. Yet these present bunch leaders including those up and coming future leader are still behave like "dead chicken frantically kicking the rice bowl cover" scenario. Just take a look at this up and coming Gerakan exemplary specimen who is a "dogtor" will tell you. Come GE13, rakyat must do our poor country a great favor to kick all these politicians once and for all.