Wednesday, November 16, 2011






Anonymous said...

Would this be any good?

Would the intended recipient give a hoot about this petisyen?

Would these pieces of paper even get through the UMNO mole in the palace who vets everything that he sees.

He's probably oblivious about this petisyen.

zorro said...

Anon848pm....your apprehensions are justified. If it does not get to the Agong, we will get a fair indication as to the commitment of our people. Feedback is always good.

bruno said...

After the present ruling elite are kicked out this coming GE,they can forever not forget that the people are their real bosses.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Yes the people are the Boss. And the Boss voted for BN.

zorro said...

Hey Anon656am, YES but not two-third yah?

Anonymous said...

NFC already tak bersih.

How can the cows be korban?

Only berkorban untuk poket umnoputera!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Not two-third, but majority.

Shahlembukondo said...

We should not pay our taxes in retaliation next year. I am serious, let them come after us. Let them explain why we should pay taxes. Our tax money is abused full scale. What fcuking development is the govt talking about? It is just developing their own pockets. Mana ada rakyat didahulukan? All these slogans are just a bag of shit from the top. NFC is not talking, Najib has not said a thing, MACC, Police and everybody else are keeping quiet. What does this mean? These arseholes are caught with their pants down big time with no answers to Pakatan's questions. Wait a minute, that small boy... apa nama? KJ or something, the only elected youth chief without a job in Malaysian history and the dumb DPM have spoken without engaging their brains. I don't know what else to say except BN has to go in the next GE.

zorro said...

Hey Anon1157am....slim majority by postal cheating, yah?

Anonymous said...


Is Seksi Bani a Barisan Rakyat Blogger?

zorro said...

Anon424am...I really don't know. As long as you blog for a new Malaysia, you can be considered a BRBlogger. We dont organise any function. We each go our own way....owe no allegiance to any political parties....we lend a hand to any party that is focused on giving us a new Malaysia. BRBloggers usually have the BRB logo on their sidebar. However, Seksi Bani of Adoi, from his writings want a new Malaysia, I surmise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

You lot are just bad losers. When those elections you PR win. You will say the people have decided. But for those you loses, you will whinge and cry claiming cheating and all.

Come GE13, you PR are going to get a beating dished out by the people

flyer168 said...

Good one Zorro.

Our Blogger appointed to the MACC Advisory Panel also lamenting...

“Here is the not so good news.

Actually I received a call last nite from a newspaper Editor about this.

I did not write about it straight away - I must confess I have a soft spot for the Police.

But this is serious. From The Star here.

SHAH ALAM: Twenty six officers from the Selangor police headquarters here have been questioned over exhibits missing from the room of an investigation officer (IO).

DCP Tun Hisan said the IO realised the money was missing at about 2pm on Nov 8.

However, he only lodged a police report on Friday after searching and confirming the RM11,700 and a wallet belonging to MACC officers accused of robbery were missing.

The MACC officers were accused of robbing a moneychanger of US$300,000 (RM945,000) at KLIA recently.
This is a double whammy. The money that was lost from the IO's room belonged to MACC officers who had themselves robbed a money changer at the KLIA.

That is so painful (I am on the Advisory Panel of the MACC).” he finds out the bitter truth.

In Bolehland under the Ketuanan UMNO/BN they all sing the same "Songlap" tune...

So our "Blogger" MACC Advisory Panel member also kena "Songlap" kau-kau...!