Thursday, July 23, 2009


KU LI was recently interviewed by Straits Times Singapore:


Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the odd man out in Malaysian politics. Since the March 8, 2008 general election, which fractured politics like never before, the lawmaker from the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) has come across as the lone voice of calm and moderation in a world of near-continuous bickering.

Tengku Razaleigh makes everyone in the Malaysian political fray uncomfortable. He reminds Umno of its corruption, bemoans the judiciary”s lack of integrity and whacks the Opposition”s hypocrisy.

He slammed the Umno-led Barisan Nasional”s (BN) takeover of the Perak state government through crossovers as “a lie” and, probably much to the embarrassment of the state”s sultan, who refused to dissolve the assembly for fresh polls, has called for just that.

And when asked why the state didn”t have fresh polls, Malaysia”s former finance minister (1976-84) replied bluntly: “The chances are we (the BN) will lose badly in Perak and that is why they are reluctant to have the sultan dissolve the assembly.”
They may smart at his comments but BN leaders are loath to take him on.

The reason: Tengku Razaleigh, 72, is the last of an Umno generation – that of Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysia”s second premier.

Tengku Razaleigh was wealthy before he entered politics. He did not go into politics to line his own pockets and has contributed more than his fair share to the country and his party.

Not that he hasn”t tried going for the top. In 1987, he came within a whisker of unseating former premier Mahathir Mohamad as Umno”s president.

And more recently, he tried to get enough nominations – he needed at least 58 – to bid again for the presidency. It turned out to be a fiasco. Deputy Premier Najib Razak got 190 while Tengku Razaleigh got just one nomination.

It was a situation that must have hurt. “Of course, I felt let down,” he says softly. “Maybe I don”t know the party any more or maybe they don”t think I have, in some small measure, contributed towards the country and Umno.”


In normal times, and these are not normal times, Ku Li would have been told to pack his bags or be under house-arrest in his White House. In UMNO-speak he would be sacked. Kaput. Bungkus. Period.

Since 03-07 Ku Li has been putting UMNO under the microscope and have found the damaging bacteria eating away at his party. He voiced out his concerns but UMNO has preferred to be called deaf and dumb. It is humiliating to be told UMNO is corruption personified or like some commentator said: It is in UMNO that you can graduate Suma cum laude on Corruption.

KU LI will never leave UMNO. He needs to be sacked from UMNO. But would UMNO dare?

For sure, at all cost, BN will jail Anwar. Two things can happen, as I envision it, - if PR wins at GE13, Ku Li will be nominated PM by Pakatan IF HE LEAVES UMNO. If he does not, Anwar can be the PM whilst in prison. Why not? I remember Datuk Harun whilst serving prison term was nominated and elected into UMNO Supreme Council! I also recall that Napoleon did say...."The word IMPOSSIBLE can only be found in the dictionary of fools!" Howzat?

That is why Hantu's step-brother says that Ku Li just can't join PKR unless UMNO sacks him.

ASIDE: Han's step-brother, just retired from the civil service and volunteered his services for a New Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh can choose to remain with Umno and continue attempting to forge the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat. Tengku Razaleigh must be the first to know the Umno schism is now an anachronism, left behind time so speedily by virtue of its own limited objective.

While what he tried to do was all he could have done, there was very little chance he could have succeeded. Malay political culture was against him in more ways than one. Suffice to say that religious conservatism is the only factor which had and can persuade the Malays to aggress against Umno and that conservatism is already held captive by Pas.

The only people who support Ku Li are Orang Asli community in Gua Musang. The community was behind him to the extent that if he climbed a mountain, they would follow and if he jumped into the river, they would follow too.

Remember, when Ku Li is Semangat 46President, he stabbed Pas from behind and front. Ku Li had become a partner in the Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah opposition coalition when he failed to dislodge Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as Umno president in 1987. That time, Ahmad Shabery Cheek is Ku Li most trusted aides. Now what?


Joe Paloka

Anonymous said...

Politics in Malaysia summed up ...

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi goes to a primary school to talk about the corruption together with all his tough looking bodyguards. After his talk, he offers question time.
One little boy puts up his hand and Abdullah asked, what is your name?
And what is your question, Liong?
I have 3 questions.
First, why did Malaysia Prime Minister open ceremony for his relatives Nasi Kandar in Australia?
Second, why many Indians wanted Samy Vellu to stepped down yet he is still their leader?
Third, why corruption is obvious now in Malaysia but not so before Mahathir stepped down? What is the strategy difference to cover up?
Just then, the bell rings for recess.
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.
When they resume Abdullah says, Ok where were we?
Oh, thats right. Question time. Who has a question?
A different little boy raises his hand.
Abdullah points him out and asked him what is your name?
And what is your question Linkam?
I have 5 questions.
First, why did Malaysia Prime Minister open ceremony for his relatives Nasi Kandar in Australia?
Second, why many Indians wanted Samy Velu to stepped down yet he is still their leader?
Third, why corruption is obvious now in Malaysia but not so before Mahathir stepped down? What is the strategy difference to cover up?
Fourth, why did the recess bell go 20 minutes early?
Fifth, where is Liong?

NaSTy Bob

Anonymous said...

No lah. UMNO wouldn't dare sack Tengku. However, Tengku is a firm reminder of how UMNO should behave but does not. It's actually very destructive to UMNO. Thank goodness UMNO doesn't think so. Hence, it is actually a mighty advantage to Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

He should remain in Umno, it needs more Human!


giam2020 said...

Here is a great Malaysian ,we can take
our hats to.Uncompromising and a man
of principle.No wonder he is the
longest serving MP. Kudos to you Ku Li.

Chap prett said...

Biarlah dia pilih sendiri... takyah provok bang... dia bukannya bodoh...

Anonymous said...


What kind of priority is that - saving a country depends on whether he was sacked from his party?

He knows and understand that the country is crying out for help and yet he is not taking the initiative to act upon it.

If this can be construed on his part as having no intention then whatever that he is thinking is just too warp to be understood.


Anonymous said...

Ku Li is a spent force. I bet he will not be a candidate for his Gua Musang seat anymore in GE 13. Whether he leaves UMNO or not is nothing great. No one respects him in UMNO. You can equate him with Chua Soi Lek of MCA. Not wanted and being neglected but yet still want to stay in their parties holding a so called "Refore from within". Ku Li, please wake up!!! Make the move now when people still have some respect for you.

I lost my respect for you the day you dissolve S46 and katak back to UMNO to kiss Tun M's back. We were behind you all the way in S46 days although we are Chinese and the Gagasan Rakyat had made some headway but guess finally, material gains overcame the real struggle.

The reason you refuse to join PKR is mainly becuz you do not like being under someone but rather prefers to lead PKR if given the chance. Just continue your "white day dream" will soon fade away and no respects for you except for your daring outrspoken views recently.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh speaks like a true elder statesman. He certainly sounds like he means it too.

As for the other two gentlemen who are still blessing us with their public pronouncements, certainly not!
One sounds divisive and mean while the other sounds insincere (or merely foolish)

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Kuli said "corruption".....
yet he still wanna stay on.

Stay on for "what"....????????
To uncorrupt these fellers...????

Malaysians "are" crying for help & all he can do is comment...!!!

You have dignity.
Why wait to be sacked arr...??????

You "will" loose nothing if you leave.
You "will" gain dignity from us all...!!!!!!!

Yes !!
What's your piority for the country??
Be it "in" or "out"...!!

NO 2 ways...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is good for Tengku Razaleigh to remain in UMNO so as to be a wathchdog for all the other poitician in UMNO. He still has the influence and strong support from UMNO lower group although he is not tune to some higher group and leader of UMNO. If Ku Li join PKR he should be one of the top leader so as there are more we join PKR which is similar to former Minister from MCA. We would very much in need for such a person as Ku Li. Ku Li is a very experience Minister I don't know why he should'nt in the Cabinet. He would be an asset to Malaysia. May be becauce of his age but he can still give vaulable comment. why should UMNO want to get rid of him and they know they would loose a lot if Ku Li join PKR. Do you think so?

mauriyaII said...

Ku Li had utopian dreams then when he formed Semangat 46 and even now to reform an already corrupted and arrogant UMNO but such dreams under the present political scenario are just dreams.

It is better for him to leave UMNO now and salvage whatever little respect and admiration that the rakyat has for him before he too faces the same fate as UMNO - an ignoble demise.

CYC said...

It seems many people just don't understand what constitute the ultimate personal traits of an elite. They will do only the honorable thing as they perceived to be. They want face more than any other creatures in the universe. They can't admit he made mistakes therefore they will justify by offering excuses and perceived remedies which knowingly it is not to be. You can establish the above stated facts if observe carefully those within the "elite circle". they are just a class above you ordinary folks, and ignorantly forget that they will also die and end up as ashes or dust floating around when the day comes.

Anonymous said...

Why need to sack him in the first place?

Dream on...

Or are you trying to spin that Kuli 'wants' to join PKR but no one is sacking him in order to do that...

Woow, I've been spinned oredi

Jong said...

I guess his Semangat 46 was a bad experience and he does not want to repeat it.

My opinion is Tengku Razaleigh should leave UMNO. What is it that he can't let go? - UMNO veteran status? Do they really care if they can help it? They did not for our Founding Father and first Prime Minister of the country, Tunku Abdul Rahman, would they for him?

When the party now only consists of rogues and imbeciles does TR still have respect for them? Move on Tengku, the sooner the better!

Anonymous said...

The split within UMNO that saw the formation of S46 was mainly caused by Anwar, who drawn a line between Team A & B. Getting the favourism & trust fr DrM , anwar strengthened his influence by promoting his men for his next agenda - to kick DrM.

That's the history lesson for all of you, or anyone suffering from amnesia.

Kuli knew this and will never make the same mistake again.
Again, to the traps of Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Despite what Ku Li has said, he will never walk amongst the rakyat. Why? Because he has never suffered like the rakyat, never been trampled like them and never be deprived in his entire life of the necessities of life. As a royalty, the lineage tend to degenerate with good times and when bad times come, they don't understand the hardship as they live a shielded life.
No, Ku Li can stay with UMNO and sink along with the ship come next GE. Watch him change his tune then, just like AAB calling for the abolition of ISA recently.