Friday, July 10, 2009


SHEIH aka kickdefella was a buddy of mine since I started Blogging. We developed a certain affinity, kinda like soul-mates. His job for Husam uprotted him from KL but we connected often.
Picking him as my Friday Guest Blogger was determined when he met me on Nomination Day and asked me to await some expose on the oil royalty. I had an inkling of what it was to be in that brief conversation with Datuk Husam just before Tuesday night's ceremah.

I know the following pictures tell move over to Shieh's blog to get the full rundown of this very important item that may determine the outcome of this Manek Urai by-elections. Of course be prepared for UMNO's 101 excuses and lies.

Sheih's posting is thoroughly researched and you need to do justice by reading this comprehensive piece HERE.



Anonymous said...

2moro is Najib 100 days in office.We should give him 3 Oscar:Best Producer,Best Director and Best Actor for his role in:
-Best Producer:Coup D'tat Perak State,C4,1 Malaysia(my foot),Abolish Eng in S&M.
-Best Director:Coup D'tat Perak State
-Best Actor: KL Walk About.
Are you plan to write something on this 100days?

nstman said...

There's only one thing we can do: Kick these Umno bastards. Kick these Umno bigots. Kick these Umno corrupt bastards. And by the way, kick NST bastards who are being paid pittance to do Umno's dirty job. Listen up, NST bastards, the day of reckoning is near. Get ready.

mangchikla said...

hmmmm ...Definitely Husam's finger prints all over....not tatit really matterd though ...;-)

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Like to guess where all the gas has gone
Leaving behind for most folks bare bone
With some lucky enough to get ice-cream cone
After all that are said and publicly done

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng-100709
Fri. 10th July 2009.

nstman said...

As expected, Najibn's first 100 days is greeted with an orgy of sycophantic tributes by just about everybody who depends on Barisan for a living. Sycophants are queuing up to butter up Umno. Umno's No 1 cheer leader Ahmad A. Talib, the new supremo of Umno newsletter New Shit Times, is in his element. Ahmad, who can hardly write a sentence to save his own life (I can vouch for that, having worked under him), is a shameless sycophant and apologist for Najib, or anyone who is the ruler of the day. NST has now been turned into a cesspit of lies and treachery. The paper which produced greats like Norman Siebel, Tony Francis, Tony Danker, Cheryl Doral is now a dustbin for shameless propaganda. God help us

Anonymous said...

Bernard, Can you pass this info to PAS, Since its a state vs Federal Govt. case of defrauding the people of Kelantan of their rightfull royalty, WHY NOT FILE A CASE WITH THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE? Lets see how fast the federal govt will pay up than.