Saturday, July 25, 2009




Anonymous said...

hello zorro,

sudah lah u, opposition scumbag!

u r just an opposition stooge!

anti stupid opposition

rz said...

Just wanted to say something…

A lot of Pro-PR supporters have been saying that the document is fake because of the date on the document which started sometime before GE12…i.e. Item 1 dated 28/01/08

HOWEVER if these people actually READ CAREFULLY, they would have read the following :

” Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu. ”

Items 89-172 all started AFTER GE12!!!

Stupid PR supporters!

Anonymous said...

I like this poster.
Can we post this to all bloggers and all other right thinking Malaysians to prepare this mother of all tsunamies.

Anonymous said...

A credible effort. All the best. As a loyal, God-fearing Malaysian, born and bred in this country that I love, I am disgusted that we have leaders no better then Najib, Hishamuddin, Sharizat, Muhyiddin and the rest of the racist, fascist bigots and the running dogs in the MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan. God help us!

Nehemiah said...

... Instead of correctly calling for a change of leaders/political regimes (the Pakatan Rakyat solution?) or a reform of our institutions as Tengku Razaleigh had recently written, it would be far more powerful and effective to call for a change of mindset and heartset in every Malaysian.

When everyone looks into themselves, they will accept the rationality of a sharing a common vision that aligns the diverse interests of smaller groups (e.g. political lobby groups) with the larger society.

A spiritual-cultural awakening in Malaysians of all stripes and colours is the most feared by the power monoplolists. It goes beyond politics and money and goes right into the heart of man.

syed said...

I would rather choose the lesser of both evils, BN!

Anonymous said...

Dear uncle Zorro,

I'm 100% with you,

zorro said...

Anon8:52pm....thank you....sleep well.

RZ, point taken...but why lump all PR Supporters stupid? Those stupid supporters gave 5 states and one Federal Capital to PR.

Nehemiah....50 years on and we are still divided BY POLITICIANS. OUR PEOPLE must fast-track a change in government come GE13. It can be done if we are united as Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Syed - to each his own. We need to vote with our conscience and there should be no force when we make our choice. Politicians will say this and that but it is us who will put the X in which ever slot.

zorro said...

Anon11:50pm....whatever appears on this blog is for anyone to use if determined useful.

Anonymous said...

Somehow i feel disillusioned by it all. Our country is run by those who played the game and won. Politicians are mere players whichever way we choose. They play with pledges, trust and public confidence ratings.
Its all a big show by players of the game and winner takes all. \\


Anonymous said...

zorro i think you pakatan rakyat supporters are just the same.have you read the majority of the comments in MT regarding kampung pala and hindraf? have notice the stench of racism against the indians?using hindraf as a cover to slur the indians.all this comes from a site to change this country for a better future?,if this is what the future holds ,i will not have any part of it.

you know calling us snake all time will always backfire, just like in perak.people seem to forget things easily don't they...

i will try to make this country better in my own small way without being a hypocrite and a bigot.

thank you
p.s the same applies to the way their(MT commenters) hurl insults to the malays and islam.

Anonymous said...

Why not adopt the "1blackMalaysia" agenda and encourage your readers to wear black or black arm bands for Teoh Beng Hock until this evil regime is toppled?
Encourage your fellow bloggers to spread the word!
Imagine a sea of black every day! The evil regime and its hatchetmen will then see and realise the rakyat's ire!

zorro said...

I agree with you that some comments in MT are unbecoming....the same goes for some of the UMNO blogs.I take some time to debate if comments here fringes on racism. When I am convinced that comments here smacks of racism and bigotry, I reject those comments.

GobloKing said...

I only met Ronnie Liu briefly; & I trust my nose to smell out baddies. Mr Liu just doesn't come across as someone mean, corrupted, evil or bad.

I intend to mark my X where it counts - regardless of color, faith or gender so long as the candidate is from the Opposition.

I do not agree with what has been happening in Pakatan - but sure as hell I will vote for whatever opposition there isf or the pure & Simple reason that:
a Strong Democracy requires a Strong Opposition for check & balance.

ahoo said...

We have decades of plundering and corruptions to the tune of billions or maybe thrillions. Yet the bn supporters can't see no wrong of their master's evil deeds. For some crumbs they will even sell their children's future !

Well, as far as Pakatan is concern, they are no angel BUT it can't be any worse than bn. BN's ways of selective prosecution, selective victimisation and most of all a party full of political hypocrites cannot be stomach any longer. We need to change them before they think that this country and its people owe it to them.