Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here we are, us ordinary blokes, trying our best with the littlest of resources and only equipped with all that we have – PASSION – are now at a cul-de-sac, blocked by the bloc which we thought would be our ally for a better Malaysia.

Sit up and listen up. Don’t aspire to run this country when you can’t keep your family quarrels within your own house; when you still carry the burden of racism, religious bigotry and cultural supremacies and its attendant foibles. Go look for a new site for your abattoir (Su) and it is time to throw away the “crutches” unless you (Hadi) certify yourself as “handicapped” and beyond repair. Dang, you bunch are making me sick! And Hindraf…..go learn to boil eggs before you meddle with issues that are easily available. You can boil those eggs, because they were ejected by the headless chicken.

The vultures are hovering out there. They watch you go at each other. They are the best cleaning machines ever created. Cleaning is not a chore for them. Pleasure to be exact and they come away always satisfied.






nstman said...

Sort out your problems privately, you Pakatan bastards. Dont let Umno bastards hijack your agenda, Understand? Bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, u r 100% on the dot

Anonymous said...

There is no joy in watching them squabble... I fail to see how PR can hope to form the next Federal Govt when they can't even settle what may be simple issues, Politicians are all the same, a lot of drama but no passion in working for their employer, The Rakyat!

d'nay said...

who's the vultures...

Bentoh said...

Stop saying that DAP Kedah's issues are just on pig farm... DAP Kedah already suffered heavy blow on 50% bumiputra quota issues and they still chose not to talk anything about it... why would you think pig farm is the sole issue that trigger the dispute?

The problem is Kedah state government did not live up to expectation! and that in a way or two bring DAP Kedah into havoc, why do you think DAP Kedah members actually agree (in fact happy) with it pulling out?

Knights Templar said...

Sad ... Ain't it Rev ! ...After all you Guys went Thru ...

chai n tea said...

uncle zorro

i'm 100% agree with you

Anonymous said...

zorro-unmasked asshole.. i'll boil ur brainless head

Anonymous said...

d'nay, don't pretend to be so dumb lah. Of course you know who Uncle Zorro is talking about.

Anonymous said...


How on earth do you expect them to rule, when they cant even settle simple matters. Would it be like this when PR rule the country (God Willing I hope It will never happen!!!).

What is PAS decided to pull out a day after cabinet swearing in?

It seem now those PR leaders cant even sorted out they shadow cabinet, instead taking a safer way out of having a 3 man shadow members!! What the f#%K is that?

Anwar is taking a safe way out!!

Its a pity lah.. I always wonder if PR ever gonna last more than a term as a capable opposition...

Maybe next GE, those guys would be history after all...

Anonymous said...

D'nay -> vultures=BN la..

Malaysian Heart said...

I believe that the issue here is not where they quarrel; fighting like children behind closed doors is just as bad as in the open. What is needed is maturity & good leadership to engage all perties in calm & rational conversation, and decisionmaking for all rakyat, not just themselves

Malaysian Heart said...

I believe that the issue here is not where they quarrel; fighting like children behind closed doors is just as bad as in the open. What is needed is maturity & good leadership to engage all perties in calm & rational conversation, and decisionmaking for all rakyat, not just themselves or to score political points

ahoo said...

There are bound to such issue in a group such as Pakatan. They are still new into this game of running a state. Can't blame too much as many families with the same blood line also quarrel every now and then.

How they end up after each quarrel is the key factor. Unlike the bn gang, where the "taiko" holds the thrump card and dictates what each of them should do. Serve me Pakatan anytime and that to me is still platable despite their shortcoming. Give them more time to sharpen each other and they have in fact wonders already in many states within their control.

Let not the spin masters spolit our day. If indeed they don't measure up to a certain standard, we just ship them out as no parties should be indispensable in our sight.

Anonymous said...

It is a good think that this is happening...Look at BN,Does MCA or gerakan dare to say a word about their Master umno? The next day their adun will be suspended.Like Dr.Tan Kee Kwong and Datuk Kong Hon Ming(Kudat).
I am happy that this is happening in Pakatan to show that this is a partnership and everyone has the right to express their opinion.

Zorro...dont act as if you are an
umno bouncer.

Orang Sabah

Anonymous said...

It ain't one bit surprising !

Can extremist Muslims ever get along with the worldly non Muslims ?

Can a hypocrite get along with another hypocrite ?

Its a forgone conclusion.
RPK the Great has already said Malaysia is a failed nation

Your unholy hopes have been dashed , yet again

zorro said...

Orang Sabah...what if I am an UMNO bouncer, because you don't seem to understand the nuance of the posting. It is not as easy as boiling eggs. May help if you give it a second reading.

zorro said...

Bentoh. We cannot take the stand "my party right or wrong". What I like to see in PR is "engaging and enabling".

Knight Templar....what we went through is not important....kicking ass is timely after what we are trying to do for PR. However I do not give up easily...c u Friday?

Anonymous said...

Zorro, the Consciousness Candle is now burning dimly and I fear that the next gust of wind will extinguish it for eternity.

Cheers my beloved CikGu, at least we will definately progress with a drop of Oban on our lips !!!

Joseph a.k.a. Apom Balik said...

I personally think that PAS is much more extreme than UMNO. And it will always want to take control of Malaysia in whatever way in order to turn this country into something like Afghanistan during Taliban era. I won't vote for it in next general election.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to say a word about this, just sit back and watch, either they will protect Malaysia's future or not, there will be other choices, but certainly not BN, Pakatan? maybe not...

blood is at top floor said...

Isnt whats happening in Kedah or Penang better than that bullshit BN "style" of agreeing to everything the boss it good or bad. screw that swearing loyalty to whoever their boss is or obeying whatever their boss tell them...erm, what do they call it? "saya yang mengikut perintah" or something like that.

These are new breed leaders we are talking about. Ones who are not afraid to make their stand known to their bosses. Ones who dares to challenge anyone and everyone to defend what they believe in.

They were voted in because they dare. I strongly think this will bring to better decisions thus ensuring us rakyats enjoy better and fairer government.

This is something unique and never seen before in the history of this country. So, instead of screwing them upside down, we should encourage such issues to be brought to the table for discussions.

Every family in this world fight for some reasons. This includes those scumbags in BN. Look at Terengganu. Until today they are still fighting. Just that we dont get to read much through newspapers. and, they are within ONE PARTY. Not even MCA/MIC vs UMNO.

The only complain I have is that instead of discussing, they start threatening.

Oh, yes...and screw those indians in Penang calling for Lim's resignation just because of one issue. Pisses me off real bad just thinking about it.

halo, you stupid expect the fucking chief minister to be present personally for every fucking issue you face? fuck, whos gonna take care of the whole damn state. fucking idiots think your problem is the biggest problem in the world?

Cant give ppl more time to settle your problems? Just cant believe they demand for his resignation.

So, you think Koh Tsu Koon was better?? Ask yourselves honestly, damn it!

Fucking cheebye, next time my area got drainage problem, i demand MB/CM to come and have a look himself lah. and if he doesnt, i run a campaign demanding for his head. kaninabu.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, hope you continue to speak up like this again and again and knock some sense into them... or else they'll fall into the vultures' trap. Anything one party decide and does against the interests ALL Malaysians will be doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

The picture you posted on people dying in the streets will happen in Malaysia when Pakatan rules this country.Each one of these 3 mother fuckers are selfish and preying on the stupid supporters in order for them to rule. No way they can emulate BN success history.For those of you wants the country to go down the drain,please vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

I knew it that sooner or later the loose alliance will have to face with hard to tackle problems within themselves. Unfortunately it seems now that all explode at the same time giving rise to grave confidence crisis.

Uncle Zorro is damn right in saying it’s a golden opportunity for the vultures, just look at the BN media and the spin masters, they are having a field day. They will waste no time in trying to drive a wedge into the fragile alliance.

I think you will agree with me that to some extent, PR came into prominence in GE12 not necessarily the voters are confident in them but it is because BN has rotten to the core.

I hope PR will quickly come up with sensible solution to stop the eroding confidence

CK said...

so sick.
dunno how long the support can last... or should i wonder how long pakatan can last?
immediate house-cleaning is required.

Anonymous said...

Its a joke these guys in PR dont communicate with each other except thru the press, which they are naive enough to think the mainstream have empathy towards their problems.Get it right PR guys, the mainstream media is controlled by BN and they are more than happy to see you fight/split.Can we see some brains in Pakatan please?!Stop behaving like in kindergarten for Pete's (ya RPK) sake.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...






two-face said...

Don't be so naive to look surprised lah. This is not even a marriage of convenience, more like living together in sin. Kedah and Kelantan are PAS' state, Penang is DAP's state and Selangor is PKR's state.You tell me wise Zorro, where can you find Pakatan's state? They don't even have the balls to formalise their alliance. Nik Aziz should dare Lim Kit Siang for a debate on Islamic state and talk about this abattoir.

justicenequality said...

Frankly it seems that there is no Assessment of the performance of the PAS Kedah MB.
Actually how is he performing?
We know about Selangor MB & Penang MB; what they have done since ruling their respective states BUT not the Performance of Kedah MB.
Is he going to be a one term MB like his chief Hadi Awang in Trengganu??

lebai said...

Pas is a party which uses every opportunity it has in the State Government for the benefit and interests of its supporters. Despite the problems and dissatisfaction over the running of the State Government by Pas, DAP and PKR did not make a fuss over it.

True color of PAS , beware !!! said...

Hadi Awang is MUCH WORST than Najib !!!!!

Hadi says Malays still weak, 30pc equity quota needed
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today rejected the government’s plan to drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing.

The PAS president believes that the time is not yet right because the Malay community is strong enough to face economic challenges.

“What was proposed before has not been achieved yet. We want equality for all races but at the same time, the Bumiputeras must be given the strength,” he told reporters in parliament today.

Hadi also stressed that the community is still at a disadvantage because they lack infrastructural facilities which in turn narrows education opportunities.

“Because they are still left behind not only in experience but also economy and education. We have to realise that rural towns still lack the facilities and they have not yet been given the chance to catch up to the development enjoyed by other communities staying in urban areas,” he added.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced yesterday that the government will drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing, the cornerstone of the New Economic Policy (NEP), but they will now have to offer 50 per cent of the public shareholding spread to Bumiputera investors.

Najib also plans to cut the powers of the Foreign Investments Committee (FIC), immediately repealing its guidelines covering the acquisition of equity stakes, mergers and takeovers.

Anonymous said...

PAS will go the way of Trengganu...power thrust upon botched completely.

Dont know how to rule. Just one abbatoir..such a small issue and still cannot solve...What a mess. Azizan was a bad choice. PAS is a dead duck because of this issue and of course Hadi and Nasha's flirting with UMNO. PKR and DAP would have got the message by now.

If Nik Aziz joins Michael Jackson...PAS will split many times over. It's best PKR and DAP learn to work with each other and forget about PAS..

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Kedah did not pisses me off as much as the Hindraf did.
While many of us really sympathizers Hindraf but their Indian this and Indian that is just too much .
They dont know that it is a Malaysian problem and not an indian problem.

Antares said...

It's obvious that Anwar Ibrahim plays a pivotal role in keeping the show on the road. I'm impressed by his ability to smooth out ruffled feathers with just one phone call and the way he always manages to keep the big picture in mind. Alas, the same cannot be said for all the leaders who seem to keep getting bogged down in petty ego conflicts. Bear in mind, folks, that Umno/BN has been plotting and scheming 24/7 since 8 March 2008 to wrestle back Perak, Kedah, Selangor... and perhaps even Penang (if they can get a few Hindraf hotheads to stir up enough unrest and resentment against LGE)... Let's keep cool and stay focused... getting frustrated and impatient won't help and will only strengthen Umno/BN's resolve to continue poisoning the psychic atmosphere with their black magic.

Anonymous said...

They are all the same.
All fuckers and cock suckers.

Never ever fucking trust politicians.

... and for those dreaming of a better Malaysia, fucking dream on. It aint gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

But for PKR to let their MPs speak up.......
I think its okay.....
One "must" be able to voice their views. And allowed to do so....!!!

That's how one grows.....!!!

If I were to say.......
"1Malaysia & just follow !"

My gang says...........
"Yes ! Yes ! Yes !"

Eerrr....! Do I only need "Yes men...???"
That means I can do whatever & they'll agree even if I'm the Devil..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the fuss? The voters wanted change, and this is the lose change they are getting.

There will be more to come with the unconvenient marriage of extreme differences.

So, accept the circumstances and think twice before jumping from the frying pan into the fire.



Anonymous said...

The previous Gerakan Umno MCA state Government should be investigated for this shady land deal in high chapparal?

Banned Hindraf squatter complaints to old BPR not followed up by MACC ? WHY ??????

Hindraf should attack the old BN state Government to get compensation instead ?

Anonymous said...

What the Pakatan coalition members are expressing is their responsibility of airing controversial issues in the open. This is better than BN which shuts their MP's mouth and threaten them with lawsuits if they do not follow in line. Which do you want ?

Have " yes sir " man as your MP ? Like the Gerakan ,MCA and MIC MP's who personally disagree with the ISA and OSA but must support it !

You will have a failed nation with high profile corruption cases being swept under the carpet with the BN style of adminstration.

The PKA scandal, Ex-Selangor's MB's treating state resources like his own , submarine purchases , etc.

The MP's and ADUN's were elected to be our watchdog and mouthpiece and if anything is not right they must have the courage to speak out and not be " yes tuan " man.
If you want this way , then vote BN in !

zorro said...

Anon4:39....thanks, just the right type of comments I was hoping my posting would elicit. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

I rather choose clever corrupt leader over stupid leadership of Kedah PAS. They would bring misery to the Kedah people for the whole duration of their tenure. I beg to differ from Zorro view to fight corruption in this.

The almost same stupid PAS moron (except Kelantan) are damn real good tearing down what only them deem fix. Must follow them do and don't whenever they likes.

Like the same dickhead tore down the 'Penyu' replica in roundabout at the middle of KT city and the saddest part, the idiot instead of planting flowers, let it grown 'lalang' for next 5yrs.

Pig are halal non-muslim food. Many of non-muslim didn't consume cow, buffalo and goat. Why want to force them deprive of their food in Kedah, the one and only slaughter house. They will not happy other can slaughter their food anywhere but they can't.

What difference the pig from wild boar, they are plenty roaring together with cows shitting and bathing in river too.
Does non-muslim all die young when consume pork?

Kedah PAS should prove their sincerity as in Islam teaching that 'treat every human kind as equal' as what being practice in Kelantan. Them non-muslim will respect and will abide whatever rules they make.
Non-muslim are not demanding equality, they demanded fairness and justice.

The moment Kedah fell to PAS, I posted and predicted this will happen. Many of 'lebai' are only fix to manage country like Afghanistan not multi racial country Malaysia. Why the dickhead are still not accepted the 20yrs proven PAS management of Kelantan. They have rock solid representatives for non-muslim.

Now for Kedahan,the chinese, indian and non-muslim get to taste like what happen in Terengganu.
What justice and fairness you all will get since every department already almost 100% of one race control.
Who will help non-malay if they get bad treatment dealing in department, no one.

Look how PAS kick the one and only strongman from Kelantan non-muslim representative Haji Anuar Tan out of their CWC. TGNA trying desperately to bond unbreakable harmony among all races in their state but some idiots keen in destroying it and think they are too big when they just barely get power.
If BN can can get Anuar Tan, a disaster for PAS but I don't think he can be bought as long as TGNA around.

Sometime I think, I rather support those already long in power to hold power rather than commit suicide to give power to new unproven 'Lebai' to manage the country.
Where is the famous DSAI shouted slogan, I treat everyone as equal. God make the correct decision not to have him manage the country and he is incapable to manage the Pakatan Rakyat. I beg Pakatan Rakyat will still be opposition after the next election unless DSAI manage to get a good clever team.

In Kelantan, support PAS. They are fair and their leaders teach fairness to everybody to respect everyone.

In Kedah and Terengganu, don't give vote to PAS because they do not have sincerity to materialize every human kind dream of living in peace and harmony. They teach 'kafir memkafir' even among muslim. They create racial gap instead of bonding them. PAS are proven greedy and collapse terribly just after one term in Terengganu.

What difference PAS from BN. In BN at least can still manage to get a little bit of multirace representative support. In Pas NIL unless in Kelantan that they take care of everyone.

Anak Penyu.

Anonymous said...

DAP, what's the big deal a lousy dirty old illegal slaughterhouse got bulldozed away? If I m a chinese in kedah, i wont eat any pork that came out from that dirty abbotair.Stop behaving like a kid, talk to the MB to get a new hygenic abbotair up (yes,licensed pls)ASAP which will benefit all. If this is refused by the MB, then only you have a cause to misbehave.Meanwhile,stop the threats and work on the bigger picture-build a better Malaysia for our children.Ask around, how many chinese bothered with an old dirty abbotair closed down, we are more concerned of a better future for our children.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with the writer on Dap shd work on the bigger picture.we didnot vote you in to take care smallish issues like ilegal pig house,house quota,cleanliness,temples,signage etc.....we got you in to work together change the corrupted federal that our country will be great again.So please no more babies stuff

wandererAUS said...

Well said zor, these pathethic numbskulls from the opposition, have totally failed to live up to the expections of so many, who thought they were men of substance...what a blooming disappointement!
How could they be an alternative govt, when they cannot even manage their little dream house...donkeys have more brains.

nstman said...

This is my message to DAP swines. Look at the bigger picture. Dont just be swayed by an ageing, dirty abattoir which has seen better days. Stop thinking like a Chinese. Start thinking like a Malaysian. Understand, bodoh DAP.

looes74 said...

There are more to meet the eyes. Like what Nstman, every political parties need to look at big picture. Not just DAP
In Kedah, it's not just abattoir problem. It's a matter Azizan's insensitivities & incompetent in running the state government. Statement like "I didn't order the abattoir to be demolished. However, I don't have jurisdiction over MBAS" irks me. Azizan is shirking his responsibilties especiallly when everybody knew that those town councillors not only answerable to that MCA Hosuing & Local Government Federal Minister. These town councils in Kedah answerable to the State Excos and the MB.

You mean that MBAS town council president or perhaps some sources say MBAS secretary CMCN has a big LP than MB Kedah. Surely that does not add up when MB Kedah or to be exact Pharolazi, that Local Government Exco appoints all town councils as well as their presidents including MBAS.
That's the main issue

Pick one! Either you are impotent....losing out to MBAS or perhaps CMCN (civil service appointed MBAS secretary) or you are incompetence of having the ability of solving the problem
People like Amiruddin & Wei Shu are not spared from this incident. They must be answerable. Even then, I Might tolerate their incompetency.
But these civil servants....Worst thing is that some people including those naive PAS folks are supporting these when these civil servants creating all these havocs
To PAS folks, it's these top civil servants that murder your kind in Memali. Choose your friends wisely. Don't simply whack Thomas & Lee

If Azizan, that ffucking MB Kedah got problems in locating the abattoir & do not HAVE BIGGER LP to confront these folk such as CMCN......How much "powder" Thomas or Lee Guan Aik has in locating the right place for abattoir? Even running it. Heard that Azizan found one but to get starting need approvals from some departments.....Why till now, no approvals

I have mentioned in D'nightcaller blog.....Azizan is answerable for all these mess....I see how this Azizan bugger going to wriggle out the mess during the Pakatan's get together

I know your "disrepect" statement to TGNA. Pay heed yo your colleague's message Hamidin of PAS Mallacca

In Perak & Malacca, PAS & DAP worked together happily because each of them respecting each other.
Coming back to those bloody bastard top echolen civil servants. You kenna tangkap on the orders of Peral state secretary. Assembly Secretary defied orders from Sivakumar
Now it must be orders from MBAS secretary CMCN ordering the demolition of the abattoir & many more to come......It seems MBAS CMCN has bigger LP than Azizan. Lets start by Tui Laming these bastards.....Starting with CMCN