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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Clever hero

Reporter: Encik Samad, congratulations for being awarded the Medal of Valour for your bravery.

Samad: Thank You. I did it for my country.

Reporter: Tell us, during your 20 years in service, where have you been to.

Samad: Oh, Bosnia, Somalia, Philippines, Palestine and New Guinea.

Reporter: Where would you say was the most trying place to go.

Samad: I would say, Bosnia and Somalia. There was mass slaughter and endless fighting. I had to be called to do battle everyday but of course no one knows about this.

Reporter: Were you ever hurt?

Samad: Yes, I was shot in Bosnia and was beaten up in Somalia. I was beaten up quite badly actually.

Reporter: There are still some more volatile places where UN Peace Forces are needed. Iraq is back in turmoil and Palestine has never seen peace. Honduras is in big trouble. Would you go to any of these countries if called upon?

Samad: I have been to so many explosive places and come back alive although I met with lots of hostilities. I have faith in my abilities to survive. I will go on even an hour's notice just as long as they don't send me to a police lock up or to the MACC. I may be brave but I do want to live.


Thanks Chegu.

People, go visit him for more subtle offerings at Kata Tak Nak.


Anonymous said...

I really doubt it will be non-political.

Look at how Teoh Beng Hock's funeral was turned into a sideshow. How the grieving family was blatantly put under the super trooper and exposed to the news hounds and blog hounds!!

There's no respect for private moment of grieving!! The chinese newspapers are the worst of the news hounds!

Even some rakyat are doubting about sincerity of politicians:


Aimar said...

haha.. i thought this is a real interview.. thanks for make my day!

Anonymous said...

Good one.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. This is funny. But unfortunately it is the truth.

zorro said...

I agree with you. I was present at the Assembly Hall. I did not like the idea of Ms Soh being called up to the stage with the politicians. However,we realize the trauma she and the family are going thru and all help are always welcomed.Let us empathize.

Anonymous said...

I think it is safer to swim across a river with crocodiles than to go to MACC building or Police lock up.

At least we have a hope that the crocs are not hungry during that time.

ZHL said...

Dear Anon 1.26am, dear Zorro,

Civil society members and some concerned citizens decided to organize this non-political memorial BECAUSE the previous ones had been turned into political shows.

There will be no speeches, no huge banners, no hate mongering.

Just a solemn, silent, memorial.

I hope you do not get the wrong idea. But it's best to just be there and be part of it.

Thank you.

zorro said...

ZHL----spot on! My sentiments too. I will be the first to object if someone tries to XPLOIT this memorial.Politicians may want to participate in this memorial but they will not cross the line established by this gathering.

Anonymous said...

At the inquest today, one unknown DNA found on the victim clothing. Who? Rumours are the only person/persons who refused to give their DNA sample are from DAP. Wonder why the refused.

zorro said...

Anon2:41pm You said: rumours are the only person/persons who refused their DNA samples are from DAP.

I read this from M'kini:

"I have been told that by the chemist that results of 90 specimens are ready and only 12 more are to be completed," said Tan.

The DNA report on the 90 persons has been supplied to the interested parties.

He also confirmed that two individuals had refused to provide their DNA and that was the reason for the delay on the second DNA report.

Gobind then interjected and asked if any of the specimens collected matched the unknown male individual.

However, Tan evaded answering and simply stated that he was just explaining the scenario and it is for the experts to provide the evidence.

Le me make one thing very clear. I am not discounting that there may be other "hands" besides the MACC's involved. Let's leave it to the inquest to decide on the facts of the case and not "rumours" that you are I are hearing.