Monday, July 27, 2009


Recently, there has been a lot of shit and stirring in Pakatan Rakyat.

There is wide speculation that the most recent stirrings might have caused the demise of a member of the family.

That of course is despicable and should not have happened!

But to stir shit, there must be a subject (in this recent case, 2 actually, yes 2!) and a verb.

So who is the subject – shit?, which after the fact can also be a verb to shit.

Who is the verb – to stir which after the fact can be a subject itself as in stirrer.

Now this is getting messy, no?

But whatever, I recall the old adage:


My unsolicited advise is that Pakatan Rakyat must do some serious housekeeping, as UMNO like a buzzard, hungrily lurking on the fringe like all scavengers, can turn your subject into a verb!



mike said...

Obviously, you're speaking about these 2 idiots. One, an arrogant asshole and the other, a self appointed, deluded brat creating discord within the party. God bless Malaysia.

elizabeth said...

I read in an online news report, where a reporter had asked wangsa maju as to whether he has raised the issue with PR leaders.

Wangsa maju defended his action, and stressed that the people has the right to know the truth and that it is wrong to "sweep" things under the carpet. His reply to the reporter was that he informed the PR (or PKR) leaders of the problem, in CASUAL CONVERSATION.

Hence, wangsa maju's decision was not to "sweep" but chosen to "stir" instead.

For a politician who has been around for so long, and knowing that we have a pack of wolves (and den of lions, vultures and what have you) lurking on the side waiting for a chance to pounce on PR, his action to take the matter via his blog, speaks of poor judgment.

Whether his revelation had been directly responsible for Teoh's tragic death or not, he is certainly showing us that he does not have the national agenda at heart. Perhaps, taking vengence as alleged by certain quarters, could have been such a strong motive that had blinded his good sense. If it was done in good faith, speaks of his stupidity.

When he was an MP under DAP he had won landslide victory. However when he contested under his own banner, it was a disaster. I hope he is realistic about why wangsa maju's electorates have supported him.

In the next GE, I would not cast my vote for him ever, even if he stands on PR's ticket, that is for sure.

Jong said...

That SOB from PKR has been screaming for DAP blood for a long long time. No I'm not with DAP, just an observer! He's an expert in washing 'dirty linens' in public. Why the need to point fingers when he could have confronted his PR collegues to get to the bottom of all those alleged claims, or could he be the source, devil in disguise?

I'm sure there'll be more to come from this foul-mouthed gutter politician as he is being threatened by his more able collegues.

I hope he is happy with himself for what he has achieved so far!

Anonymous said...

I have known Ronnie for many years and have known him to be a straight guy who is not afraid to say his piece if there are wrong. His bad point is his eagerness to push thru the righteousness which will definitely step on may people's legs. I would say he is almnost similar to Lim Kit Siang in handling issues but maybe he is considered to be the 2nd stringer leaders, therefore people are more jealous of him. Trust me....look at him and his work on the positive side and if possible...get a chance to sit with him to discuss issues and you will find a leader who has virtues and idealism.

As for the "katak" who had junp from MCA to DAP to MDP to PKR....well...the record shows. He too is veryoutspoken but his outspoken qualities are mostly on the wrong issues and he always thinks he is the best and had achieved his positions all becuz he is himself without other people's help. He is not a team player and if not for the people of Wangsa Maju's hatred for BN, he will not win by virtue of he is Wee Choo Keong. Come GE13, I heard Wangsa Maju people will throw him out as they dont mind having a devil in BN represent them in Parliament as WCK is now a much bigger and more devilish devil.
The Chines saying of "shit stirrer" means a person out to create trouble out of nothing and its like a troublemaker between 2 friends ...who will sow hatred on each other by smearing one person on front of the other. I put WCK on the same league as Ibrahim Ali, who bites the hand that feeds them....No team player but big trouble maker who believe they are MPs today just becuz of their own FOOT.....

Anonymous said...

Wee Choo Keong does things with a conscience. Many will call him an ass hole and many are not wrong calling him that. In the event the allegations made by him are incorrect, I say kick him out of Pakatan and let him join Gerakan.
The manner he goes about things is quite puzzling, I have the gut feeling he will be defecting to Gerakan. The other I do not know.

KoSong Cafe said...

I would not condone wrongdoings in Pakatan Rakyat, but knowing the BN vultures are waiting for anything to harass, WCK, please do not create unnecessary trouble, unless you have a secret agenda of your own.

MACC would pounce on anything miniscule of Pakatan but ignore the BN elephant's shit. They even had the gall to say that their own officer can lodge police reports if none were done by the public, but I remember when dealing with BN, excuse of no police report had been used before. Where was the consistency?

Moral of the story, be careful of what we utter, anything that can be used to destabilize the Pakatan will be used, and don't forget their propaganda machinery in newspapers and television.

We can rant all we like, but we still have to endure the shameless display of gutter politics until the next general election.

Anonymous said...

i) wck shld know very well that malaysia is not a mature democracy. we're like the 80s philippines here. we cant be too 'straightforward' and 'call a spade a spade' when it involves pakatan's wellbeing as a whole.

ii) he is directly contributing to selangor's risk of being (ruthlessly and unlawfully) taken over by the evil-umno regime; and he KNOWS it!!

iii) in this perspective, wck does not get my respect for being ' honest' and 'straightforward'. he KNEW whatever he 'exposed' will be used against pakatan by evil-umno and its minnions (macc & police dogs).

iv) i mean, if all these years, aca/macc and police dogs and ag chambers and judiciary have been fair and impartial (e.g. hong kong and britain and the usa); then what he's done is definitely a-ok. but he KNEW/KNOWS that this is not the case and in malaysia. it's like selling out your own mother, like reporting her to macc when she's stolen rm10 to feed him when he was young. that's very stupid (or was it planned???).

v) i say vote wck out. he is not a team player. heck, he is not even a righteous person. he KNEW how macc and police dogs have covered all those evil-umno corruption cases, and YET he did what he did.

vi) he indirectly CAUSED teo beng hock's death and this is will NEVER FORGET.

vii) wck's case is like kulim mp, umno-pas unity talks, ibrahim ali. all these must be nipped in the bud.

viii) we, selangorians must take to the streets if the hundreds of thousands to protest. we cannot sit idly in the comfort of our own home, for it will not be long before we have no home to call home. we cannot play fair anymore. this is not the uk or the usa. these evil-umno flers not playing by the rules. no more candle vigil or sing-songs. no more silent protest. the only way is to TAKE TO THE STREETS by the hundreds of thousands. not a few hundred or even a few thousand. make it bigger than bersih, bigger even than hindraf. make it like the march against vietnam war in the usa in the 60s. or are we (especially we malaysian chinese) too busy cari makan to bother? well, then continue becoming blind...for we will all indeed be blind in the coming few short years. yes, no need decades. just a few short years. we all f-king deserve it.

ix) evil-umno is bent of killing pakatan. and this is not merely political, this is CRIMINAL. so...for all the cock-talk of 'beta di atas politik....tak boleh masuk campur...' where is the selangor sultan in all these? too busy enjoying the luxuries is it? another cross-country race coming up is it? or going to the usa again is it? well, if that's the case, i hope soon the evil-umno will kick the royalty out and make malaysia a republic too.



Anonymous said...

If PKR does not do their "house keeping"......
How do they expect the rakyat to vote for them..??????????

Next GE is NOT that far away. What the bloody "hell" are these PKR & Anwar waiting for..?????

Waiting for the "shit" to hit the fan...???????????

They keep forgetting that it is "the rakyat" that votes them "in or out".......!!!!!!!!!!

We all have been "singing" the same bloody song.
Datuk Anwar....,
Please "clean" your house lah...!!

Anonymous said...

CK said...

WCK please wake up and do not be a liability to PR. You have acheive an MP status from the support of PR people. Please ask your PR people opinion if you want to attack any PR people OK? Why you
can not realise what you are doing?

FY said...

This Trojan Horse in the name of Wee Choo Keong was indeed being planted. He tried to infiltrate into DAP top leadership but alas found it too hot to handle and created a fuss and he jumped out to form his own MDP.

If he had his own convictions why didn't he stay back in MDP to build the party but instead left behind a few loyal supporters ?. This speaks a lot about the man in politics.

His actions whilst in DAP and now in PKR will now reveal the true Wee
Choo Keong. I hope Anwar realise this and not to allow him to damage the party irrepairably.

Questions were posed to him as to why this was not brought internally within the party but he chose to sidelined the question.

This showed he had a hidden agenda and this is to create maximum damage to the PKR and PR at the " right time "

Please mark these words and time will tell.

R4Os said...

I urge the PR leaders pls get rid off the shiit stirrers from their GE-13 lineup, don't let these idiots stirr up so much shits til the shiit hit the fan n splash the shiit all over PR leaders' heads...

Pls do the necessary "Damage Control" before it's TOO LATE!

nstman said...

My advice to Pakatan is simple - stop this internecine blood-letting which is threatening to tear apart the coalition. I also have a piece of advice for Wee Choo Keong. Wee, use your heavy artillery against Umno, dont use it on Pakatan. Understand? Pse treat this as a warning.

Gan said...

I wonder what was the intent of WCK's action?

I think he should reflect on his action and suffer some soul searching whether he has been instrumental on PR's state of affairs in Selangor.

WCK - please remember, who's the people's common enemy.

Anonymous said...

I look at what WCK is doing as more like a personal vendetta. I also hope that he's happy with what he has achived so far. I thruly hope that he can see that there's a bigger war out there, not whithin.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder if WCK has any conscience left in him? The 3 big mistakes made by PR during GE12 was to offer WCK the Wangsa Maju seat to contest...then Zulkifli Nordin the Mulim seat and finally the BIggest katak of all...Ibrahim Ali the Pasir Mas seat.

Ibrahim and WCK wanted to contest both as Independent and MDP candidates and would have both lost even their deposits during the last GE12....but PR was afraid they might disturb the votes of both Bukit Bintang (WCK) and Pasir Mas that DAP and PAS will lose in both the seats to BN. Now these 2 "Kataks" have done so much damage that even losing the 2 seats to BN is not the matter after all. Isnt it better to lose the 2 seats rather than having these Bs****Ds doing so much damage? Where is the "RiskControl" for PR and what about any remorsefulness? These are not teamplayers and in fact are known to be morons and sigle people...more so for WCK who has rumours flying around abt his af***rs with g**s....
Hope this will theach PR a lesson nbot to simply give such mororns a chance to negotiate at all.
Anwar has not utter even a word on WCK for his most spoilt child like tantrums in giving so called "evidence" to the police abt Sel Excos. Look wat happened?

Its history now but this spoilt sprat is still not growing up and is worse than Dennis The Menance and is providing fodder to BN's branch ie. MACC and Police to act agst PR in Sel and than overthrow PR in Sel.

Amwar...its time to act before more damage is done and finally Sel is snatched by BN...until can also doze off like flip flop dollah.

Anonymous said...

WCK, politically, you are history.
Many of us will not forgive u for being a shit stirer and the indirect cause of Teoh Beng Hock!

Anonymous said...

what could possibly be expected from a mp on superbike & goes pub hopping...

or should we say waiting for juicy carrot & do party hopping.

nstman said...

I ask Wee Choo Keong one simple question and I expect a simple answer: We elect you so that you can expose the dirt in Umno. Apparently you are happy to just stir the shit in Pakatan. In short you have become a shit stirrer in Pakatan. Pse reply.

Anonymous said...

If the shit stirer WCK did not stir shit, then no excuse for MACC to investigate. No investigation, no death would have occured. The shit stirer WCK even turned off comments in his blog. Throw this Mother..fxxkxx out next election!!

artchan said...

a shit stirrer will always be a shit stirrer. It is the shit in them that makes them behaves so.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the loser WCK. Why speak of the shit stirrer. Let him think highly of himself and see what will happen to him in GE13. He talked so much ,all shit and nothing else. A person of no shame !!! Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

Senor Don Diego Vega,

What happen to your: "Revealing anything swept under the carpet and unmasking the sweepers."

Cakap tadak serupa bikin. Malu lah Senor. Put back the mask and hide your face.

Anonymous said...

WCK political days are numbering, let this Katak jump back to MCA next. He is never a team player.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget there is also this motherf$#@ called rocky in bru spinning for its master like a genie.And this weenie guy is no better!Thats people you learnt to stay far from.

zorro said...

Anon 10:55pm
What have I been doing all this while.....hiding in the rat-hole like you under anonymous? Come clean, out of the stink hole you hide in and enjoy the clean fresh air..... but don't visit here. We don't like pollution.

GobloKing said...

I really have limited interaction with ppl & Z dear, you know it.

Neither do I have any bones to pick with wck but ONE incident stood out in my mind clearly

Which is why I held off my "enthusiasm" for PR after the initial happiness of the election wins.

I was at a place when wck nearly fell over backwards trying to introduce this umno up&comin' bigwig (he is a bigwig today) to some bloggers. No kidding. No exageration.

Much like an overenthusiastic puppy running around the legs of his owners? Yeap. That was the picture i got.

This is not to say Pakatan ppl can not be friends with UMNO ppl or know them well.

But to fawn over them like dat? That is weird. Wck was literally dancing around this up&coming UMNO fella.

I brushed off my unease by calling it my usual female suspicions but now looks like time told.

Jong said...

It is a known fact that Anwar Ibrahim simply has no capability choosing good people around him; maybe it's his bad luck, maybe he is too trusting and the despicable takes advantage of him but how PKR turned into a shitpot for rejects like this SOB baffles me!

Anonymous said...

Between Wee Choo Keong and Ronnie Liu, I will go for Ronnie anytime. He is consistent, loyal to his party and unegoistic. Wee on the other hand has an ego as big as China and cannot accept criticism. Some people react to criticism with counterarguments, he becomes very foul mouth and starts calling men dogs and women bitches. He had his day in politics but people like him should call it a day when you do not know which side of the political fence to stand. Better stand in his own backyard and clear the weeds.

shar101 said...

Ok, Gobloking has spoken.

Here's mine -

Met WCK on a monday night in February '09 at the NPC during a movie premiere on Millionaire Slumdog. He was with Rocky, Nuraina, Rusdi Mustapha, etc which happens to be 3 days prior to the Sime Darby dinner with bloggers thingy.

Later that night, and after RM had left, I joined them with Old Fart (as we attended the show together).

Discussions strayed onto Eli Wong's issue i.e. her nude photos, and WCK mentioned something like "We don't need this NGOish types in politics" without elaborating.

I know EW has no affinity for hillside development therefore WCK's remarks were not only evasive but rather, he revealed his inner thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gobloking for your fact I had also seen with my own eyes that WCK drinks together with some "Tai Kors" in his constituency and if he does not has any ties to them...I wonder????

This is a katak for you and we should not be surprised to see him even involved in the T4TBH issue.
He is "sick" and may he get the help to be cured. Guess its another wolf in sheep skin and another blunder made by Anwar....but its better latre than never and so people can see the real true WCK and come GE 13, he is a goner.

Jong said...

We want QUALITY not QUANTITY Anwar and your shitpot is getting heavy and heavier!

mike said...

For a moment there, I had thought I was the only one against this WCK character. So glad to be proven otherwise. God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


If you cannot take criticism, keep your opinion to yourself. Don't float them into cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

whatever,the chinese should never allowed to run this country!ever it will 100 times worst

zorro said...

Anon bambino9:59pm,this is my blog and this here is my cyberspace. You have a right not to visit if you do not like my opinions. I don't like to tell you to vamoose, but since I already used the word...yes, vamoose, chico.

Anonymous said...

For all the venoms that most commenters spew here, most don't have the balls to even provide a nick to at least show who you are. Don't have what it takes, izzit? Balls to you all!

Moreover, the author of this piece and his merry band of commenters have no clue what you guys are talking about.

Did wck name names and what has he got to do with the unfortunate demise of Mr. Teo?

All wck did was to rebutt Teresa Kok's public call for Azmin Ali's removal as president of the back benchers club in the Selangor state assembly when he asked for a reshuffling of the state assembly. This is not dissension. This is responsibility!

Why do the bunch of you idiots here can't seem to see the facts? Go for Teresa Kok's throat for firing the first salvo in PR in the mainstream media. She is the one who started it all! Now she is as quiet as a church mouse happy that you silly asses are gunning for wck.

You emo dumbwits are barking up the wrong tree. You guys are the real shit heads for falling for the misguided shit-stirring of whoisthisfella if this blog?

First of all, the MACC investigation into the so-called abuses of the state funds had already been on-going before even wck had spoken out. If Ronnie Liu had been wronged, if Teo's death was really caused by wck -- then why is it RL and the family of Mr Teo not taking legal action to sue the pants off wck? Why?

Shut the fcuk up you numbskulls before wck take you bastards to court. And I say that he should do it!

What a bunch of loudmouth losers here!

- Melayu Jati -

shar101 said...

Ooooo .. melayu jati came to wck's defense.

And who's melayu jati again? Is he/she any different from an Anon?

Btw I'd rather be interested to know if wck's 'evidence' matches TFTBH's disclosures.

Y'know .. like whether the format/details are similar, etc coz if it's from the same 'source', then I think he's screwed.

For example, 1st 'written' evidence sez 5% of RM1800 is RM180! Aww .. c'mon .. yer saying TBH being a chinese can't count ah?

And further disclosures (28/07) in TFTBH showing invoice copies 'manufactured' purportedly by TBH. Hallooo .. yer got evidence on hard disk, make a copy and send it to MACC to investigate lah. Why the wayang on an anonymous blog mah.

In the same latest posting, TFTBH wrote "Why keep the invoice inside Teoh's computer? Very strange. Waaah! I thought the PDRM/MACC are the only ones having access to TBH's notebook (y'know .. that tiny PC which you carry around with you unlike a bulky desktop). Earlier on, TFTBH sez "He copied information from his notebook and the office computers into a hard disk and left it with someone". So which is it? Notebook? HardDisk? Make up your mind, TFTBH. You too, melayu jati.

Meanwhile, I wonder why the MCMC aren't taking notice on the matter compared to the Perak issue when several were hauled up in no time for being insulting to the blue bloods.