Thursday, July 16, 2009




YES, PAS won by the skin of their teeth. UMNO's 10% increase in votes is a gigantic gain despite having now lost 6 out of 7 by-elections. This improvement is significantly contributed, we are reliably informed, by a new wing in the Election Commission's arsenal of amoury. These orange-garbed youth phalanx was ostentatious in their loitering around polling stations . Their industrious work so inspired the youth leader and prompted him to prophetically announce way ahead of the official announcement that UMNO had gained control of Manek Urai by 38 votes. How they swung the votes for UMNO needs no explanation or elucidation if one is a student in voter gerrymandering and manipulation.

For pictorial evidence of who they are and what these youngsters do, go HERE.....and do let us know if you know more. Click on pictures for a clearer evidence.

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Eric said...

To add to Zorro's suspicion. Background:

1. COUNTRYWIDE record turnout for a by-election on a WORKING day, higher than on a GE (extremely rare occurrence in history)
2. BN counting office being deserted at 3 pm (according to Kidckdefella) despite such a close call which the Military Intelligence should have spotted easily

You'll find interesting pics at:


A few disturbing elements.

* KESEDAR, federal office not exactly famous for long working hours, working overtime on a bank holiday (??!!)
* Record number of SPR staff (orange uniforms as pointed out by Zorro) with a lot of free time
* Allegedly people trying to bring in ballots and subsequent arrest of PAS members

Seems to point to one direction to me.