Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It is my obligation to say thank you to these people featured in this post.I announced in a posting that my reason for coming to Kelantan. I made no formal appeal for volunteers. Datuk Zaid was the first to volunteer accommodation. As a perfect host he was all attention and when he had to leave for KL he appointed his people to give all the assistance we needed. That was invaluable. Thank you again Datuk.

This fellow Duke .....what more can I say. If you need anybody reliable to walk beside you he is the man. He drove us all the way up here. He stayed for the full duration. Passion for the cause drives this guy. Everynight after ceremahs in Manek Urai means driving back to KB at close to 1:00am. That is tiring doing it for five nights.....2 hours to and fro.
All the above describes this extraordinary man.

Arthur began the trip with us but duty to job which takes him overseas often, was of great help during the four days with us. Arthur did the Permatang Pauh by-elections with us. Communicating with this man is an intellectual treat.....especially when he speaks strategy and I-Ching. Thank you Art for your company. And thanks for filling up the gas.

Stephen Francis is a veteran of all by-elections. Everyone of his pics tells a story and good stories they are. You don't ask this man to do things for you. He volunteers as if by instinct. The above traits is very Stephen!

This is a blogger to watch. He is full-time at this. His forte is the pics he produces for his blog. Originally one of the Perak Bloggers, he might be making Kelantan his base of operation. Already he has been chosen by Datuk Husam to follow him together with sifu Sheih (Kickdefella) for visits to the oil-rigs. We connected during the Bukit Gantang by-elections and have bonded since. He was part of our team during the MU saga.

He was appointed our minder ..... making sure we were comfortable to do what we had to do. He accompanied us to MU for all the night ceremahs we covered. His contacts made it easy for us to move around in Manek Urai. His contacts got Duke and Stephen the bikes they needed to cover the 9 polling centres. When you are a stranger, Tuan Haji will always make you feel a part of his family. Terima Kasih Tuan Haji

This group also made our stay fun and our work effective. Thank you Ah Weh.




bmw9700 said...

PAS won by 65 votes..that is an extremely slim majority..that shows that BN is serious of taking back the nation...PR will be losing out if they cant get their act together soon..

Hawkeye said...

Guru, don't you have another more handsome photo of me Ar ? Ha ha most of all we would like to say thank you for your leadership and wisdom without which this trip will not be possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zorro. So now it is confirmed that there was something fishy going on in MU. PAS won inspite of the cheating by BN.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

Keylee Daud said...

PR kena siasat kenapa jadi kecil ini majoriti...PAS kena sekuat dahulu

Antares said...

Take a bow, guys... let's give them a STANDING OVATION! Thanks for helping keep by-elections human :-)

casper c said...

The slim margin is best described in a comment I read in a Malay blog post - "Sudah kalah pun mau tipu" in reference to you know who.

Words don't do justice. To that end, a big round of applause to ALL and others not sighted - BRAAAVO while the winning streak continues.

Patricia said...

Great job, guys. And, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Big sacrifices in time and efforts. Great bunch of guys out there. Deserves all the credit they worked to earn for it. Trying to make this Nation a better place for all under the so-called Malaysian sun. Not everthing is measured in brides and moneys. Rather, it's the commitment and the purpose of restoring sanity in our local politics. A big 'terima kasih' to all and sundry for the great work.

caravanserai said...

Home world
A click on the mouse
Wading through the masses
Yet guys you make it looks so easy

Manek Urai
Pictures and words flow
No doubt the atmosphere at home
Clicking and seeing through the web
You tell us something
Sitting in the home world

Pas won with a slim majority
The black knight will sing
He knows he loses
His PR team will spin

Pas must study the ground
Unity talk taking it down
The bickering amongst parties
Pakatan must stay united
To thrash out the black knight
And Bee Anne into the dustbin of history

Manek Urai
The stock taking must run
Nothing can stay permanent
Once complacency sets in
The rots will begin

Thank you guys
For feeding us from the ground
On the by election in Manek Urai
I salute!

Anonymous said...

uncle and the geng

we salute you guys

Anonymous said...

Thank you GUYS!! Thank you so very much. Great job there.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! A win is a win.
And thank you for doing what you did for the rest of us who couldn't or wouldn't.

God bless you all, fellow Malaysians.

mauriyaII said...

Fantastic zorro and the SB. It was great reading going through your blog during the MU bye-election. Slim majority or not the people of MU have chosen - good and clean governance to greed, corruption and sheer arrogance.

Muhyddin said, " The buck stops here." True enough! It did stop with a jarring effect. People are fed up with lies, political empty rhetoric and generally gobbledygook of the BN kind.

Anyway it is time PR and PAS in particular do an indepth postmortem of the MU bye-election to asertain the dismal 65 votes marjin. Is it because of the UMNO-PAS Malay unity thing? Is it because of the differences and in-fighting the stalwarts in PAS? Is it also a sign that UMNO/BN is making inroads in Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor in view of the vicious power struggle going on among the elected reps. of the PR?

Time to put a STOP to all these political postures. Only UMNO/BN stands to gain bigtime. The sorry losers will be PR and along with them the people who voted them in for a BIG CHANGE IN GOVERNANCE.

Once again kudos to zorro & the SB for a job well done!

ahoo said...

As the chinese proverb goes,..... when at hoem you rely on parents BUT outside you need friends. Thank you for all that was done at MU and certainly there are areas that Pakatan need to urgently attend to before the big day in Sarawak.

shar101 said...

Another victory feather on the BRB cap, Z.

UMNO's BN will continue to spin tales on the reduced margin till the kerbaus land in Putrajaya but Abe Uji can still walk into the Kelantan State Assembly with a legitimate mandate unlike an 'unelected' premier.

Meanwhile, the EC gave a 'strange' reason when there was no BN request for a recount in view of the small majority. Has this got any connection to Sheih's info about 3 EC personnel 'caught' with 2 bags? I wonder.

azzamakhsyari said...

Hallo uncle zorro,
i'm a loyal reader of your blog. im a big fan of PAS by genetic.haha.
i'm amaze for your assistance to PAS.
thanx so much uncle...
about the small majority, i think it is good for PAS. to have a great challenge from our opponent is good actually. it gave Pas pressure and will moving to the best in future.
keep up the good job uncle...
Have a nice moment...=)

Anonymous said...

hey hey pR won again. the real malaysian people won again getting to outseat the corrupt from running the country BUT PR dont ever be corrupted like them. If u want to be rich in a corrupt manner, stay away from PR. PR means people representative not poor robbers.

niku said...

I SALUTE YOU TRUE MALAYSIAN HEROES ....I am proud to have met and walked with you albeit only at the candlelight vigils. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Kami rakyat kelate semo tabib hormat pado demo sekelian kerano bersusoh payoh mari tulong rakyat MU/Kelate.. demi perjuangan untok menegok keadilan dan menamatkan kerajaan/kezaliman BN.

Terimo kasih banyok. Selamat Berjuang..Takbir!

Anonymous said...

to all malaysians, be they malays, chinese, indians,sarawakians or sabahans, let us not get carried away emotionally by political strategists who purposely created religious tension among various religious groups. By creating tension, indirectly the desperados gain, but the one whoo suffer are the minority.
Look at the arrest of the nine christians! What sort of power is the Police having maaking an arrest on a non compoundable offences, where warrant is needed only after investigation is done! This is absolutely an abuse of power.
Crazy malaysian.

Anonymous said...

selamat pagi pengunjung semua.
Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia amat rasa kesal dan terharu mengenai lemparan yang dilakukan terhadap SPRM.
KAlau rakyat MAlaysia tidak mahu kewuudan SPRM, bubar sahaja, jangan menjadikannya bahan kerakusan orang politik. Politik harus dipisahkan daripada Pentadbiran kalau mahu MAlaysia negara maju tanpa Rasuah. Akalau mahu hidup dalam negara berasuah, berhijrah le ke negara jiran yang mengamalkan rasuah sebagaio gaya hidup.
Kenapa SPRM jadi mangsa? Sudah beberapa orang mati dalam tahanan lokap, ada tak buat bising, berapa jenis seksaan yang diterima semasa dalam tahanan, kenapa tak mahu tampil ke hadapan untuk membuat laporan. Just because SPRM do not have enough manpower to retaliate back by some means, the rakyat want them to be blamed?
Dont forget SPRM can cause you an uneasiness in life if the want to utilise their power as fully accordingly.
Think about it carefully you politicians.