Sunday, July 26, 2009


Come Wednesday the Inquest on the circumstances surrounding the death of Teoh Beng Hock will be conducted by the Magistrate court. I thought that excerpts from Dr Raficks Part 1 to Part 7 postings would kind of prepare us for what to expect.

Before he embarked on these postings he wrote on 18 July 09:

The death is a bad omen for the country. It is a bad sign internationally. In the mind of the people, the action of the police and MACC has always been slanted. The death of a politician while he is in the compound of MACC raises a lot of questions. No one that I talk to believes that it is an accident. Speculation is rife that it is murder or an accident while being interrogated. There is a strong rumor that he died in the hands MACC while being interrogated and his body was thrown out the window to cover up the death. The government can say it views the incident seriously and looking at setting up a royal commission but how many people really trust the present government?

In reality with the current BN government is perceive as muscling the opposition using the country enforcement agencies. The movement of the Malaysian Non BN political parties has always been monitored. I would not be surprised that there is a dedicated task force that is monitoring the movement, actions and decisions made by the PR MPs, ADUN’s and State Exco’s

The way the Police and the MACC conduct its business in this country has not given the people the confidence that they are truly independent. The truth is far less importance then the perception in the eyes of the public. Right now the image of the MACC and the RMP is in a bottomless pit. This will have a big impact on BN

Following are excerpts from his 7 part postings; The photos presented here do not follow the sequence of the postings. For full screen images, click on the pics.

On 19 July Dr Rafick began:

MACC death tragedy – My untrained CSI techniques

The following writing is done based on assessment of various images and writings on the mainstream media (MSM) as well as the online media. I am trying to understand the tragedy that took place at Plaza Masalam. It would be great if I have access to MACC office and location where the body was found but without such access, readers can expect some gross margin of error in my writing. Do let me know what the errors are so that we can come to a clear conclusion on what transpired.

Part 1

The second item of concern is that his body posture is lying on his right side. Why not face down? A man that is conscious at the time of his fall is most likely to fall on his face flat down or his back if he is being pushed through a window. If he had jumped I would expect that he would have ended leg first. The pictures are not conclusive enough to indicate any lower limb fractures. Post mortem would be able to shed some light.

Part 2

I believe that he had died prior of hitting the slab roof the 5th floor podium based on the limited amount of blood on the roof. If his was alive and his heart was pumping, then there would be a large amount of blood on the roof if he did not die instantly.

Part 3

I tried to piece the time Tan met TBH and according to my source, when Tan left a short while later the sun was brightly coming up. He had estimated the time based the sun. I checked the time for sunrise in Shah Alam for the last few days. The sun is up at about 549am.

Assuming that by the time Tan came out from the building, it was about 549-555 a.m., I estimate that Tan saw TBH at about 530am. This means that TBH was indeed alive at 530am. This is about 8 hours before he was found dead.

Part 4

If he had been alive upon exiting the window and died upon impact, I expect to see more blood on the roof. The blood would take about 15 to 30 minutes to clot properly and hence in that amount of time, the blood would ooze through any open wound profusely. This is very true especially there is an arterial bleed.

Part 5

In my previous article, I theorized that either one or two person carried the late TBH whom had died for about 30 mins to the window. He carried the person with TBH on his right side and places it on the windows edge. As he pushed the body out the window, the latch got hooked to the pants at the centre of the trousers. TBH weight and the action of trying to push the body down literally tore the pants towards the left pocket.

Part 6

I wrote because my conscience tells me that what had happen is wrong. Today it happened to TBH. Tomorrow it can happen to us, our siblings and our kids. It is my religious duty (Fardu Kifayah) to share and to find conclusion to this dark episode.

Part 7

Last night I received an email from an anonymous (Lets call him Mr. A) person who claims to be working with the mainstream media. I am not sure whether it is true or not but he claims that all MSM media will be running stories in the next few days that the wound on TBH base left hand (the media will say wrist) will be played up as a sign of suicide. It dawn upon me that I have not said anything about the triangular mark on the right hand.

I was alerted by some readers on the existence of a new blog which has made serious allegations against 2 DAP State Exco members on purportedly explaining “DAP corruption modus operandi” in Selangor at I suspect that it is part of a counter strategy that is being deployed by certain people to deflect the current issue surrounding TBH. Who are they? I can safely assume that what you ever think is right.




Anonymous said...

Now it seems that a pro-MCA blog and a pro-MIC blog appear to concur that Teoh was a victim of a murder conspiracy. I read it here

Anonymous said...

who is this omar goh, looks like this fler knew every details about teoh accident, the police should interview him...

yapsir said...

The Heart of August
After many days of reflection on the late BH Teoh’s incident. I finally come to my own words to describe what was transpire.

Just one word:-Aselgeia.

aselgeia in greek denotes "excess, licentiousness, absence of restraint, indecency, wantonness and lasciviousness.
Which indicates a love of sin so reckless and so audacious that a man has ceased to care what God or man thinks of his actions, which contain the idea of shamelessness, outrageousness.
[ It simply denotes wrong doing so open and so blatant that it has ceased to have any regard for what anyone may think or feel or say.
The characteristics of 'aselgeia.' have wanton and undisciplined action. It is the action of a man who is at the mercy of his passions and his impulses and his emotions, and in whom the voice of calm reason has been silenced by the storms of self will.
It has respect neither for the persons nor the rights of anyone else. It is violent, insolvent, abusive, audacious. Any thought and sympathy for the feelings of others has ceased to exist.
It is completely indifferent to public opinion and to public decency. A man may well begin to do a wrong thing in secret; at the beginning his one aim an desire may be to hide it from the eyes of men. He may love the wrong thing, and he may even be mastered by it, but he is still ashamed of it. But it is
perfectly possible for him to come to the stage when he does openly and blatantly that which he did secretly and in concealment. He may come to a stage of sin when he is so lost to shame that he no longer cares what others see, and what they may say, or what they may think.
The terrible thing about Lasciviousness is that it is the act of a character which has lost that which ought to be its greatest defense--its self-respect, and its sense of shame. "Flesh and Spirit," by William Barclay.]

The journey for truth, justice, transparency , fairness, freedom, righteousness has just begun. It takes our unity, perseverance and willingness to make it happen.
Let the “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia” come together to make Malaysia a better place for our children and their children to come.

yapsir (Henry Yap)

moses said...

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-naga- said...

What about the bricks? Surely the bricks would be shattered or at least broken into smaller pieces if they were to fall 9 floors down? But all the bricks in perfect symmetrical shape. So that means they are carefully placed after the body came to the rest.

Anonymous said...

The circumstances of his death, somehow has got a hidden hand but without footprints & fingers on it.

In Malaysia, apparently they call it Toyol. Small devils with evil intentions in their hearts and move around in stealth. Also, apparently, these Jav's uphold the wonders of Tempe to look young rather than botox.

I beg to differ though as; any Bumi businessman worth their salt would have rode on this tempe bandwagon loooontime ago, with big & fat allocations by the VARIOUS gomen bodies to advance a civilization whose minds are way behind a world scenario we face today.

Sighhhh, this is 1Malaysia?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Cigarette butts sometimes can also contributes some answers.
Interrogators smokes a lot.

nstman said...

The royal commission is but an instrument of the corrupt Umno government to justify its handling of the Teoh affair. It is a feeble attempt to wash its hands of the murder and pin the blame on Pakatan. It is a classic Machiavellian plot lifted from the Nazi manual of dirty tricks which paved the way for Hitler's absolute control over Germany. The scene is eerily similar to the Reichstag fire in the early days of Hitler's rule. Then, Hitler's Gestapo and SS plotted to burn down the Rechstag and blame it on the communists. That was the beginning of the end of whatever was left of democracy. Are we seeing the same events being played out in far-flung Malaysia? We can see the seeds of fascism being planted by a tottering regime which is grasping at straws. The Umno regime has lost its legitamacy to rule the country. It is a regime at its last gasp. Their belief that their total control over the Malaysian polity is a given was crushed in the last election.

R4Os said...

With so many clues showing Teoh BH (r.i.p) had been brutally killed, why didn't Najis engage a high powered No-Nonsense Royal-Commission-of-Inquiry to get down to the truth n nab the culprit?

Why did Najis get a kangaroo-styled Royal Con-mission to inquire MACC work procedure instead? And why get a minnow magistrate to inquire on TBH's death instead?

Similarly, if Najis was innocent in the C4 Altentuya case, why didnt he set up a RCI to clear his name now that he has the rights to do so?

Obviously, Najis Regime is so full of shit he doesnt want a truthful RCI to expose his heinous crimes, only morons would believe he was clean in both TBH & altentuya murder cases.

Anonymous said...

Unca Zorro,

Why are there so much of tragedy lately...??
Everything don't seem to be in the right place.

PM calling for 1Malaysia....
Calling to unite for all races...
Component parties supporting it (as usual).

Yet Utusan stroking "fire"...
MACC & police praticing "double-standard"....
Hospitals loosing Saiful's "backside" findings....
Ministers getting out of hand....
Etc....., Etc.......!!!

You think rakyat gonna get fair deal on whatever's going on..?????

Malaysians are so distress....!!!

We have made it to the international arena...........!

All for the "wrong" reasons...!!!

Anonymous said...

did the body lie directly beneath the window he was alleged to have been thrown from?
from photo no 6, it doesn't seem so.
had he been dead and thrown out, would he not have fallen straight down - i mean straight.

Anonymous said...

With the new picture showing the difference bags and the paint on TBH shoe bottom. There is a possibility that the bags is used to cover TBH body which could explain why there is no blood dripping and it might also explain why the blood is parallel to the railing (blood should have flow to the middle which is lower). When they remove the bags some blood could have fallen off the bags/body.

As for the paint on TBH shoe. The picture shows TBH shoe wear on the outside (which is the common wear and tear) but there are a lot more paint on the inside? Therefore I believe his leg was already broken when they carry his body. The inside part was now facing outside as they move the body, the inside part of the shoe hit first the wall first numerous time.


Anonymous said...

What is Malaysia coming to? It is very sad to see that a country that was once upon a peaceful and safe where all races could live in harmony yet respect one another for their religion and beliefs and turned out to be a country filled with deceit and deception. God save us...

Anonymous said...

Malaysian now days very good in doing presumption. They accuse MACC as they saw they push TBH. Let Police, Inguest and RC take place and they come out finding.

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