Friday, July 10, 2009


Whilst both the DPM and Mustapha both admitted that UMNO is still behind PAS in Manek Urai, my friend HANTU LAUT, from across the South China Sea, harbors the possibility of UMNO upsetting PAS. The following is what he posted: (my comments follow in bold red italics)

For two decades Kelantan under PAS which should put equal amount of effort in work as in worship is still lagging behind other states. (Even with storming heaven with worship, money will not drop down from the heavens. Depriving the people of Kelantan of their oil-royalty is not right....even thiefs have displayed more honor!)

UMNO has a good chance of pulling the rug from under the feet if they can put their act together. Being the accused it should adopt defensive campaigning rather than going on the attack. (I totally am with you on UMNO putting their act together. They must come away from past acts very synonymous with the basket of Banana Republics’ devious electioneering activities. Consider these two statements of the DPM: "You (the people of Manek Urai) will not just be adopted,(if we win) because some adopted children are treated like stepchildren but you will be the golden child," he promised….and "I challenge PAS, if they can prove that they have done more(for Islam) than this, then we will surrender." What can you make out of these? Attack or Defense)

UMNO has a good chance of narrowing the majority gap or even wrestle the seat from PAS if they work hard enough.Most of their losses in past by-elections were due to loss of confidence,demoralisation, bad planning and poor strategy.

(UMNO never had to work hard. The EC, postal votes and phantom votes are always available. The EC planned and strategised all along. I agree with you why they lost in the 5 by-elections. Voters are now more aware, thru bloggers, the chicanery employed by BN.)

In term of social and economic terms Kelantan is a far cry from the rest of the nation.Should the Kelantanese continue to wallow in their parochial pride and forsake progress and development? (Sir, that bit about parochial pride and forsake progress and development, is an unkind cut to the quick. PAS quarells amongst themselves, whereas you will never get any UMNO cabinet member to disagree in public with Mr President....they CYA each other religiously. If memory does not fail me Sabah is lumped together with Kelantan and Terenganu as poor cousins, despite Sabah and Terengganu getting their oil royalties.)

With the right strategy and with Najib's popularity on the rise, Manik Urai might pull a surprise. (Hold your horses good sir. Word has it that the Tun is sharpening his cutlasses and reloading his blunderbust. Failing these, C4 and good-old-fashioned buckshots would not be bad alternatives.)


Eric said...

Uncle Zorro,

your point of Kelantan being at par on poverty with BN-managed and oil-rich Terengganu and Sabah hit the bull right in between the eyes. Umno's track record in squandering resources speaks for itself.
I hope Umno and Hantu Laut can come up with better ideas.

1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.

mauriyaII said...

If part of the oil revenues had been given to Kelantan and Trengganu, those two states would have flourished under PAS. At least PAS practises Islam as it preaches unlike the robber barons in UMNO who hijack everything that should go to the opposition controlled states.

"Wang Ehsan"? WTF is that? Oil revenue as agreed upon with the oil producing states should be given out without the UMNO political shenanigans.

UMNO would even promise to sell, pawn or mortgage everything they have to win but once they have posession of a state, it is back to square one. ROB, rob and rob and sodomize the people for good measure.

UMNO is munafiq in more than literal terms. They shame the real POJs by their words and action.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Most of us are upset at PAS for their backdoor talks with umno setting up a "unity government".
We voted with clear conscious for a major change. None of us voted for backdoor talks which will lead back to square one.

As for najis, let him be popular .
As this will lead to a snap election.
This is what we all wanted right? Okay Corral style ( a rematch ) between bn and Pakatan.
As the previous one was about Mr. Sleepy Head vs Anwar.
Lets see a Mr.C4 vs Anwar instead.