Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Potted greens for offices is big business. It can give out good chi if not wilted. Floral arrangement at VIP tables is also a lucrative (apologies to our Foreign Minister for borrowing his word) business and ice carvings at the central display table don’t come cheap either.

And their purpose is ostensibly an ostentatious attempt to fill up gaps, space, hide faults, or evoke the feel good ambiance.

That is only the intro. The business at hand are the 41 henpecked….oopppsss, handpicked elite lumped into some fancy-named committees that form the cog and wheel of the current government’s mellifluous spanking new anti-corruption machinery – a farewell gift of the somnolent ex-premier who a few days ago volunteered that if he had more time as premier he would have got rid of the ISA.

Both YB Jeff Ooi, MP for Jelutong and CPI’s chief, Lim Teck Ghee called for the resignation of these 41:

Anti-Corruption Advisory Board members

Abdul Hamid Mohamad
Amar Hamid Bugo
Dr Mohd Kamal Hassan
Mohamed Jawhar Hassan
Simon Sipaun
Zaiton Zawiyah Puteh
Rashpal Singh Jeswant Singh
Yong Poh Kon
Anwar Fazal
Dr Khoo Kay Kim
Chelvarajah Ramasamy Reddiar

Special committee on corruption

Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad
Razali Ibrahim
Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Dr Tan Seng Giaw
Salahuddin Ayub
Zamri Yusuf
Armani Mahirudin

Complaints committee

Mohd Nor Abdullah
Muhammad Mohd Noor
Wan Abdul Wahab Abdullah
Chooi Mun Sau
Ravindran V Muthu

Operations review panel

Dr Hadenan Abdul Jalil
Cecil Abraham
Nik Mohd Hasyudeen Yusoff
Walter Sandosam
Aminah Pit Abd Raman
Md Hamzah Md Kassim
Dr Syed Noh Syed Ahmad

Corruption consultation and prevention panel

Ramon Navaratnam
Dr Abdul Rahman Embong
Dr Zainal Abidin Abdul Majid
David Chua
Wong Chun Wai
Kamaruddin Zakaria
Nordin Kardi
Prof Dr Ishak Tambi Kechik
Azman Ujang
Anis Yusal Yusoff
Robert Phang Miow Sin

Already Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said, “I do not want to resign, as I believe in fulfilling my duties. As the Prime Minister appointed me, I have an obligation to serve in the true spirit of a former civil servant.” Not Amen, but ahem to that.

It is reported that some of the above wants to resign but…..

But resignation from a post, (unlike in most developed countries,) is, like in most Banana Republics, never a culture in this fair country! If I can recall, Tenaga lost millions of ringgit and yet the CEO was named Manager (or CEO what’s the difference anyway?) of the Year. This MACC has gone after little pussies whilst the millionaire tomcats are flaunting their wealth and positions……and none of these 41 have stood up to be counted. Its pathetic, no?

Chances are they will not resign unless the big kepala in MACC resigns and commits seppuku. That of course will not happen in this happening utopia of the bad and rotten. As such the 41 will not resign.


They can still be effective. AT LEAST FOUR AT A TIME SHOULD BE PRESENT AT EVERY INTERROGATION SESSION AS OBSERVERS. That way we will not have custodial deaths in our government agencies, which have totaled some 1,500 odd over five years.

If they refuse to participate as observers then .....God help us all.


Hawkeye said...

They are praticing selective persecution. If they want to investigate MPs than investigate all MPs be they Pakatan or Barisan.

The board should all resign and form a new board of independents and no political appointment.

Civil Society should pick the nominees and maybe the Bar Council to recommend the board candidates or some fully independent body and not the Political Parties.

johnnie L said...

These people are so thick skined they do not know the meaning of shame nor accountability. If they do not want to resign, perhaps they should be removed.

mohd. said...

Until you take action against the 2 PR reps that tried to bribe independent candidate Aminah Abdullah during the Penanti by election, you all dont have any right to talk about transparency or corruption. Want proof? its in video and audio recording, just do a search in youtube.

Also any action against Zulkifli who stormed the bar council forum in 2008? no? no action? not even a statement condemning his actions?

Any investigation on the alleged links to the underworld exposed by your fellow coalition partner ? Can you be transparent about it?

Anonymous said...

these Committee Peoples wont resign simple because they need the Income to sustain their Mercedes Benzes Jaguar BMW plus Vodka Whisky Martinis along with quarterly Family Holidays to the Zoo and Zimbabwe....

secondly, their Income is easy come from tax-payers hard earned monies, so why bother quitting and let others take over their seats.

thats why GOD created leeches, some come with Two-Legged Two-Eyes ones too, you know..... No?

Queenie said...

let's say 41 resigned afterall.
a new 41 fill their ranks.
same brief, same masters, same stuff, same game plan.

we gotta think beyond fingers plugging the dyke.

zorro said...

People....I suggested that they be OBSERVERS at every interrogation...3 or 4 at each session....that is better than doing nothing!

Old Fart said...

Already Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said, “I do not want to resign, as I believe in fulfilling my duties. As the Prime Minister appointed me, I have an obligation to serve in the true spirit of a former civil servant.”

I say to Ramon Navaratnam that he failed in his duty and that is why Teoh is dead today. Ramon together with the rest of the advisers were sleeping and did not know what the MACC was doing.

If they had been awake and knew what MACC was doing they would have seen that the MACC were claiming to be chasing imagined rats in a room when they could not even see the elephant in the middle of the same room.

In their capacity as advisers they should have advised the MACC that continuing down that path, the MACC would be undermining their own credibility. Indeed any defence lawyer questioning them over this inability to see the elephant in the room would only bring about embarrassment for the department.

The eminent members of the MACC should have known this and advised so. If they had failed, and failed they did in my books, they should all resign and stop lending their names for any public duty such as this.

Anonymous said...

Its not that difficult to improve the system of interrogation need for RCI! Waste money and time. At every interview, just have an independent lawyer or observer present who is not paid by the same outfit, but answerable to the State government or must be locally appointed. Also, CCTV and voice recordings must be made, in 3 sets, one set to interviewer, 2nd set to interviewee, and 3rd set to the independent observer. Kow Tim..

PS. and by the way,..why so may top heavy poeple there ah? Each drawing a salary or allowance,, how do you get a job like that! Wong Chun Wai..isn't he a news editor or something..? What's his qualifications?

Can you post these people's mugshots up in a row, so we all can have a gawk at their faces and identify them? Its a small request to make, seeing that we have all seen TBH's pitiful body lying there for all and sundrie! It's only a fair request, what say you? Uncle Zorro?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and let said hamdan off the hook? damn mann...

Gan said...

I am surprise Tan Seng Giaw & Salahuddin Ayub have not resigned !

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


SAJ said...

If your list is correct i see the names of 2 Pakatan MPs - Dr.Tan Seng Giaw & Salahuddin Ayub!

Don't you think they should be the first to resign?

Anonymous said...

"Khoo Kay Kim" has made much history. He can still make more by resigning and returning the fess he got as a an advisory member.

Common KKK! Let's make history!

Anonymous said...

The faithful ex-civil servant who served his masters well has spoken. I know that he did not directly contribute to the untimely death of TBH in any manner ...but is it possible that he and the 40 other "advisors" (knowingly or unknowingly) serve as the glossy veneer covering the rotten termite- ridden deadwood within which the pests continue to flourish?

Now that TBH has ripped off the veneer to reveal the systemic rot, can we expect decency to triumph? Or will it be self-interest as usual?

Disillusioned Malaysian

Anonymous said...

No Malaysian ever take responsibility and resign for things that go wrong. It is not Malaysian Culture to resign and accept responsibilty, because they all beleive that the rotten system we have will cover their fallacy.


Uncle Zorro,
Let me tell you this. We don't need any observers IF only the Interrogators had the qualities of INTEGRITY,COMMITMENT and HUMILITY such incident will NEVER happen. That is what lacking in our Govt.servants/officers of present day.I urge all Head of Depts, to please, sent all their officers involved in such duties to attend Courses at the Institute of Integrity Malaysia and to seriously digest what is being taught there.That is if they want to change their attitude. But I think at this stage the whole lot is beyond selvage and would be like 'pouring water on a duck's back'. Can try and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Anonymous said...

nak continue to cari makan lah. forget about face lah. pardon them, zorro.

Anonymous said...

what is that mr amway doing there? isnt he some umno bighead?

why isnt tan seng giaw resigning? what about salahuddin ayub? what is reddiar doing there? does his presence make any further importance?

zaiton was the former solicitor general. what is she doing there? khoo kay kim is only a history buff, isnt he? radzi, former lawyer with mat don. what is he doing there? chooi mun sou-the big boss of chooi and co that sat on the board in the lorraine esme osman saga. he is not resigning?

mohd nor abdullah-former high court judge. how interesting it is to note a person of high integrity not voicing anything out. and azman ujang is also there? what a joke!!!!

chun wai is also there? a sick alma mater he is

donplaypuks® said...

"Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was "manhandled and threatened" by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

"When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,"said the source who was not authorized to speak to media."

Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:

We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

only thing wrong here.., the dead should should be Bernard Khoo. this freak should kill himself, biggest hippocrates ever and if he really 'unmasked' himself, you'll see a bastard! how come so many idiots here laa?

tbh bananapeel said...

guys, no need to call for Dr.Tan Seng Giaw & Salahuddin Ayub to resign ..

PR and Anwaristas always have an excuse for their shortcomings and misdeeds. Normal tag line "why are u apprehending us for this when BN does much worse"

example 1 - Whats the big fuss about the bribery attempts by the 2 reps during the by election? have u seen what khir toyo's house look like??

example 2 - So what if a mere 2 DAP members are linked to triads? I see bigger thugs in UMNO.

Trust me, this is a pattern. Just look and see. Every allegation hurled at them be it from the public or from their own coalition partner always fall on deaf ears.. but thats ok right? because BN has been putting on a deaf ear for 50 yrs ..

teo siew chin said...

All 41 of you please gather in ONE room and ask yourselves what YOU, honourable respectable sons/parents, with conscience and compassion, entrusted to clean up the nation, should collectively do.

For only one to step up to face the enemy is perhaps too fearful.
But failure to do so collectively is absolute cowardice. SHAMEFUL.

Anonymous said...

the practical solution would be for the 41 committee people jump from the 14th floor themselves and experience the bunjee jumping and later testify in the RCI... probably then they could make good add-value recommendation to MACC and country.

or else, these guys are just wasting our tax-payers monies only.

Old Fart said...

Anonymous 3.21. I am glad you think you are a bastard just like the rest of us for coming into Bernard's playground!!

Observer said...

Bro Zorro,
What is WONG CHUN WAI the Bastard doing there in the Consulation Board in MACC?? He is a PARIAH and Balls-Licker and surely has NO BUSINESS to be sitting there. He like so many others are just NOT FUNCTIONING at all. This is the result of poor Teo Beng Hock landed up dead. Those sitting there should take some part of the blame for his death. High time all of them resign and go up to the 13th Floor and take the jump. That would be better for them.

Anonymous said...

mohd. said...

Until you take action against the 2 PR reps that tried to bribe independent candidate Aminah Abdullah during the Penanti by election, you all dont have any right to talk about transparency or corruption.
Also any action against Zulkifli who stormed the bar council forum in 2008?

Any investigation on the alleged links to the underworld exposed by your fellow coalition partner ? Can you be transparent about it?

What the heck is Mohd..bragging about. This show person like him is good with UMNO, stays there with a bunch of Corrupts & Brainless guys.

MACC is for corruptions doing lah..what are is it gotta do with Zulkifli barging into Bar Council things.
Dont you know its the police job (& is currently investigating)to investigate on underworld link?
BTW, the 2 PR in Pg I heard is not actually a corrupt mere kopitiam talk. U know talk nuts , meant nothing. So there nothing wrong after MACC investigation.

Perhaps its better u stay with UMNO, full with bullshits.


Anonymous said...

people like jeff ooi can only call for resignations. since becoming an mp, what have his contributions been to the party and rakyat. who so quiet jeff?

Old Fart said...

This is the calibre of people Dr Koh Tsu Khoon wants to see in the RCI, “There should be a choice of candidates who have high credibility and integrity, with expertise and experience in legal matters and some knowledge of the government.”

Can I say that all the 41 members of the advisory panel of MACC would have fitted into that description?

These 41 eminent persons lent their names and by their giving their names hoped to give a shine to a otherwise bunch of raw hides!!

May I suggest that since these 41 advisers miserably failed in their duties that they would not qualify to sit on the RCI! Hence the standards set by Dr Koh might just be impossible to achieve from amongst the eminent persons he envisions!!

Old Fart said...

So, we shall have the RCI to examine the interrogating and investigating procedures. The Inquest to determine cause of death. And the police to determine iff a crime was committed and if so who!!

I suppose the intention is that by the time this potpourri is put together we shall all get thoroughly confused.

And to achieve this they have to recruit the King as well. Now what happens when the King turns around to ask what has come of the Lingam RCI? And he tells them not to make him look like a puppet? What is amazing is that someone in UMNO thinks the King can be recruited to ensure he gives the credentials to this whole scheme of things to cover up for the MACC! Because by the King consenting to this terms of reference he inevitably contributes to this circus intended to ensure information for each of the three parts is kept apart and by so doing leave the opening necessary for the MACC to slide through with ease.

I would also like the potential commissioners of this royal commission to know that by acceding to this terms of reference they would be colluding with the powers that be in UMNO to thwart truth from coming out. That being the case they would be no different from the ordinary con man or the snatch thief who snatches away the life of innocent victims. Maybe worse!!

As for the Magistrate who lords over the inquest, we already don't trust whoever it is that is going to be that Magistrate...unless of course it is Komathy!! And as for the police? They got a big debt to pay to the MACC already as it is, so what can we expect?

I think the only way to scupper this attempt at conniving and deception we should appeal to the King not to approve the terms of reference as approved so far by the Cabinet. it will only undermine the credibility of Royal Commissions.

Anonymous said...

for all u know, tbh could have jumped.. so why all the fuss?