Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When ex-PM Badawi re-branded the ACA into the MACC the country realised that it was the same bag of worms, only newly packaged. Period. The glossy packaging included 41 ex-ed this and that or from this and that pasture.

Earlier I called for them to step down HERE.

Tan Sri Ramon, whom I respect for what he has done in TI was adamant about resigning as he wanted to fulfill his duty to the PM (who is now history). But Sir, he appointed you so that you will look into the interest of the people and not MACC.

So, what is it now....the people's rights or BN's?

Despite all the negativity that is now associated with MACC, I dont see any movement amongst the 41(surprisingly 2 PR guys too). If you have been selected because you belong to the elite, then behave like one. Don't be the butt of national jokes. You owe that to your family. Step away. Be brave like ex-ACA Director Mohamad Ramli Manan HERE. There is no shame in leaving really, On the otherhand , they say that the higher you are the harder your fall and in this process you make two types of impression - on the ground and on your family and the public. SO?


artchan said...

Do they get paid for sitting on the board? That's akin to selling your soul to the devil to hang on to dirty money.
And that sleepy head that gave us the MACC, chooses sleepy silence.
I ask him can sleep in peace?

There are two DAP chappies is MACC. What the fuck are they still there for?

donplaypuks® said...

Wit 41 advisors and committee members, they must constitute the largest Quango ever in the world.

Even the largest Plc listed on the KLSE does not have 41 directors and senior managers, not even Petronas!

yet, when the shit hit the fan, they are not hauling up the MACC to get to the bottom of the matter over TBH or reviewing MACC operational procedures!!

So, this RCI limited to MACC is an utter waste of time when these 41 were appointed to precisely do that job.

This is a smokescreen created by PM Najib and the Cabinet to misdirect the publics' attention.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters

Anonymous said...

ai, can not do lah if resign fat boy think they not only don't give him face but also push his face onto cow dung...

so to these 41 dickless beings - don't resign, just drop dead.

ex-bukit bintang said...

If I am not wrong, PR got 2 reps in the panel and they are Tan Seng Giaw of DAP and Saharuddin of PAS. They shout about how bad MACC is but yet still want to cling on to their chair in the panel...what a joke???? Lim Kit Siang and Hadi, why are your people still staying inside? Shame on you...

YOu cant blame all of them for not resigning as to resign is to go against BN and PM and that will bring black marks to their name and will affect their business or their means of living.

Too bad the system is such that once you are appointed, you will just sit and wait till you are no longer appointed.... This is life mah...

Whatever it is, the people have seen thru MACC and no matter how they re pack MACC, its forever the same old wine in a new bottle....too bad.

What we can do is to influence our friends and relatives through out Malaysia to vote PR in the GE 13 and then only we can see change.

Jong said...

Zorro, you are being kind, did you mean leeches or worms?

Comeon YOU 41, still dragging your feet? Shame on you, what have YOU 41 done so far? Nothing! Think you can make a difference by staying on? Don't make me laugh Navaratnam, where's that credible moral ethical principles?

Albert Einstein once said, "The world is dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing."

David Lee said...

...........tell them that is human nature........why......why....Goad Save Malaysia.

Old Fart said...

Well, Ramon can be proud that he too has lent his name to an organisation that has killed!! What is worse is the cover up that followed. Nixon, if I am not mistaken, did not eventually fall because of the Watergate break in itself. It was the cover up that was seen to be the bigger crime!

Anonymous said...


There must be a few good people amongst the 41. I don't doubt that. However, all these VIPs (not only in MACC) appointed to these positions must be regularly reminded that they are there to work for the interests of the rakyat. It carries a heavy responsibility...not a reward for services rendered and not a "shiok sendiri" ego thing.

It would be good if all the chiefs of the different advisory councils make a press statement after every meeting (surely they meet very irregularly) to give the public abrest of whats going details neccessary lah. Only then will they be seen to be contributing to the rakyat. Yes?

Anonymous said...

This is more like Ali Baba and the 41 one thieves!

Anonymous said...

What 41 advisors, what if any of them are corrupt, who then will question them. Why do an agency need so many advisors? Apparantly to cover the rubbish MACC do.

Old Fart said...

Its like as if they are all sufficiently compromised, held to ransom or in fear. And that is why even Tan Seng Giaw has not announced his resignation.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Action speaks louder than words. I think there must be monetary or some perks that they are getting to be advisors. It only shows how cheap these people are if they refuse to resign because of this.

As for PKR and DAP, stop critisising the MACC as long as your members are still their advisors. You can't have the cake and eat it too.