Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Knowledge and concern about the timber corruption associated with Sarawak’s Chief Minister is now spreading to the UK.

Last week his name was raised in the UK Parliament’s upper chamber, The House of Lords, after a question had been asked of the Government to give an assessment of the impact of logging on indigenous people, plants and animal life.

Present to answer the question was one of the Government Ministers from the Department for International Development (DFID), Baroness Verma.

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The Federal Republic of Germany has become the latest country to announce that it is mounting corruption and money laundering investigations into Sarawak’s Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The development places serious further international pressure on BN to deal with their corrupted State Minister, who was forced to promise he would soon resign during the recent elections, but now shows no sign of doing so.

We can reveal that the decision was confirmed to the Swiss NGO, the Bruno Manser Foundation at the end of last week and that the investigations are already under way.

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In a fullsome letter to the Swiss-based NGO, the Bruno Manser Foundation, the President of the Swiss Federation Micheline Calmy-Rey has revealed that she has forwarded information about Taib Mahmud’s assets in Switzerland to the regulatory body FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) for investigation.

The letter, sent on April 8th, is revealingly entitled: “Freezing of possible assets of Abdul Taib Mahmud, head of government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, in Switzerland”.

In the letter the Swiss President makes clear that the country’s authorities take extremely seriously the concerns that have been raised internationally about Taib’s profiteering from timber corruption and are unhappy that such assets may have been invested in Switzerland.

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The leader of the Australian Green Party, Senator Bob Brown, has invited the Editor of Sarawak Report to Hobart, in order to speak about corruption in Sarawak this week.

The senator is a representative from Tasmania, where the Taib-linked company Ta Ann is involved in controversial logging operations.

At a press conference this morning reporters were given copies of a recent letter sent to the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, asking for Taib family assets to be frozen in Australia and for a money laundering investigation.

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Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former Premier and current Foreign Minister has issued a prompt and positive response to our request for an investigation into the Taib family’s foreign assets in that country.

In a letter received yesterday, just one day after Sarawak Report publicised the request, Australia’s Foreign Minister confirmed that the matter of Taib’s wealth has been referred to the Australian Attorney General’s Department for consideration.

This follows similar commitments to investigate by the Swiss and German governments. Malaysia’s own Anti-Corruption Commission has also confirmed that it has launched an official investigation into the Chief Minister’s conduct.



new fart said...

You can almost sense it that Justice is going to be done on this despicable rat! Another Chen Shui Bian in the making except that there are more countries after his ass! But in Bolehland, they keep quiet man, and they all called themselves devoted Muslims! These um....NO rats all smelling shit and they are trying to cover each other up, unfortunately for them but fortunately for us folks, the Almighty had seen it fit to punish them and He will!

Anonymous said...

Hello Zorro

Still waiting for the Robert Kuok expose. Patient is not a virtue here ;-)

zorro said...

To ME it IS a virtue...too bad it is not for you.

bruno said...

The ACA was given a name change to MACC by PM Abdullah Badawi.It was suppossed to be a new life and direction,for the anti graft fighting agency.The new structure was designed like it's counterpart agency in Hong Kong.But what Badawi forgot,was that the anti graft agency in Hong Kong,has jurisdiction to act against suspects irrestpective of their affiliations.

The ACCA from Hong Kong does not need to get permission,from their political masters to act against politicians and their cronies.They have a free hand to act without fear or favor.That is the difference between success and failure in anti graft fighting.

Our MACC was designed for failure, in the first place as it's predesesor.What use can an anti corruption agency be,if it is only permitted to catch 'ikan billies'.It is the politicians and their cronies,that have cleaned the people's bank of hundreds of billions.Not the ikan billies.The ikan billies can take pennies at a time,not container loads.

So Taib and the rest of BN politicians and cronies,are so very safe as long as the people let them stay in power.If they are voted out in this coming GE,they will be on the midnight flight to Zimbabwe.Or else the next morning they will be VIP guests in Hotel Kamunting.So whatever route the country takes for the next five years.will be decided by the people in this coming GE.

casper c said...

Greetings zorro 'n all.

Takes some doing getting one's name mentioned at the House of Lords - and true to form - M'sian political rats, especially the UMNO set living up to their ill repute.

Of late we have witness how the mighty have fallen and if we could replicate the changing winds fuelling the Arab spring, Sarawakian's have a fighting chance to seize Taib's fabulous billions, just like how Egypt staked a claim over Mubarak's billions' stashed in Swiss a/c's and properties all over the continent.

For me personally, it would be an absolute delight to prosecute and impose similar sanctions on the loot in the hands of Mahathir and Son's.

Also, I wouldn't bet against the old foxes(both notables) kicking the bucket anytime soon, just so they can have the pleasure of witnessing the misery inflicted on their respective broods.

najib manaukau said...

Now this is further proof that this lackey of deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras is also a bloody liar.
Like all the lackeys in MCA he too must have lied just to keep his post as a minister. What else the MCA lackeys would do to keep their jobs as ministers. What a bloody disgrace and shame to call yourself a Chinese !

zorro said...

Casper, it has been some time since your last visit here, yah. Good to have you back. "Cheers" thus is appropriate.