Wednesday, October 5, 2011


JULY 11, 201

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai has claimed that the police did not shoot tear gas and water cannon into the Tung Shin Hospital compound, in the crackdown on last Saturday’s Bersih 2.0 rally.

He said he has confirmed with the hospital authorities that the claims circulating on the Internet are not true.

“The police shot the tear gas over the main road. Maybe the smoke was blown by the wind in this direction – that, we don’t know, but they were not aiming at the hospital,” he told reporters after meeting board members of the hospital this afternoon.

“As for the water cannon, they were shooting at 45 degrees onto the main road, maybe the edge of it may…(have spread to the hospital).”

Asked to comment on video footage and photos posted by netizens that appear to contradict the claim, Liow told reporters not to show photos or videos to counter his claims.

4 OCTOBER 2011

Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said tonight that errant policemen would be referred to the police’s disciplinary board.

“The investigation results concluded that there were unethical actions which were beyond the SOP of the Royal Malaysian Police when enforcement was performed on rally participants who were wrongly using
* the hospital premises,” Mahmood said in a statement.

*read: chased into the hospital premises.

Lim Guan Eng apologized to HH Sultan of Johore as though it is WRONG to tell the TRUTH.(Check HERE and alert me if criminal Johore was mentioned!)

RPK apologized to FLOP, although it has still to be proven that it was sent to sender!

Will Liow apologise because his postulations have been proven to be false. My pub buddy swore that he will HUDUD his cock if Liow apologized. I chastised my young buddy for stupidly sacrificing his family jewels over such a lowlife.

And Mahmood, don’t act stupid. Why punish the policemen…..they were merely following orders for god and country! You should ask for the resignation of the pudichot AMAR SINGH! Wasn’t he the assigned numero uno? No apologies needed - just sack!

After being sacked I want an apology from Amar for listing my name amongst the 91 disallowed into KL on 9 July from 6:00am to 6:00pm, when I am not even in the Bersih 2.0 committee. I insist because I got a tongue-lashing from my 92 year old mother….and you do not want to be harangued as such as I am still smarting over her rants, short of getting two tight slaps!

If Amar does not apologise I will have no qualms about telling his jhaayee!


bruno said...

LTL is a good for nothing and useless leader.He is the Mr Brutus of MCA.He is a spineless coward and pariah who has no backbone.He kept lying on the Tung Shin hospital fiasco,and have no blurdy guts to appologise his mistakes for trying to cover up for the tear gas issue.He and CSL have shamed their party for having cowards and pariahs as its president and deputy president.

bruno said...

LGE appologised to the Sultan,as a face giving to the ruler and also not to prolonged the issue.At least it take real guts to appologised for an issue which he need not to.Wheareas in LTL's case he was caught lying through his noses and he still have no bolas to appologise.How can he explained that he has bolas when he has a batang sticking into his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Haahahaha damn it jee singh!
See police are stupid because their bosses are all apple polisher to the stupid minister.
Just do it change the government!

baDboyzs said...

Your latest daytime royal yellow edition of devastating upper lower cuts, relentless blood spilling reverse thrusts & organ splitting taunts are reminiscent of ultimate Zorro's invincible crusade agst the rapist junta in the bad old days, thus saving the life & times of the young and the old, boys and girls and many pretty women.

Surely endemic sickos like ytl & many more of his umno thugs will collapse in no time at all!

2012? uts, relentless blood spilling reverse thrusts & o

wandererAus said...

Every time, which is seldom and few, when the ruling administration took the blame or admit a shameful act, it was always the "Beggar Parties" taking the blame!...they must be having a big hole at their posterior by now....obviously, UMNO the efficient "Mercy Performer"... MCA Liow and CSL bloody liars, you deserve what you got, blooming low life suckers.
Apology must be given in earnest and sincerity...will we see this humble act from these MCA fcuking snakes?!

Alphard Boh Liow said...

Picture of the month on your post!

Hantu Bonceng said...

If Lim Guan Eng can apologise to the Sultan of Johor, I dun see why the authorities cannot apologise to the Rakyat! We are their boss - or have they forgotten it?

In other developed countries, more so in Japan, they would either be asked to resign from their post, especially the Health and Home Minister, while the police heads would have been sacked or demoted. But in Malaysia, tak apa lah; silap sikit-sikit sahaja lah.Kesihan mereka, jangan pecah periok nasi mereka. Such outright lies by top politicians and government officials cannot be easily forgiven.

Anonymous said...


Only men with honour, integrity and balls have the courage to own up and apologize for their mistakes. Sometimes it is not even their mistakes but they still apologize because these honourable men can see the bigger picture.

But you are asking scum people who do not know what honour and integrity is all about to apologize. These people are also eunuchs, having lost their balls when they sold their souls to their political master. So stop wasting your time and breath on such people as they will have to answer and apologize to their Maker when their time comes. Don't get mad, get even instead.

Its ever so easy to find one or two scapegoats to be the fall guys or sacrificial lambs. The PDRM specializes in this fall guy thingy as they have already supplied 2 fall guys for the Altantuya murder case. What's so difficult to supply another 1 or 2 "errant" policemen for accidentally firing tear gas canisters into the Tung Shin carpark area. Afterall it could be quite lucrative and rewarding for those "selected" to be the fall guys.......mmmmm, two or three million ringgit to each fall guy will do the trick. Hell, this is a faster way for the fall guy to make instant money than to hide behind corners to stop migrant workers and errant motorists for "kopi duit".

Anonymous said...

Many Chinese feels defenseless against rogue police or elements of UMNO/BN. They expect the MCA to keep a check on rogue side of UMNO/BN. Its a fundamental expectation of their role.

The failure of MCA to play this role to the Chinese is a fundamental failure of MCA and leaves them feeling HIGHLY INSECURE – equivalent to letting the wild horde through the gates.

Another point to support OTK's claim that MCA is losing its relevance.

equalizer said...

Over the past 54 years what BUMNO led gomen did was to develop social behavior that is different but not necessarily better than other countries. When any thing goes wrong DENY FIRST. Then try the very best to cover up. And delay investigations. Hope that by our "short memory syndrome" it will then cause the issue or event to be forgotten. Otherwise the corrupted institutions will fix it in their favour. The BUMNO leaders never admit their wrongs. They never admit responsibilities cos' all the cronies and lackies believe their leaders can do no wrong. They still think they are divined destined capable of ruling the country. Such behavior have unfortunately sipped into the social fabric. To let BUMNO and BN continue to cultivate this will be self destructive. The Rakyat must wake up! Support BERSIH. Get the electoral reforms done and the only carry on the GE13.

Jong said...

This cari-makan Minister Liow Tiong Lie the Enuch is finished lah! Species like him dare to claim they represent the interests of the Chinese community when in actual fact it's their own self-interest they care, that's all.

Let's hang them come GE-13!

Jong said...

#LGE apologised to the Sultan, as a face giving to the ruler and also not to prolonged the issue# - Bruno

- Yes, 'Respect must be earned', and shouldn't it be mutual?
LGE is not alone, situation of crime-infested Johor state is no big secret to us Malaysians.

LGE gave his honest personal opinion. Let's not politicise things just because he is not a politician from the sitting govt.

Don't kid ourselves, situation in Johor is real bad, isn't that the obvious truth? To deny and get angry over LGE's remark(and that of many others) won't help solve things!

Those serious about cleaning up Johor should haul in PDRM for sitting on the job, dereliction of duty and severe incompetence. Heads must roll, nothing less!

Anonymous said...

Another flip flop minister from mca! Wakaka...

Anonymous said...

I selalu apologize to biniku whenever she is in the wrong = long-lasting marriage for 40 long years !!

zorro said... too do the same even if I am not in the wrong. Come December 27 Karen and I would be 44years together.Way to go, right brother? We never lose by being humble! And many more years to you and your bini.

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim has mistakenly treated the Han Chiang event (29 Sept) as a Penang government event when it was organised by the private college.

Those managing Han Chiang are involved in education and not in political partisanship. Rais not just rude and disrespectful to organizers but has also breached protocol by asking the state government to interfere in a function meant for the Prime Minister.

Mat Darus said...

Hishamuddin must be joking when he said that the whole incident “is like making a big mountain of a mole hill” and that it is “blown out of proportion as the police were not solely responsible for the situation”.

Is this a 'winnable' candidate from BN speaking?

Jong said...

Driftwood Rais, like Cicak Koh the Backdoor Minister and Backdoor minister-wannabe CSL, all making a lot of noise for attention as GE-13 draws near!

Anonymous said...

Helo uncle Zor,

Have u seen Dog Whisperer featuring Cesar Millan?
He could be useful to train lap dogs when the govt of the day is changed.
He will recommend which dog to put to sleep and which can be rehabilitate.