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najib manaukau said...

This See Liow is a not a Chinese Malaysian, he is just a lackey like all the lackeys from MCA. Period.
Like all the lackeys in MCA they will do anything, anything instructed by the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra.
They would sell anything which would include, not only selling their dignity, if they any, plus that the people they are claiming to be representing.
Just like the Japanese who would have traitors to betray their own people during the time when the Japanese were here.
What happen to these lackeys and traitors ?

Anonymous said...

Still cannot beat Patrick Niamah who got award from The Star on his birthday.

It was a joyful occasion but he claimed cybertroopers were not amused.

bruno said...

All the expertise in the Health Department could not help Liow save his tongue due to the wear and tear of ass licking.

Anonymous said...

it looks like the dap and the opposition bloggers are also milking this for all its worth......

they and you zorro should follow their own advice and not make any more statements on this in the interest of the poor kid.

Anonymous said...

That Niamah fler is a hypocrite.
There are two old racists -Uncle Zorro and Patrick and one pseudo liberal who looks down on the Malays and Malaysia - kangkung Din Merican.
These old farts enjoyed so much benefits and now teaching the young to hate the government.
Come on lah you old farts can be bought lah.
Don't pretend to be upstanding, can or not?
At least old man Zorro allows anti-PKR comments.
Flip-flop, inconsistent Din only allows people who ampu bodek him and Anwaristas. His blog is nothing but to parade his new wife, who had a hand in deleting the comments. (new wife but old lady).

mauriyaII said...

What has become of MCA? From a party advancing the vested interest of the towkays who control the party, it has descended to the lowest level.

It has a president who is a porn star. This shameless guy is so thick in the skin that he is so happy to apple polish Najis and his UMNOputras for having a big hand in his election as the MCA head.

UMNO is obsessed with SEX and SODOMY. No wonder they want shameless sex maniacs like CSL.

What can one say of ass licking Liow? He will kiss anybody's ass so long as he is well taken care of. He is a scrupulous mangy mongrel that wags its tail for any crumb thrown by UMNOputras or his porn boss Soil Leg.

Any leader worth his salt would have left MCA long ago and distanced himself from UMNO, a rabid religious and racist party. But not CSL or Liow. They are there in BN to help UMNO to plunder, sodomise and rape Malaysians especially the Chinese.

These low-lifes are the traitors of the Chinese and they will become history at the 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

Our Defense ministry purchased 255 military truck worth 1.6 billion with a whopping 7.5 billions.

Why such extraordinary deal?

Average Seng said...

MCA gave the Star award to that niamah guy to silence him (at least for a while) until the end of PRU13.

Would Zorro accept such award to do the same? What say you Mr Zorro?

ps: I am no cybertrooper.

Anonymous said...

AG's report:
Rasuah Didahulukan,
Penyelewengan DiUtamakan!

Anonymous said...

AG reports years in, years out; what had happened n what is going to happen to all the wrong doers???believe me,all these are jus going to ''a lot of sound of fury but end out with nothing''!!why??becos the umno BN regime knows well that the rakyat will become very forgetful the minute they bring in race,religion n royal!! good governance wouldn't jus come in for free,good governance would only be realised with the strong willed good citizen.

zorro said...

Average Seng, Patrick Teoh was contracted to the concert. He is a celebrity, as professional as they come. What is wrong if Star recognises him with a mock front page? You address yourself as "average". I think that you are BELOW AVERAGE for your pettiness.
I am no celeb and awards will not come my way. The awards I receive and acknowledge are the positive comments that come in that will contribute to a better Malaysia post GE13.

Why be so defensive and state that you are no cybertrooper. I have accepted comments from matter what shade.

Don't be a sour-puss. It sours the lives of those who come into contact with you, family and friends.

SK Au Yong said...

Well said Bernard...your retort to Anon 10:39...

赌懒 said...


换 said...




Anonymous said...

AG report: govt procurement of a marine night vision binoculars which costs less than RM2,000 in the open market but was purchased at RM56,000. This was discovered by the Audit Department.

I believe this is just the TIP OF THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!!!! ?This is insane, an equipment's purchase price being jacked up by a few thousand percentage!!!CRAZY, CORRUPT BUREAUCRACY SQUANDERING TAXPAYERS' MONEY!!!!!!!!!

This shows how corruption is taken to the high level. But there are more to meet the eyes. And yet MACC turned a blind eye on all these big thieves of public funds.

As a taxpayer I am angry and frustrated the year in and year out mismanagement of our fund. Obviously, there must be some form of accountability since responsibility seems to be the hardest word among our politicians.

We need to change the government!

Marion said...

Najib announced KL Metropolis project worth RM15 billions to be developed by NAZA.

Why there is no open tender?

污桶 said...