Saturday, October 29, 2011




bruno said...

Wong Chin Huat better watch his butt.He might be denied entry at KLIA and deported back to Australia.Pit this guy against CSL or LTL in this coming GE and either one of them will surely lose his deposit.Is the dog for show only or is he there to bite the batang off the BN politicians.
Najib must be blushing all the way back to the hotel,seeing such a huge crowd to cheer him on,or rather to cheer the Bersih participants on.

Brutus said...

Who cares? Look at the faces and the skin color. They are not even voters.

渡烂马 said...

国家体育理事会在未经财政部批准下,以谈判方式,直接向4家公司购买23匹总值566万令吉的赛马。不过其中只有5匹马能参赛。该些马儿是在赛事开始前的2个月才购买,以致马匹训练不足,而且有者在赛事开始前已经受伤. 其中的18匹赛马因为不符合国际马术联合会订下的参赛标准而不能参赛,总值394万令吉!

Beliawanis said...

The rumour of Michelle Yeoh joining politics is definitely a publicity stunt to promote her new movie The Lady.

Why would she run for MCA to lose her fans?

Assamjawa said...

Perakians have not forgotten the Najib-led Perak-Powergrab aided by MCA and Gerakan. They have lost their support base MCA long before GE-12, worse now!

azmie said...

so what's with the face and skin? even if they are not voters it does matter. why can't people get the idea into their thick head: its all about a CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTION SYSTEM you idiot

Anonymous said...

when all else fail, these brain-dead UMNO cybertroopers will just use the race or religion issues as their backup....

motherchell said...

For a sec i thought it was Musang the former PIG and the present Omar in images 6 and 11 from the top.

Maybe i just had too many martinis :)

Those pics speak a thousand words truly!!
Cheers to the Perth Group!!

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from a bunch of losers?
whose ancestors fled from China because of poverty and came to malaysia
and now the same loser decendents are leaving malaysia
so where is next after Australia?
back to china?
I doubt that even china would accept losers like you!

Quiet Despair said...

Just like in occupy Chicago, where are the black and brown faces?
Same scenario in Perth. it's only Chingkies who are mostly PR or hold dual citizenships.
Don't ever come back. Stay in that racist country.
One day they will deport you back.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of losers who have nowhere to go but to stay with a rotten regime which is only good for fooling the idiotic kampung Malays with their race in imminent danger of annihilation and their religion being obliterated by another religion will go on suffering silently and regard their present plight as their karma.

These morons who are the bye products of a retrogressive education system would most probably find themselves as cleaners, pimps or prostitutes if ever they wake up and go overseas and that to a civilized western democracy.

My suggestion to these rabid UMNOputra would be to migrate to Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan where they can be easily fooled into becoming SUICIDE BOMBERS. That would be the best way to clean out these rent seekers, parasites and sex obsessed Malay Muslims.

At the rate these nincompoops are hoodwinked by their UMNO/BN masters, they may become second class citizens to the Indons, Bangla and Pakis in another 50 years time.

Do they have the intelligence to realize that? They are only interested in winning the 13th
GE by hook or crook.

Your future generations will curse you for what you are doing now, just like the MCA, GERAKAN and MIC lapdogs are being castigated now for selling out their race.

What can one expect of UMNOputras in Bodohland. Semua boleh!

Anonymous said...

The recent Malaysian Auditor-General Report for 2010 states that 72% of the advertisement contracts secured by the Ministry of curi-curi Malaysia were via direct negotiations with various providers rather than through a process of open tenders.

The A-G report also noted that these contracts were completed without the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

Such a mismanagement of government process - and public funds - is unfair on the rakyat, especially during this time of financial struggle among Malaysians.

Yet Swallow Ng is offering lots of excuses. Time is up for her!

Anonymous said...



najib manaukau said...

Now you know why the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons would never have Malaysians staying abroad to vote against them for sure.
Also sorry to say they can't send their lackeys to intimidate, shoot chemical laced water cannon or throw gas bombs at those participating at the rally.
Bravo to those participating at the rally especially good enough for leaving Malaysia and most of all for learning how to speak a foreign language instead of being forced to learn or tried to learn the useless Malay language. It is one of the several means the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons is using to retard any progress the non Malays from getting far in life.
Even the top Malay students are all sent abroad to learn how to express themselves in English to progress in lives.

Anonymous said...

The people can make all kinds of protest overseas but they have no guts to come home to cast their votes to erase BN.

As usual, when at the ballot box, Malaysians will once again blindly vote back in BN and then will spend the next 4 to 5 yrs complaining in coffee shops and mamak stalls.

Malaysians are easily swayed by BN with all the goodies thrown at them. The majority do not think deeply and have very myopic views. Afterall, we are where we are now because of this voting behavior. Many Malaysians are very easily taken in by persuasions and sweet talks. Just take a look at how many Malaysians get conned by the same con scheme day in day out.

In Malaysia, the public treats politicians like VIPs without realising that we are the VIPs and they are voted in to serve us. As a result, policitians get away with murder and corruption. Everything black becomes white and vice versa. Even David Copperfield can’t match this ability. Politicians when in the right camp are untouchable.

When there are successes, politicians like Chua Soi Lek claims credit. But isn’t it their job to get things done. That is why they are voted in, in the first place. And yes, only in Malaysia that someone involved in extra marital affair gets voted to head a party. Where is the sense of right and wrong in the Malaysian society?

So, we would like to believe that the time for a change in govt is now but I am not entirely optimistic. At the end of the day, BN will still stay in power while the voters continue to suffer from high fuel cost, high food cost, less business opportunities, etc, etc and our politicians continue to rape the country and their chilren and spouses continue to enjoy all the wonders of the world like foreign education, diamond rings, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.

These people protest while Jibby's daughter went on with her shopping A$60000 spree!

Anonymous said...

good to know the non malaysian citizen still love their former country. you didnt pay tax here you didnt want to spent anything here yet you want to protest against it.

cheers bro