Friday, October 21, 2011





Anonymous said...

this is a reminder to any politician that has gone scot free with murder. doing umrah at holy land will not spare you such ending at the hand of your own rakyat.

rizuan said...


Could you update us the details of the sex guide book by The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) ?

What position is advocated? 69 ok?

sampalee said...

Nato have no reason to be in Lybya.Imagine when they decide to come visit malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Jibby will not hold the polls this year due to the annual floods in Kelantan and Terengganu. Floods will not pose a problem for BN because they will use, or rather misuse government machincery (4WDs and boats) to ferry voters to the polling centres. This was what happened in the flooded Tenang by-election in Johor in January this year.

Likewise, in the 10th Sarawak state slection in April this year, BN used boats to ferry people to the polling centres. No, floods definitely is not a problem for BN.

Anonymous said...

Jibby better start digging a hole for himself, bigger one if to accommodate big fat mama.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi's death should send shivers to all dictators and ex-dictators such as the evil Mamak Kutty. If and when the people of an oppressed regime decides that enough is enough, then nothing will stop them from having their way with these slimeballs, murderers, rapists and pirates.

When more and more tyrants are falling pin-balls,it is not too late to repent their evil deeds and be completely pro-people centric when it comes to spending the rakyat's tax money. USD24 million ring and foreign holidays using the rakyat's money should be stopped.

The more these tyrants use state machinery and the civil service to defeat the rakyat, the rakyat should resolve to kick them out at the next 13th GE. These rent seekers, parasites and sodomy hankering misfits should be booted out.

The present regime, especially the evil Mamak Kutty, his cronies and family should be punished in a court of law (not the present kangaroo courts) for their misdeeds. Their punishment should be a lesson to all future tyrants and dictators.

Mugabi said...

Gadafi's mistake is not to engage Bolehland consultant to build a SMART tunnel for him to escape to neighboring country.

Anonymous said...

Freedom fighters? Where u get your journalistic facts? CNN?
Libyans enjoyed state benefits unlike most countries.
With new government supported by the west ( sucking their oil ), no guarantee it will be like the good old days.

It was just another political takeover with support from the west. Let's see what improvement libyans will get. UK and French contractors are already mobilizing their fortune - the real rats!!!
Btw, what happened to Iraq now. Who are living like rats?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Gadaffi but what the so-called democratic, civilised Western nations did was no better than Gadaffi. At least Gadaffi was openly a tyrant and dictator.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Now Libya will be even worst off because there will be infighting amongst the different factions. Just like in Malaysia, should PR takes over things will be even worst off.

zorro said...

Anon347pm...I see we have a prophet in the making? Which pasar malam did you purchase that crystal ball of yours?

Anonymous said...

Zorro, any crystal ball from any pasar malam can easily predict PR future.

Look at latest photos of PR de facto leader at outsyed the box blog. He had just a look at his "crystal ball"

Bedul said...

In Libya, out with the old despot, in comes another despot.
In Malaysia, god forbid, if BN is out, in comes the rudderles baddies - PKR.

motherchell said...

For years the Tunisian bloggers(freedom fighters) faced one of the most sophisticated cyber-censorship regimes in the world, hacked, shut down, trailed by secret police, savagely beaten, burgled and jailed.
These bloggers played a key role in spreading ideas, information and accounts of brutality in the run up to the revolution that ousted Ben Ali. Now several of them are running as candidates in Tunisia's first ever free elections today.
Ben Mhenni, who blogs as"" A Tunisian Girl"" was nominated for the Nobel peace prize this year. Her fellow blogger Slim Amamou was made minister for youth and sport days after the revolution, when only a week before the fall of Ben Ali --was handcuffed to a chair in the notorious interrogation rooms of Tunisia's interior ministry.
In many ways these Freedom Fighters gave the meaning of freedom to the powerful cabal that ruled and supported these regimes worldwide.
Despots like the ones in Malaysia, from the AG, PIG , Ministers, Judges and the PM who have been living by the sword and rat holes will finally be found to have fallen by the sword!!!! Can they deny it???

Anonymous said...

Himpun has failed to address to the people the downfall of corrupted Islamic leaders.

Zarina Zainuddin said...

Muhyiddin seems to be super confident to win back Selangor as Umno has padded Selangor's electoral rolls with Indonesians and Bangladeshis made instant citizens through their so-called ‘entrepreneurial course' conducted in extreme secrecy, to offset the loss of real support from the rakyat.

Muhyiddin can only win back Selangor by cheating, by giving more citizenships to countless Indonesians and Bangladeshis in return for votes just like his evil mentor former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad did in Sabah, where Kota Kinabalu today is like a second Manila.

Zamri said...

Any comment from your hantu on these questions posted in an article is a popular internet news site?

Is Muhyiddin’s son-in-law the mover behind the billion ringgit biometric scanning project? Why was this project pushed through without a back up system?

Is it true that Prime Minister Najib Razak was against the biometric project and that it was rushed through when the PM was away?

Was there an open tender for this project or was it a sweetheart deal?

Is it true that Muhyiddin is marshalling his forces to move against Najib? Is the relationship between their wives very bad?

sampalee said...

What unfold in any place is the script of GOD.It can be mundane or highly charged.all are his will.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia despots are those dinosaurs in DAP, PKR & PAS.
PKR highly rigged elections still dominated by father anwar (well he's end up into various holes, even Gadafi would not dare), mother & daughter .( Another daughter to be added soon)
LKS or limkitsourous is perhaps the longest practicing politician with son rejected from Melaka now Penang despots.
Nik Aziz hardly fit for MB daily tasks still eyeing for another term.
So where do these dinos going to anyway? Still waiting for glory years ? Glory holes much more viable

zorro said...

Zamri you heard this too yah? Its been circulating for some time. The Whistler whispered that there is much truth in this.

Anonymous said...

I think many like Zamri knew that something is wrong within Umno but were afraid to ask. Utusan will never admit to this rumour.

Jibby got all the wrong signals from his aides out to brown-nose him. He can call early election to lose 2/3 majority once again.

Jong said...

For Najib wrong signals, right signals whichever, ultimately they will turn him upside-down. His days may very soon be over. We saw what happened to Rafidah Aziz when that schemer Bollywood star wannabe check-mated her so effortlessly.

Anonymous said...

Our Felda Isa has already check-mated Jibby with proof of Port Dickson hotel incident!