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Geronimo: Should any harm come to the good professor, Umno will face an uprising like it never seen before and this time, it will not be from Bersih but from the students themselves who will take the leading role.

Not Confused: What depths this sad country has sunk to when a learned professor voices his legal opinion on an important issue, gets a bullet in the mail.
He didn't insult the royalty.

The morally bankrupt BN underDr Mahathir Mohamad did far worse in the past. And this is supposed to be an Islamic country.

Keturunan Malaysia: Our country is so full of daily shocks until nothing shocks us anymore, except that if a day passes us by without having a single one.

The deafening silence of the silent majority is indeed an ominous sign and indeed, when the time comes, the seething rage that keep piling up will explode and translate into votes against the few strong and powerful.

Anonymously: Abdul Aziz, be brave for you are not alone. Don't let such criminal intimidation get the better of you. Like what PAS vice-president Husam Musa rightly said, you have become an icon of the rakyat.

Milosevic: It was none other than Mahathir who said during the constitutional crisis that the sultans had done nothing for the Malays, and it was only Umno which had saved them.

The sultans, he claimed. were prepared to sell out Malay interests with the Malayan Union proposal. Did the bullet sender get the wrong address?

It is becoming clear to ordinary Malays that Umno is no longer serving their interests, and as such the party is in a tight spot. Party leaders are mobilising all kinds of institutions, from the previously ridiculed royalty to religious chauvinist organisations to prop them up.

However, since these do not provide intellectual and moral power to win the hearts and souls of the people, their role is limited to shoring up authoritarianism and spreading paranoia to silence broader discussion about alternatives for Malaysia.

There is a direct correlation between Umno's ineffectiveness and decadence and the mushrooming of new saviours for Islam and the Malays.

Nik V: The question of ‘whodunit' is something that will probably never be solved as long as BN is in power.
But the bigger question is whether the Sultan of Selangor is magnanimous enough to state officially that he finds such acts of sending bullets and threatening any of his subjects in such a way as despicable, and that if in fact Prof Aziz Bari had said anything wrong, His Highness would wait for the law to follow due process.

That act alone will show the rakyat that even the Sultan of Selangor will not tolerate those claiming to defend his name, and who in fact end up painting the royalty in bad light.

One Brain Cell: If I were the Selangor sultan, I would be absolutely horrified and outraged that some quarters are committing serious crimes like making death threats against academics in my name.

Whatever Aziz Bari said about the sultan, it was a civilised critique. This bullet-in-the-mail, however, is low-grade thuggery and I can think of no greater insult to our constitutional monarchs than for such disgraceful threats to be issued in any sultan's name.

Nil: Just what constitute an offence against His Highness or "to cause mischief"? Do I take it that whatever the sultan says or does are beyond criticism? Can a sultan ever be wrong?

MCA Member: I agree with Multi Racial. The sultan, being a person who should be seen to be above the fray, should come out with a statement to diffuse the situation.

The sultan has to bear in mind that rakyat of today are very much aware of democratic principles and freedom of speech.
It will certainly do a great deal of good to the image of the royalty if the sultan recognises these facts and absolve Prof Bari of any wrongdoing and send the rakyat the message that this sultan is a righteous and forgiving sultan and is willing to listen to the rakyat, warts and all - not only the good things, but also the not-so-good things.

Multi Racial: I think the Sultan of Selangor should not keep quiet but to speak out against the recent attacks against Aziz Bari.

If the sultan did that, it goes to show how magnanimous a person he is. It is also an opportunity for him to elevate himself above politicians.

As ruler of the state, his primary interest should be solely on what is good for Selangor as well as its people. regardless of race and religion.

This is the time for the royalty to win back the respect and support of Malaysians at large.


telur dua said...

Whoever butters my bread can do no wrong. I am no peasant. Please go bite the bullet.

Santa Claus is coming to TOWN said...

Aiyah AZIZ BARI, why so TAKUT leh??? Only 1 bullet only mah. What HARM can a bullet do without something to TRIGGER it, right??? Not to say you receive a GUN along with that 1 miserable PAPER BULLET, right??? PENGECUT betul lah lu.

Even so if it's really a LIVE BULLET, then, just terima NASIB only lor. What to do, rite??? How I wish someone would also send me HADIAH but I guess I AIN'T as LUCKY as you. SAD lah. You are ONE LUCKY FELOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
I'm afraid Constitution has become Constipation. Let me is Constipation when the laws and justice of the country are not discharged in a fair manner, worse still is when justice is stuck midway resulting in Constitution becoming Constipation, just like what is happening in UMNOputra land. But mind you, the Umnoputras do not have constipation. Instead, those UMNOputras who caused constipation to the country have diarrhea through their mouths, a disease that has mutated to an even more dangerous form inflicting PERKASA members, especially Ibrahim Ali who will soon be drowned in his own shit.

bruno said...

As the GE draws nearer,this present day Umno,bankrupted of ideals,morality and dignity has sunk to the lowest level of gutter politics,levels that even Dr Mahathir will not explore.This time around,it is going to be the younger generation of Malays who is going to chase Umno out of Putrajaya.

Bedul said...

Why must you blame UMNO for this. It has nothing to do with the party.
Ir could be the work of hooligans or the opposition members.
It's rather common with the opposition supporters.
UMNO has not time for such stupidity!

zorro said...

Bedul said: UMNO has not time for such stupidity!
Bedul, I have said it many times that I have many friends in UMNO who are good sane people. Just last Wednesday Ibni tells me: "We are losing our battle to reform within because our leaders have not censured Perkasa. They are still scared of TDM."

Zaidi said...

Uncle Zorro,
Without doubt, Prof Aziz Bari incident will be remembered as one of the warriors of freedom of Malaysia. Again this is a "necessary but not sufficient" condition for Malaysia to have a new government.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know not anyone can get hold of bullets.

Only 3 categories of people can get hold of bullets:
1. Police and army
2. Licensed (personal, bodyguard, private security firm, hunters etc)
3. Crooks

Bedul said...

Uncle Zorro

Prof Bari's action is considered lese majeste. It tantamounts to kurang ajar.
How come he is a hero to you and some here?

人民敢敢改变‏ said...



Anonymous said...

Those who send bullets are amateurs Zorro. We, snipers, never send a bullet unless through a gun barrel. This is our warning to those who send bullets.


Anonymous said...

Some of you out there still believe in the sultans coming to their senses? Forget it. They, like those who have been corrupted by Umno are just another class of rent seekers. Umno is only using them like they used all those who did it for a price.

Anonymous said...

Remember Nazrin ftom Perak ? & that Agung from Tgganu ?

Gullible people thoz they was God's chosen ones

I am surprised that you still hv high hopes for the Sultan

or are you playing politics too ?

najib manaukau said...

I gave up on the Sultan's views many years ago and as far as I am concerned he is just a figure head for the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons to endorse whatever they want to express and do.
A sheer waste of the peoples' money to have them around and I am positively sure that majority of the Malays are of the same opinion too.

zorro said...

Bedul said: Prof Bari's action is considered lese majeste. It tantamounts to kurang ajar.
How come he is a hero to you and some here?

Bedul, should you catch your dad in a compromising position with another lady who is not your mum and you tell you dad in his face that he has to behave himself IS IT KURANG AJAR?

If Prof Bari is not your hero, he is ours and your convenient lese majiste is a mere worn out platitude.

I respect your right to comment as such, just as we too have a right to our opinion. Cheers brother.

Jong said...

LOL!!! Zorro, love you for that reply, don't think anyone can put it any better than you just did!

Thank you!:D

Anonymous said...

It could also be a Datuk gunning for a Tan Sri title.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever wonder the coincidence of why they rushed through the abolition of the "restricted residence" law in Parliament (out of all the draconian laws) and how come bullets can end up in the mail?

Remember what Raja Petra wrote in the past about the white and black being in cohorts?

The RR law, as I know, was used quite widely against known gangster leaders. Now they are free to roam Malaysia as they wish, regrouping with their 'ma-chais' ...

Could this be Barisan Nasional taking poliics to a higher and darker level?

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Anonymous said...