Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ezam, one-time PKR prince and now a rear-entrance UMNO prince, urged UIA to take action against the highly esteemed constitutional law professor, Aziz Bari.

Is it a wonder then that our brains leave our shores, when a University can listen to a frog? Somebody did kiss this pseudo frog-prince as Prof Aziz who has served for 22 years is now suspended from his lecturing duties. His indefinite suspension will of course affect his students who are pursuing degrees or doctoral studies.

If he cannot be cowed, will UMNO use the only weapon in their arse-anal, arsenal – SEX?

Not to worry Prof! Any reputable off-shore uni will form a bee-line to court your expertise.

Go HERE to support Prof Aziz Bari.


motherchell said...

UMNO ,for 54 years has been destroying the minds, bodies, and souls of millions of Malaysians. Our Dear Prof Aziz Bari is one of them.

Literacy, critical thinking, self-awareness, and intelligent decision-making is "murdered" on a daily basis.The current regime has destroyed the human mind to the point that most persons no longer possess these capabilities, resulting in a sub-human, illiterate, anti-rational culture.

UMNO's economic crimes such as commissions, scams , CBTs, even murder and the criminal theft of taxpayer money in the bailout of crony banks , financial institutions and industry is going on unabated with help of the "religious rabbit".

Maybe tomorrow they may be back on the buffalo as Europe sinks deep into an abyss.
All that blabber about Billion RM investments are just a parrot's poem read before they are shot in the head.
All those sleeping and watching RTM 1 only , may have to set their alarm bells before they are carted into a HOLE of no return.

Maybe its not too late for the Royalties to review the kind of leaders they are made of. There is nothing much of History to be written with the myopia they suffer about their Executives they place to rule their Dominions. Money is not going to be everything!!Technology is overtaking their deep silence!!

To my dear Aziz Bari, take heart you have stood up to be counted. You will be remembered for this great deed of courage and righteousness!!! We are with you always in your truths about injustices!! Let the dumbbells be where they belong!!
Thank you my dear Zorro for all that you are made of.
Much cheers!

najib manaukau said...

To terminate this daily bloody shambles of the deceitful and corrupted Umno once and for all time is for all right thinking Malaysians to come out in full force and kick the bastards presently occupying Putrajaya out of their gravy trains and ivory towers in the coming GE.
Otherwise these deceitful morons will come out daily with new deceits for everybody in the country. Stop wasting your time arguing with these morons just vote them out !

bruno said...

Ezam is from the lowest species of frogs.The most poisonious and pariah species that cannot be eaten.He will go down on all fours to suck batangs and bolas.This good for nothing froggy.Anwar must be either blind or plain stupid to see something special in him.All he can do is just hopped like a frog.

new fart said...

Dear Prof Aziz, please come to Australia to teach and live. We would welcome you with open arms!

Anonymous said...

what has talent corp got to do with this?

this prof is talking about domestic matters of interest only to politicians and their supporting bloggers

zorro said...

Anon655pm....Prof Aziz has been suspended and there is no chance he wants to be in UIA. We are going to lose an academician and you ask the stupid question "what has talent corp got to do with this?" Telent corp should be telling peas like Ezam to shut the fuck up and dont sabotage our work wooing back our brains. Is that simple enough for you to understand.

Zaidi said...

Uncle Zorro
Such is the fate of the Malaysian academicians. Not a single professor stood up to defend the academic freedom. Not a single economic professor from UM or USM or Monash said anything about the bloated deficit of the country. What hope do we have for tomorrow when the scholars failed to speak up?

zorro said...

Zaidi,even if no academicians have stood up for him, there are legions here who have voiced their support.
I believe his colleagues will gather tomorrow at mosque to support him after prayers.
Gotp the FB site above to lend your support and get your friends to do likewise.

nstman said...

Umno bastards destroy lives, defame people, spread lies, now they are destroying brains. Umno wants a country of zombies

Anonymous said...

Malaysia keep scoring world first and this is a classic case. Now with more critical global comments coming, how can we attract world best to live and work here. Our lawmakers are fool and frankly we should stop talking about world best democracy. We also had the tendencies of being a laughing point in the eye of the world citizen, more so now.

Anonymous said...

Every year I interview a lot of candidates and I mean alot of candidates for an MNC organization. Previously it was the Malay candidates who sucked big time when it came to articulating in English. Their grammar and vocab were so poor that taking them in is like scheduling them for failure. In the last 5 yrs this has now spread to other races. Most candidates from Local Uni are really really bad in English unless they come from missionary schools eg. convent or Lasalle or Saint Xaviers. We really have no choice but turn many of them down becos they can even answer simple questions. We need to repeat the questions couple of times before they get it.

If the Govt wants to continue with Bahasa then they better make sure they create a lot vacancies in the Govt becos we will lose our competitiveness and Many MNC will start looking towards Phillipines and India as Low cost location due to language proficency.

Anonymous said...

We import semi and skill labour and export "Malaysian Maid" in bery near future, beside the already shifting of factories out of Malaysia. 30 years ago, Malaysian professional were head hunted by global head hunters to head regional position. Now, most of our so called degree holder are as good as a Filipino maids.....

Anonymous said...

are we losing another prof who said malaya was NEVER colonised by British b4 1957 ?
aiya ...sayangnya !!

Anonymous said...

Najib is inviting MU's fans to Sri Perdana to watch the match against Manchester City. Apparently he wants to show he can go down to their level ahead of the 13th GE. Unfortunately the majority are youngsters who have not even registered as voters and politics are alien to them.

Across the Karak Highway, the UIA students are demonstrating in support of Aziz Bari. They are politically concious and they have the influence. Isn't Najib alive to this ?

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

The rakyat are too familiar with Najib's strategy to over the voters i.e by throwing money and that includes the 2012 budget. Hence they will not be easily taken for a simple ride and treated like vagabonds.

But when it comes to serious issues like the despicable attack against LGE's teenage kid and the suspension of Aziz Bari, he is lost for word. Hence, this will be a bumpy ride for Najib which he may not even reach his destination - victory in the 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

We can't really blame Prof Dato Dr Zaleha Kamaruddin. She's a newly appointed Rector of IIUM and is yet to make any impact on the university. In one way or another she has to make a choice between her future and that of Prof Dr Aziz Bari after having been arm-twisted by all-powerful UMNO.

But the least she and her deputy could do is to give a convincing and intelligent press statement truly reflecting the status and character of the university which is both Islamic and international.

Judging from the statement made earlier, they are just stereo-typing an explanation made by an HR officer of a kilang kicap on its suspended line worker who is to face a domestic enquiry for an alleged breach of discipline.

Kamal said...

AG Report: A night vision binoculars actual price of RM1,900 bought at RM56,000.

The PAC have been doing audit year on year, with many horror findings but NO ACTION have been taken despite these glaring descripencies.

Where is the KPI?

Enough reason to vote out BN!