Thursday, October 27, 2011


Perkesa was celebrating its second year of existence and instead of some fresh faces with some fresh ideas, in came some old faces and ideas well-past shelf life. Perkasa flung open its recruitment window and in came a blast of foul air:

Beware of a "human rights wave" that would threaten the principles on which the country was founded, warns former convicted PIG, IGP Rahim Noor in his address to Perkasa. Sauna or hot air!

In introducing Zulkifli Nordin as a candidate for Perkatak Perkasa vice-president, a supreme council member Arip described the sacked PKR MP as someone who had seen the light after being booted. A new relationship on poo heap, no?

There was a general consensus that Ridhuan Tee not be allowed to join Perkasa because he is not a Malay who claims to be a Malay just because he embraced Islam and practises the culture and customs of the Malays. Unless and until the constitution gets another amendment he remains a culup Malay, an insider insisted.

“Seems to be attracting some aged UMNO discards and a disgruntled film producer/director and aspiring human trafficker,” observed a discerning observer.

Another discerning outsider observer told a somewhat embarrassed insider: “Wald Dhroot! (literally translated: Son of a fart!). That white-haired guy in the front row was a Minister who sang his way out of UMNO. When not singing, he breaks wind!”

Honestly, I was thinking (to myself) that Perkasa was shaping up to be a good alternative for UMNO after GE13. UMNO would be irrelevant as its coalition would be obliterated by then. As it is MIC is going, MCA, also going and Gerakan, long gone! I will not mention the other ass-wipes flea members of the soon to be extinct arthritic BN mammoth.

But nature, like always, must run its course. Where there is poo galore, flies invariably gather.


cheahsinkooi said...

From the picture, all the usual suspects , of course.

Anonymous said...

Bankrupt grouping with bankrupt ideas. No bloody good for anyone, no bloody good at all. PERKASA my foot, and I am a Malay too.

Malu aku.

bruno said...

Their main special, guest speaker Rahim Noor the former tainted IGP of Anwar Abrahim fame speaks wonders of Perkasa.Rahim Noor during his tenure as IGP,the protector of the people broke all the rules in the book of law enforcement.And he was kicked out of the force like a dog,with its tail in between and locked in a kennel.

Their anticipated crowd of a million,with a turnout of 5,000 people and if Abrahim Ali still does not get the message,then he must actually be a dumb frog.With members reputation more tainted than their dirty asses,it is no surprised that the Malays shunned them.

Anonymous said...

Perkosa can fart all they want but the whole world knows the truth from articles like this in Bloomberg:

Malaysia Losses From Racial Law Exposed

zorro said...

Anon152pm...much obliged for the link.I came across this but good that readers here will go to the above link. Thanks again.

I am not worried their fart as I take advantage of this in my is the poo that is pervasive. The "flies" they attract just lap them up and there is no chance for the cultivation of maggots which today is a medical commodity.

nstman said...

Perkasa is a shit hole for discarded Umno politicians who have passed the sell by date. No wonder I heard the Perkasa conference stank because most of these stinking mutts were breaking wind, or farting.

Lembu Tua said...

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