Friday, October 28, 2011


Whilst doing the dishes last night I heard Najib say to an Australian interviewer at the ongoing CHOGM in Canberra, that although Malaysia is not a signatory “we treat refugees very well!”

Many refugees from Burma take desperate measures to evade Rela raids. A 22-year-old Mon refugee crouches in the thick vegetation next to her hut. Afraid of being caught by Rela, she and close to 100 other Mon refugees live in a swamp located in an industrial district outside of Kuala Lumpur. When this photo was taken, she had been living in the swamp for six months and had not been able to find a job. (Pic by Greg Constantine)

A Rohingya vegetable trader pleads to local authority personnel for leniency during a raid in a market in Kuala Lumpur. (Pic by Rahman Roslan)

Due to the ordeal of escaping Burma and living as a refugee in Malaysia, the man in this picture fell into a depression and has subsequently committed suicide. (Pic by Halim Berbar)

In a June 2008 I put up this posting HERE.



motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
Its an UNCOUTH UNCOMMENWEALTH Meet with an obsessive liar like Najib. We have seen one predecessor Tony BLiar who took the World for a "bloody" ride. Ones who ardently believed in fine speeches, lofty ideals and covenants devised by an assembly of representatives from the UnCommonwealth sovereign nations who are more hyenas and jackals who gnaw at the entrails of the stateless and poor.

These "Club" is for ""smooth operators"" ---who are mostly born deaf. In fact they make a mockery of its ideals, prey upon the weak, uncorking the toxins of racial bigotry. They would sip fine wine to talk as the sun sets about the starved and the suffering.

The Rela guys should have become Najib's official pubic photographers. They are good with their Nikons especially for Najib's Archives with the kind of infamy he has enjoyed since he was placed there by chance after his fathers death.
Thank you my dear Zorro for the time and space of reminder about these tormented Rohingyas who are shackled day in a day out by the so called " Rambos" of perverted UMNO who understand the language of money and sex better than humanity .
Wish you good health always my friend.

Anonymous said...

Continue washing dishes, Uncle Zorro. Hen-pecked are you by a Queen control? Hahaha.
In the blog, so gangster like one.
Did you read the piece by our PM in the Sydney Morning Herald?
That's very refreshing.
Nothing like what you accused of mistreatment of refugees.

Anonymous said...


to my knowledge, the rohigyas carry some kind of un papers that carries some weight in this country. That they are persecuted despite having a refugee status would certainly put the bn gomen in bad light.

I meet the rohingyas regularly selling vegetables near the old pasar borong and they do not seem to have problems with the police or the dbkl guys.

Perhaps , in the kampongs the rela guys lumped them up as pati-pendatang tanpa izin and thus explained the harsh treatment meted out to them

This matter needs attention by the
immigration offie as it would appear that the gomen under ex-pm dollah was sympathetic to the plight of the burmese refugees.
The fact that the minions ,rela
do not know know what the gomen policy is not strange

khong khek khuat

Anonymous said...

and the pr's response to the plight of these refugees? non. zit.

i guess if they can't vote, they not much useful too.