Friday, October 7, 2011


Just to show that you CARE.

You need to make your way home TOMORROW.

Your parents and fellow Kuantanites need your support on Sunday.

You cannot expect those residing in Kuantan to fight for you!

The residents of Kuantan have done so much against LYNAS.

The least you can do is to head back tomorrow to Kuantan

To support


Car pool or whatever, JUST DO IT.

It will be SAD if you cannot do this for your HOMETOWN!

Najib on Malsysia day has amongst other things promised free assembly.

We will take him for his word!

Be part of History,



JinHou said...

Sir yessir!

passion1 said...

Dear Kuantanites, my support to you. I am not from Kuantan, but I had worked there before.
Whatever it is, Radioactive dust can still reach us, because our potato peninsula is not very big.

Anonymous said...

barang naik era sad to say no rich folks sponsor free transport for KLites to return to Kuantan !

Najib ROCKS said...

***SUMMARY of BUDGET 2012 (BN Version)***

1) ANWAR IBRAHIM claims the budget tabled is a 'copycat' version of his & he also said it's "unrealistic". Isn't ANWAR IBRAHIM shooting himself in the foot by saying the so-called Budget he accused of being copied is unrealistic to implement??? Get a better excuse, Anwar!!!
VERDICT: Najib 1 - Anwar 0.

2) PAKATAN RAKYAT wanking leaders are claiming it's an 'ELECTION BUDGET'. Whether it's one or not, does it really matter??? What matters most is how beneficial will the budget be to 'the rakyat', correct?? Are PAKATAN RAKYAT donkeys running out of things to say simply becos' they find Najib's budget too AWESOME???
VERDICT: Najib 2 - Anwar 0.

3) No raise in SIN TAXES!!! How unbelievable, right??? I bet that AH PEK a.k.a. ZORRO UNMASKED is currently putting his own smelly shoes into his own mouth instead of his DUMB pipe. This BERNARD KHOO (Old Arse Zorro) hyped so much of booze prices going up & I foresee he will DIE soon due to BOOZE OVERDOSE since these prices remain unchanged.
VERDICT: Najib 3 - Anwar 0 & Bernard Khoo kena BUNGKUS.

4) ANWAR IBRAHIM thought by revealing his BAJET BAYANG (Shadow Budget) before the real Budget is out is a COOL move but only to get a BIG FAT SLAP on his own Sodomy loving face. I just can't believe how ANWAR could make it as a POLITICIAN. Doesn't this MALE ARSE LOVING dude know that the MOST important fundamentals in politics is NOT to reveal your TRUMP card before your rivals???
VERDICT: Najib 4 - Anwar 0.

5) Whether it's RURAL-CENTRIC or URBAN-CENTRIC, it's NOT the main issue. The Budget announced yesterday covers all walks of life. Some says the RURAL will benefit more, while, some says vice-versa. Either way, it's ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. However, what's INCORRECT are those words coming out from DONKEYS mouth such as ANWAR IBRAHIM, LIM KIT SIANG, LIM GUAN ENG, TONY PUA & those TALIBANIC PAS dudes.
VERDICT: Najib 5 - Anwar 0.

Najib & BN menang tanpa CABARAN.


Kumpulan Pro Lynas said...

You play with fire, you WILL get burnt.
We warn you that others who do not agree with you will also be there.

We wont let your political ambitions ruin our economy.

Anonymous said...

Chinese dont come to malay areas and create trouble. You bikin kacau, malays akan mengamuk.

zorro said...

Najib Rocks....if you were God, I would be afraid and start preparing my self to face God. But I am not afraid because you are just Najib's rock....pebble maybe, yah? Cheers...will drink on for you.

Anonymous said...

Najib's rock I pity you for your foolish stupidity. You have very low life living. As simple as that. Cheap so cheap.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, your response to that idiot of a najibrock is so good, I think that moron will be wondering what's happening. Btw, just ignore these cybertroopers, they get cheap thrills when they write trash and people respond to them. Also, all these threats by so called pro lynas groups, will not deter anti lynas grps. It's democracy, man, and pls look up the word in the dictionary since it's obvious you anti lynas people have never heard this word before.

zorro said...

Kuantanite, thanks for your comment. I encourage people to comment. We always can learn from good feedback. But when they come to this comment box to attack a commenter or when they resort to personal attacks I take objections and reply accordingly. One reason I allow such comments thru is also to expose their idiocy and most often than not readers of this blog do their part like you and anon857pm.
Have a successful Himpunan Hijau tomorrow. I can only be with you all in spirit.

Anonymous said...

PR politicians have successfully turned lynas issue into a malay vs non malay one. You sure you all want to go ahead with this. It will be chinese anti lynas vs malay pro lynas.
last time that happened was in 1969

zorro said...

Anon1211am....pass you bedtime no?The last time an MCA threatened us with 1969 she lost her Parliamentary seat. We are never scared anymore, especially when rats squeak!

Anonymous said...

We went home to Kuantan for Himpunan Hijau. We were there from 6am. And very happy to see many pakcik makcik abang kakak adik popo koko cheche thatha patti annei akka there too!!!

We all stood on the beach and watched the sunrise to the beat of chinese drums, kompang and urumi melam.

Then we all stood tall and sang the NEGARAKU. I had tears in my eyes as we stood united, MALAYSIANS, standing up against an alien invader about to colonise us. I had tears in my eyes as those who were supposed to protect us had sold our land and the future of our children. I had tears in my eyes as I wondered if my children would still be able to stand on that beach and watch the sunrise in the years to come.

Then I looked around and saw that the people around me also had that same sad, scared look.... sad that we continue to have to fight for the freedom of our environment and our green land, scared of what the future will bring.... sad and scared, irrespective of race, religion, colour or creed.

Jeya (from Kuantan)