Thursday, October 6, 2011



And I just got word from Parliament where the 2nd reading of the Employment Act vehemently opposed by MTUC is taking place. An MP said that there is a strong absence of Pakatan MPs.



Anonymous said...


One going left
One going right
One going down

Anonymous said...

Pakatan think they have the votes in their pockets come GE13, so now they are acting arrogant. Serves them right if they lose big. I am totally disillusioned with them, even Pas is so arrogant and think the Chinese will vote for them. They are so wrong, for many people are already saying they will vote bn again just to spite pas.

Anonymous said...

pakatan reps, get your sorry asses back into parliament.

walk with mtuc!!
power to the workers!!

down down down with umno!!!


bruno said...

There are more sleepy heads, sleeping logs and sleeping dogs in Pakatan than in Abdulah Badawi's GOM.Pakatan thinks that bacause the people is fed up with Umno,that they are going to get a free ride.What they cannot get into their sleepy empty coconut shell is that there is nothing as getting a free ride.Nothing is free in this world.

That is why I have been saying all along that Pakatan will self destruct,just like Umno because of these brainless elected morons.When things seen to be going their way,someone somewhere will come out and shoot themselves in the foot.Just like Selangor,Umno will steal it back from under their noses.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is up FUCKATAN?

Ajib said...

Pakatan is taching MTUC a lesson since MTUC constantly support BN.

Anyway, MTUC will soon only represents the interest of Pendatang Asing wh are taking over all the jobs.

Victor said...

Al Katak Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa was seen sleeping so soundly during the parliamentary session.

Looks like Ibrahim is not serious at all in the parliamentary sitting. He failed to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a member of parliament to serve the people and to provide feedback from the people nor having any interests in participating in the parliamentary debate.

see picture here:

Bedul said...

Anon 7.34 pm

Damn right. They are living in fool's paradise.

mauriyaII said...

Some of the Pakatan morons who have their own agenda and vested interests are observing and speculating on the outcome of Anwar's destiny and the idiotic hudud furore brought out by UMNO supporters in PAS to help the UMNOputras.

What these Anwaristas do not understand is Anwar is NOT Pakatan nor is PAKATAN's survival dependent on Anwar's Sodomy 2 trial.

Najib, his mentor the evil Mamak and the rabid Ketuanan Melayu will do everything do perpetuate UMNO's continued survival with the help of the corrupted Judiciary, power crazy PDRM and the sevile and subservient MACC whose top officers are there for the money, perks and the crumbs from the pirated largesse derived from the evil Mamak's piratisation exercise.

Among the Pakatan Rakyat's component parties, the one that is on track most of the time is DAP which is blessed with visionary leaders like LKS, LGE, Karpal and a few sincere and committed people-centric leaders.

PAS is ok so long as its young turks do not come up with their own brand of PAS ideology to help UMNO to retain power. These are the trojan horses who are just waiting to jump ship after the 13th GE if UMNO/BN romps home with a 2/3 majority. PAS has to realize that HUDUD is not practical in a multi-racial and multi-religious country. They should also realize that ALL Muslims are NOT in favour of its barbaric outdated laws in civilised societies. No sane and liberal member of any society would want religious diktats to control and ruin their lives.

PKR is the trojan in the Pakatan fold. Its members are mostly exUMNO and unlike UMNO, Pakatan is not in a position to bestow on them high positions, contracts or awards that are used to amass wealth. The ones fighting for the rakyat are those who do not subscribe to the Ketuanan mindset and who would want their country to be the best among the best in the world based on merit.

Let us all observe our elected representatives and vote out the drift-woods and carpetbagers in the next GE.

Omar said...

A perverse way of assurance with an equally perverse change in the Employment act. Memang Cakap tak serupa bikin. The rakyat is hoodwinked by the ruling BN. The Employment act was changed quietly compromising the rights of the workers benefitting the employer. A Gov like this should be voted out come next GE.

Subraman said...

The amendments were drawn up at the behest of multinational corporations and potential investors and deliberately designed to empower employers to employ workers on fixed-term contracts for as long as they wanted to.

Employers would be permitted to impose unreasonable working hours, change weekly rest days as they please, in effect requiring women workers to work at night.

With Pendatang Asing as our core workforce, Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

There was no Penang DAP MPs at all in the Dewan? Fuck DAP, PKR!

Let us all revert back to BN and fuck all this useless DAP MPs and PKRS MPs.

Lim Guan Eng, you can lie to some people some of the time but you cannot lie to all the people all the time! Barua!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the PR team got what they wanted, ie big cars, power, new house, new spouses etc and are resting on their laurels. Thanks for the support and now FO to you.

Complacency is definitely setting in.

And Anwar is too sick with 'back' problems to lead a credible opposition. Heck, now he could not even bend down to do his 5 prayers daily. So how lah?

Best is to wait for self-destruction as some comments seem to indicate.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07
Well said, now go and suck up to your porno leader, Chua Soil Leg. Next join him to lick UMNO asses for the next 50 years. Don't forget to bring along your family members. MCA towkay mentality will not CHANGE until their death.