Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today marks the 3rd month after the historic Bersih 2.0 assembly in downtown Kuala Lumpur

Over in Kuantan, a 2,000 strong gathering of the rakyat to celebrate Himpunan Hijau was disrupted by the government’s bully boys who did their utmost to dampen the spirit of the event. As expected the Kuantan authorities also brought in their “hired hands” who pitched tents along the beach in an effort to thwart the event.


Why ah? The government does not like to see a united Malaysia? In my posting of 7 October I mentioned that Najib had, on Malaysia Day, promised a more democratic Malaysia, with freedom to assemble. Is this another flip-flop?

They will have to contend with Bersih 3.0, yes?


Just to keep the tempo unabated, here is a re-cap of Bersih 2.0



Best to click the PAUSE BUTTON when watching this YouTube, unless you are an accomplished speed-reader.


more pics HERE


motherchell said...

It heartwarming to know of the ones who brave the "storms" and blows ,--united masses regardless of class or creed. Kudos to all of them.
The attempt to crush or contain genuine popular movements is being done in patchwork. The despots have lorry loads of" paper qualified" thugs with no human credentials. All they need are crumbs that fall off the Umno tables. What they don't know is Najib is under siege by his own people------he is struggling for his life. Maybe they are looking forward for some farming real estate to help them produce kangkong and towgey outside the periphery of Lynas .Adnan might have told them that they would be provided with Lynas ""fertilizers"" for life.
Thank you for the wake up call my dear Zorro. Wish you good health and much joy always .

Anonymous said...

What you failed to mention was the racial contrast between the anti and pro lynas groups.

One was predominantly Chinese and the other Malays. Again, PR has done well to deepen the gap and hatred between mainstream Malaysia and the 2nd / 3rd generation pendatangs

Anonymous said...

there is no need for bersih 3. mr najib is already finished. tks to mamaktir

bruno said...

Zorro,thumps up for the thousands who gathered to celebrate Himpunan Hijau.In Malaysia,when it comes down to the people's welfare,it is better for the rakyat to act on it's own,then to depend on the politicians.Be it BN or PR.

Even now lately,the PR representatives are getting to be a real dissapointment and embarrassment.In other words a real pain in the ass.Just look at their actions lately.Such as the hudud thing.One guy saying one thing,the other guy another.Twenty guys,twenty different things.

Then the recent votes in Parliament.They were simply absent.With the elections just months away,these sleeping dead logs and sleeping dogs,have let their guards off.Instead of making themselves present,and trying to score some browie points,they decided to go fishing or skirt chasing.What good are these guys anyway,when they are no better that the good for nothing BN horny mongrels.

Just look at the Lynas fiasco.Years ago,when the planning and application process were in place,these sleeping bears were in hibernation.Now when the plant is near completion,or soon to ready for commission,they are crying wolf.These PR guys are as useless as the BN morons.

What good can a PR GOM do for the people,if there are more deadwood among them than funtionable ones.At the rate they are shooting themselves in the foot,it would definately be a surprise if most of them don't lose their deposits.How can one win an GE if there are countless sleeping dogs,fools and trojans among them.

Anonymous said...

Kuantan/Gebeng people are at risk because of Lynas.
Their health will be affected.
Their property price will plunged.

Only way forward is to make Kuantan, Pekan and Gebeng the Waterloo sites for BN!

Anonymous said...

MPs DO NOT deserve any pay raise. Rampant corruptions, abuse of power, social infrastructure is not in good place e.g poor public transport, remember everyday people write and complain of KTM Komuter, but still no action taken.

MPs can't even make sure taxis use meter in KL! What a shame! Rakyat are at the mercy of these rogue taxis drivers.

The current pay is good enough. Average Malaysians earn $3,000 -$4,000 why must MPs take home $30,000?

To MPs : You can't even make sure taxis drivers use meter, such a small matter and aren't you ASHAMED even dare to ask for this pay raise?

We haven't even talk about education,medical care,ballooning housing prices,pollutions
corruptions,gov red tapes etc

BG said...


Kindly check with your hantu if election will be held in November, as I could alter my orignal Nov overseas trip if it is really in Nov.

Thanks. Any hint will help me.

Kumpulan Pro Lynas said...

We warned you but you did not listen. In fact you are lucky that there were many who could not make it that day

Hope you try and pull this off again. Next time, we wont be so polite on you idiots who come and rear your ugly head for the sake of political mileage.
Next time, you will be playing with fire.
We are all for development and We trust IAEA more than you chauvinistic scums who have clear political motives. We will send you packing back to seputih and ipoh timur with your tail & foreskinned birdie between you legs

Anonymous said...

BN paid RM94m to FBC Media for global airtime.

What a waste of rakyat money!

Malaysian Abroad said...

Just like BG, I'm waiting for some indication as to when is the next GE! I have been postponing my trip to Malaysia for 3 months now.

This time I will fly home to vote!