Thursday, October 20, 2011


GOOD! The Star was up to the challenge and printed this:

KUALA LUMPUR: The “mystery girl” behind allegations involving the son of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been identified as a renowned 21-year-old chess grandmaster from Britain, said Tony Pua.

Her name in Anya Corke, who is of Scottish-Chinese parentage.

The DAP national publicity secretary said this proved that the allegations by certain bloggers were “blatant lies”.

“If such gutter politics continue, it will only tarnish the country's image,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby here yesterday.

The young woman's identity was discovered by DAP IT manager Goh Kheng Teong, Pua said, adding that Corke was not only a foreigner but a renowned chess grandmaster who won championship titles between 2004 and 2008.

She was born in the United States and raised in Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing her studies in Wellesley College, a top liberal arts college in the US.

“They (bloggers) are willing to destroy the life of an innocent 16-year-old boy, bring the country into disrepute and defame a top achiever for political ends,” Pua said.

The allegations against Lim's son appeared in the blogs of Papagomo and mediapermatangpauh, depicting a photograph of the boy next to a cropped photo of an unidentified girl.

It was also alleged that the matter was settled with RM200,000.

Lim had refuted all allegations made against his son, adding that he and his wife were now helping the boy to “heal” following the episode.

Pua also called on Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to apologise to Lim for his recent tweet over the issue.

“As a role model for the nation's youth, he (Khairy) must set an example and take responsibility by apologising for his tweet which is perpetuating the vicious lie,” he said.

DAP Parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, who was present at the press conference, expressed concern at the level of gutter politics, describing the bloggers' lies as diabolical and heinous.



Anonymous said...

Khairy is a good example of a despicable low life opportunist scum which the nation's youths should never follow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a little research!
None of the umno bloggers mentioned LGE's name.

It was malaysiakini that pointed to LGE, which failed to give a convincing reason for his son transfer .

Umno bloggers did not say it was him until malaysiakini gave the green light for them to party!!!

Anonymous said...

Well KJ call his children name by binatang (puma and cougar). So, what did you expect from this father... buaya or puaka?

bruno said...

Gutter politics should be confined to politicians,and not to their families.If these idiots were attacking LGE instead of his son,there wouldn't be such an public outrage.And of all people,Khairy has to be one of them.Go figure.

zorro said...

Anon1106pm, the less naive among us understand the word "inferring"!

zorro said...

Or if "inferring" is beyond your ken,maybe these simple words may be more enlightening:
gauging, surmising, plotting, considering, guessing, thinking, measuring, planning, rating, evaluating, programming, tallying, figuring, concluding, computing, quantifying, rationalizing, dividing, valuing, determining, reckoning, appraising, estimating, presuming, assessing, calculating, triangulating, scheduling, systematizing, quantizing, adding, totaling, scheming, supposing, weighing, scoring, accounting, enumerating, studying, judging, approximating, ranking, summing, multiplying, counting, deducing.
I can't make it simpler for you.Dang, Nasir get me a stiff cappucino will you, before I call it a day and walk home!

sampalee said...

Gutter politic is part of politic.It lacks truth.Now what is Truth? It is not mere opinions.Lord Jesus say 'Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free'
Why is it so many of our citizens are still in bondage.Is Jesus lying or most of us do not know what Truth IS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle,

You have to excuse Anon 11.06pm. With the level of English being taught in schools these days, how can these people understand such deep words? They will not take the trouble to educate themselves by referring to an English dictionary. They think they know it all, same like some Gomen we know. It is a shame when these UMNO bloggers target young innoncent students who will not be able to defend themselves. These people have no testicles, must be 'SHIMS'?

Anonymous said...

Its strange that this was penned by muslims who professed a religion of peace. Its ok to fitnah others but when its their turn these guys turn amok or what not....
Oh! we forgot they are part of umno scums who can do anything..
As they say no one escape retribution and we wait the day for papagomo's turn..

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 11.24pm,

Khairy is already known as Kera Jantan so he nicknaming his sons Puma and Cougar is not a surprise. Hopefully his two sons won't turn out to be Pussy and Curssy when they grow up.

Badut Nasional said...

UMNO cyber-terrorists + Oxfart Graduate??? + Anon1109pm = GOBLOK!!!

赌懒 said...

納吉同款「人民午餐」不只3令吉, 完全是政治花招, 價格實為6令吉, 3令吉根本不可能吃到那麼豐盛的午餐, 根本不能減少人民的生活負擔.

Anonymous said...


Thank God the less naive among us was Malaysiakini's Susan Loone .

Her question on the kid transfer from LGE was answered differently from what being told to Guan Ming Daily.

Now what would the less naive think about this!

無厘頭 said...


najib manaukau said...

Kairy is in his last leg of an Umnoputra politician and as such he is doing everything, especially the dirty tricks and the deceits he has learnt from Umno.
Unfortunately for him his father-in-law was forced to resigned before he has the time to learn all the dirty tricks of how to survive in the politics of Umno. May be he did not waive the Kris hard and long enough for the people to remember him.

Anonymous said...

kj is simply dispicable.

Anonymous said...

'our country's image '!? wat image ??

nkkhoo said...


Is The Star courting your friend Patrick Teoh to write Teohlogy for the paper since he has been given the framed The Voice award on his birthday.

By the way, were you invited to his birthday dinner at hsi Bangsar restaurant?

zorro said...

Bangsar? The two outlets are at Damansara Jaya and Imbi.
What if I am invited?
And so what if the Star wants him to be a columnist? It will be a good platform for his Theology since "Off the Edge" is off the stands.Patrick writes from the heart and if the Star massacre his pieces, he will say "thanks but no thanks" in a jiffy.
BYW, it was a great party and very star-studded!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at that idiotic bloggerbum face makes one vomit. So despicable and venomous. Possibly one of those nothing to do bums from that dickhead in Perkasa or the Umnoputras politicians.
Another similarly despecable is that garbage reporting media UM. It has truly sunk to the bottom of the pit. I believe there's no newspaper in the world that has gone lower than Utusan.

Not only it has lost all credibility with it fictitious reporting and propaganda spouting, it has gone incoherent.

On one hand, it say "a denial is insufficient to clean Lim's family name", essentially insinuating that the family is guilty, then reiterated "that Lim and his son should not be portrayed as guilty until proven otherwise". How is that going to jive?

What Utusan did is essentially portraying that the family is guilty as charged and that LGE (Lim Guan Eng) must prove his family's innocent by asking the police to run a thorough investigation, yet, it has the cheek to say that the Lim and his son should not be portrayed as guilty until proven otherwise.

Isn't this as good as saying, ‘Do what Utusan said, but not what Utusan did?' What a hypocrite!!!

Anonymous said...

Each year when the Auditor General’s report is out we we will see how wasteful the government can be.

Much have been allocated to MARA, and the people have not issue about that, the only issue that the people against was the wastefulness or rather the corrupt system have made it that way.

We all know when come to government supply chains. The allocation is there. The people who supply and the people who receive the supply will work out exorbitant pricing. The extra from high margin will be reallocate among the various people.

This was the system and it have been there for decades.