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Anonymous said...

Just a reminder to people on the west coast (who choose to remain silent as they feel this will not effect them!), the fish caught in the sea off Kuantan is not sold in the local market... but mainly bought by wholesalers and trucked off to KL. Sold mainly in selayang market...and also exported. From selayang market it also goes to your neighbourhood hypermarkets, mini markets etc.
In short.... radioactive fish will be available for all malaysians!!!
So..think again the next time you tuck into a dish of fish head curry, seafood noodle soup, steamed fish.... just where is YOUR FISH COMING FROM????

Jeya (from Kuantan).

johnnie lim said...

because there is money in this? It's business as usual for BN cronies even if it means killing people in the process.

Zamzam said...

Do you think Suhaimai dare to discuss this on Sudut Pandang on Astro Awani?

Astro's sudut pandang is just to echo Umno's propaganda.

Don't waste your time.

bruno said...

The last time we heard the MB said something to this effect.That he wasn't advised or wasn't informed.And the decision was made at federal level.In other words he is there as MB for window dressing purposes only.

Baki said...

The World Bank report has highlighted the following factors that have weaken our education system even at tertiary level:

1)the student quota system
2)the New Economic Policy - translated into more scholarships to Bumiputeras, special programmes to facilitate their entry into higher education institutions
3)the use of the Malay language in place of English in the entire education system by 1983.

There is a need to return the teaching of various subjects at secondary level to English rather than Bahasa Melayu. This is proven when Singapore chose to retain English as a medium for education and communication, a move which has since translated into better standings for its universities in global rankings. Bear in mind, Singapore’s National University has consistently scored higher on the ranking lists as compared to the top 20 from Malaysia.

Andy said...

The 13th GE is drawing nearer. Smart voters, especially the younger voting group should use their votes wisely in ensuring we have the right political party to form the next Government of the day, especially the Minsiter who takes over the Education Ministry portfolio. A suitable candidate should be one who is an Educator, and certainly NOT a politician like the DPM/Education Minister who makes political decisions to appeace UMNO supporters only. Is his turnaround of Tun Mahathir initiated PPSMI programme based on our children's and our nation's future interest. Keep politics out of Education! Let's vote for CHANGE, change the future Education Minister and ensure that our voices are heard LOUD and CLEAR in the next GE.

Antares said...

Whatever we do - or don't - the Reign of Raksasas or Demon Kings is over! It will probably be a very painful sight to witness (remember how terrified the last Shah of Iran was just before he breathed his last?)... but it won't take as long as most people believe, because we are just about to reach a harmonic convergence of at least 3 major cosmic cycles: yugas, manvantaras and kalpas. This can mean only one thing - a new evolutionary spiral has already begun and all incarnate souls will rapidly awaken and free themselves from the shackles of darkness, ignorance and fear.

sampalee said...

What about casino and gaming as this create more widespread problem than this plant and yet pr are silent.
Only the scripture can be a guide for mankind as it has the mandate of Tuhan.

zorro said...

Sampalee, the people has a choice in gambling at casinos. They do it at their own peril.
Has the people got a choice in Lynas?

PR is silent. YB Fauziah, MP for Kuantan is playing a significant role in saying NO to lynas.

The scriptures and holy books have on many occasions been interpreted to suit whoever is in CONTROL. Slavish allegiance to religion means the negation of God's greatest gift....the power of reasoning, choosing the good from the evil. He does not give this to the lower creations, although some animals behave better than religious fanatics. When religious heads tells you to do this and that, they take away your free will! That is criminal! They want to CONTROL you. I will not allow this.

Ricky Pang said...

It is sad to see the deteriorating standards of has nothing to do with the teaching of subjects in the English Language. It is following the implementation of BM as the medium of instruction as from 1970 that started the deterioration rolling. Our DPM and Minister of Education still persists that BM be retained as the medium of instruction. In our days, 75% and above was set as the mark for a distinction. Can anybody enlighten as to what is the criterion today....or is it that the 'goalpost' keeps changing. In a globalized market, the competition is outside Malaysia. At the rate Malaysia is going, how can she compete with the other markets??? We used to be world's largest producer of rubber and tin.....where are we now? Singapore was part of Malaysia previously. But, in comparison, how much has she advanced compared to Malaysia? We need not seek far.....Singapore is a glowing example of excellency through meritocracy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sampalee,

How can the casino and gaming create more problems than this plant??? I have choice whether I want to go gamble or not. This plant, I have no choice as whether I like it or not, I will be exposed.

Dude, get down from your high horse.

nstman said...

Umno chieftains just want money, they cant care less whether people die or not

Anonymous said...

zorro - the clip is an exaggeration and should not be shown on your blog if your crediblity is not to be questioned.

show what the international agengy had to say instead.

Anonymous said...


Amazing!we now have idiots who believe in an international agency...
Look! white men can do nice things all the time..for big BUCKS !We usually kow tim those reviewers to give excellent write ups on our products to swing sales for us!
Used to hear that those international smoke[cigarette] companies have a battery of the own doctors to challenge any claims that smoking is bad for health! They are so good in their jobs that they can twist those legitants and lawyers without blinking an eye.
Anon what happens if indeed we do have a mistaken fallout or accident in LYNAS? International agency can say they make a mistake ?
Its the RISK you understand? The international agency gave their a-okay to all the countries but the latest japanese disaster was it ok?
The whites dont die , we the population around Kuantan will DIE A SLOW DEATH!
The Peem and the MB and the royals, they will be sipping cocktails in faraway Tahati.....when there is disaster!

Anonymous said...

kenapa cakap luar topik.

kalau tak mahu bahasa malaysia, mengapa susah payah datang naik kapal ke sini? sepatutnya berlabuh sahajalah di Filipina atau Singapura.

Singapura maju untuk jangkamasa pendek, sila belajar baca fakta masa depan, bukan cerita semalam.

seluruh dunia sedang ber'revolusi', sekarang demam 'occupy wallstreet', tapi kat sini masih berangan-angan jadi negara maju dan bercakap-cakap dalam bahasa inggeris sesama sendiri, tak menyumbang apa-apa pun , sekadar bercakap, lebih kepada gaya dari isi.

mungkin penduduk asal melayu tak berapa bijak, tapi bangsa yang datang kemudian pun tidaklah secerdik mana pun, kaki pembelit, kaki penipu, penyangak ekonomi, semua ada.


zorro said...

Anon852pm...Let me take care of credibility. It won't do you any good visiting this site, if its contents beg credibility. Suggest you visit Papa Gomo or Big Dog, both hugely credible blogs. Be off!

Anonymous said...

Me come from Kuantan. Me breathing fresh sea air.
Unlike the polluted air of Kl which Zorro and gang are breathing now.
Have you checked your own backyard, Uncle?
Breathe in, breathe out, ooh so refreshing Kuantan.

zorro said...

I totally agree with you Anon1052am. That is why together with the anti-lynas group, I wish that Kuantan will not be tarnished. You should protect Kuantan, no?

KL city is polluted. I live in a resorty condo. every morning when I open my lanai windows, the pidgeons, mynas, bul-bul are on the garden grounds waiting for to be fed. The air is delightfully freshened by a pervading morning breeze. I cherish all these. i want the same for my Kuantan friends. Your beaches are out of this world! Let's together keep and preserve what we have, yes?

zorro said...

Anon1052am...missed informing you that I do not live in KL and I hardly go into KL unnecessarily. I live near the Subang airport. Hidup Kuantan minus Lynas.

sampalee said...

The dabate of freewill versus no freewill have gone on for a long time and will continue so.This is translated to choice for the person[ego]
The truth in the scripture is Just 'Thy Will Be done'Inshaallah,the ONLY choice maker there always was,is and will be.
The Buddhist ,Taoist and Hindu Adviata simply state there is simply NO one to make or not make a choice.The Ego is an allusion [mirage]and cannot decides.The deed [including choosing] is done,but there is no doer thereof.
Mankind must understand the essense of the scripture which is contary to secular knowledge.
In resding scripture one must be open and not have dogmatic concept such as I am the Body-mind as understanding of the Truth will then be IMPOSSIBLE.

All the kithabs are PERFECT,It is only the understang of it that create the differences.Please give the kithab a chance.

Anonymous said...


Please give it a rest, will u?

zorro said...

Sampalee...the understanding of the kithabs or the interpretation?

wongty robert said...

Is it safe to consume palm oil products originated from Malaysia plantations after the Pahang State Lynas Plant commence operation?

As the BN government is controlled by UMNO, there is no creditibilty in any assurances given by any of the political parties associated with the government or their mainstream newspapers especially its boleh sidekick MCA. Therefore, your advice is important, not just for Malaysians but people in Asia, the major consumers of edible palm oil products. Looking forward to your advice soon.

Greg said...

Has Patrick sold his niamah soul to The Star?