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Some reflections for those bloggers who took those cheap shots at Guan Eng’s son. HERE & HERE

Everyone is an abused child, if you think about what governments do.

Tim Roth

I believe the best service to the child is the service closest to the child, and children who are victims of neglect, abuse, or abandonment must not also be victims of bureaucracy. They deserve our devoted attention, not our divided attention.

Kenny Guinn

Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.

Herbert Ward

Abuse a child unjustly, and you will make friends for him.
Douglas Horton

In my view, there is nothing more vicious and outrageous than the abuse, exploitation and harm of the most vulnerable members of our society, our young and I firmly believe that a nation's laws and resources need to reflect the seriousness of these terrible crimes.
Bob Ney

Would UMNO be “jantan” enough to publish those allegations in their lame-stream media?



bruno said...

Taking cheap shots.That is what cowards are good at.Khairy should know better than that.He cannot be of leadership calibre if he takes his gutter politics and attacks to children.If he is of leadership calibre,he should have the bolas to appologise to LGE and family.

Antares said...

"Beyond DESPITICABLE!" ~ Sylvester the Cat

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't there pictures of Najib's son in the UK in all those cozy position with foreign girls? Would that not be considered immoral by UMNO's standard of Islam or the other way around. Perhaps someone should dig that out and share with everyone again.

Anonymous said...

Utusan probably will do that. It is a dark entertainment publication, anyway.

I have no doubt that people in UMNO are very 'jantan' indeed ... in a rudimentary way. To go up the ranking of jantan-ness within the UMNO ranks, they must:
a. not take a bath for as long as possible.
b. shout the loudest.
c. threaten others with violence.
d. take what does not belongs to them.
e. use religion as a tool to get what they want.
... the list goes on.

but the moment you put a Mat Salleh in front of them to talk to them in English, they will prostrate themselves and treat the Mat Salleh as their living god! UMNO will make themselves become clowns just to please the white-skin people.

,,, you see UMNO is still living in the colonial days of the previous century.

... if you don't believe me, test it out ...

Anonymous said...

Who is Khairy or rather WHAT is Khairy? If he answers to the first, then he is a human being but since he has all along proven himself as a kera jantan, what can one expect of him even if he claims to be educated at Oxford.

The moment a Malay joins UMNO/DUMBNO to get all the privileges and perks of Ketuanan Melayu, he would have sold his soul, morals, religion and his upbringing. Khairy is no better. He is one shameless kera jantan (KJ) who dreamed of becoming PM with the credentials of being the SIL of the sleepy head Abdullah Badawi. That sleepy head lost to the shenanigans of the evil mamak kutty.

Khairy is doing what the UMNOputras do best to cling on to power and to be elected again. In their desperation, they won't hesitate or pause to ponder before any of their cheap mud slinging outburst, even if it is against a teenage schoolboy.

Khairy is another wannabe PM like the racist, bigotted and clueless Home Minister who talks cock whenever he opens his big foul mouth. These scums do not have self-respect, integrity or morals. If they had, they would not stoop so low as to PICK ON A TEENAGE SCHOOLBOY. Next they may go after kindergarten or nursery kids.

KJ is nothing but a kera jantan playing with his dick.

赌懒 said...





Anonymous said...

If umno can lie about a non-existing sodomy act not once but twice and go on to orchestrate a whole court action complete with false evidence and coached witnesses in order to convict and imprison the alleged wrongdoer, what is a mere spin? Nothing.

If umno can plunder billiions and billions of the country’s money and claim it as a birth right sanctioned by the constitution, what is a mere defamatory act? Nothing.

If umno can proclaim openly its desire to fight for power by whatever means and by crushing some bodies and causing the lost of some lives, what is some mere malicious expressions in the blogsphere? Nothing.

Umno is GOD and even the Agung must feel grateful to have umno around!

Zamzam said...

UMNO/BN has caused Malaysia to be what it is today – a failed state. UMNO politicians like Novandri and Khairy are generally politically bankrupt, corrupt and immoral. Khairy, you have children too and the law of Karma will hit you back one day.

You have to hit your political opponents below the belt because your father and father-in-law taught you this? Kurang ajar as they say!

赌懒 said...


Pumaputera said...

KJ, you got no class. Wasted your time at the famous Oxford U. Even worse, you tarnished its name by doing this uncivilized act. You let your emotion overruled your swollen head by jumping into the bandwagon initiated by your own kind. You should have exercised self-restraint and empathize with the victims. Instead, you chose the populist by adding fuel into the fire which you should have doused it. A highly educated gentleman won't stoop so low just to score some brownie points. Is this all you can do? What a louse. Please be reminded that what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Well if this is what these politicians are all about, busy attacking children rather than working for the country, surely we Malaysian know well enough whether we want to vote for them.

Malaysian, is this the kind of leader we want?

Jong said...

A drowning Oxfart graduate won't give up, he can't think straight anymore, desperate, how to get his boss's attention?

He wants his much overdue pound of flesh too. Remember how you guys exposed this prowler lurking around in vicinity of eligible daughters of PMs and finally made his shrike?

patrick said...

KJ or more correctly 'KAKI JAMBAN' is just that!A desperate gutter politician drowning in his own poo!And there's more of them from where he comes from!

Courgarputeri said...

Dr Novandri Hasan Basri ikut perintah KJ to launch smer campaign to discredit LGE?

Likely so as KJ has lost all his plot to Mukhriz who has outshined the Umno youth leader for the first ime in Bolehland history!

Ahmad Sobri said...

What happened with the above is an eye opener to all Malaysians, especially to Bangsa Melayu! … All the lies being propagated by alleged (pro)UMNO bloggers! Who will believe sodomies, sex tapes, Kampung Buah Dada, now that the truth had prevailed?

UMNO is a real shame to Bangsa Melayu and Khairy Jamaluddin is the greatest shame to the once proud Bangsa Melayu! Do you expect Bangsa Melayu to be united when all these wrong doings are being propagated? Betul betul ” Less Taught”!

If you want to tell a lie, at least make sure it is a good lie, those bloggers should use their own daughters as “victims”? And of all people they used someone from afar! Cannot even identify between a local and a foreigner to further their lies. Credence, where art thou, in UMNO? UMNO, is a real shame to Bangsa Melayu, and I salute Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed for his fine judgement on Khairy and Tun must used everything within his mean to prevent such irresponsible UMNO Youths leader from furthering their political career!

I had always kept this unhappiness about the alleged Tun’s hand behind Khairy being kept out of the cabinet, and had always lobbied for the Education MInister for Khairy, but, how correct can Tun’s judgement be? If Khairy is the MOE, certainly, we have to fear for our school going children? No? Tun, we salute you for your fine judgement and to a certain extent to Matthais Chang for his not too polite comments on the current Youth leader of UMNO! UMNO members must ensure he is voted out and to ensure that Mukhriz is always above this shameful leader! Mukhriz, had won many brownie points here, and he should always be above Khairy, as Mukhriz had surely shown maturity beyond his years when compared with Khairy, and certainly has better stateman quality! Terima Kasih, Tun!

Anyway, as Bangsa Melayu, we are ashamed of what all those in UMNO did, especially by Khairy! Thank you Tun for keeping a tight reign of this guy who reportedly aspired to be PM before 40? UMNO, where are you heading for? Just where is your leadership? Just how do you expect Malaysians to trust you anymore? UMNO! Oh! UMNO! You indeed are a shame to us, Bangsa Melayu!

All Malays should wake up now and assess where they wish to align themselves come PRU 13! BN who had failed miserably and failed absolutely, against a PR which seem to be taking the right decision most of the time? Another stupid HIMPUN on this Saturday? Just who will attend? What is the motive of this HIMPUN? Is this but a massive cover up for the “missing AG’s report”? Just what is there to cover up? And who would believe the AG’s report if it is release?

Credibility is a serious problem with the current UMNO leaders!

Complain about this comment

zorro said...

ahmad sobri....thanks for your insights.

zorro said...

Antares, just like my son at age 8 told me one evening that I look EXTINGUISHED fully suited. Malapropism at its best.

Jack S said...

There's no smoke if there's no fire.

Truth be told, this molest case must have happened. Otherwise why the guilty conscience by the CM and gang?

zorro said...

JackS, anything can happen to anybody, but you don't post a picture of the alleged victim who is a foreigner and has never been to Penang! From the gutter, scavengers can pick up anything!