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ON JUNE 28, 2008




Anonymous said...

Hate to say this Zorro but I betcha Najib will not even use Petra's document to line his dustbin.

Not to say Petra's document is worthless. Najib couldn't care less what that document says because he is going to replace ISA with something similar and call it a different name.

If I were Najib, I will :

a. say more of such stuff in the next 1 month or so to get gullible Malaysians to feel good;
b. do nothing to make any of these a reality
c. call general election in 2 months time.
d. get BN voted in for the next 5 years
e. then come out and say he cannot abolish ISA because the rakyat voted for Barisan Nasional which means the rakyat wants ISA.

You just see whether what I say will happen.

As to lining his dustbin, Najib will use the money from the public coffer to do that because to him, those monies are like cookies in the jar. You Malaysians are gullible to think Najib is a changed person. He just changed his "clothes".

zorro said...

Yes, the 2 new replacements are out. Go visit:

Unknown said...

wow! how time flies.. June 28, 2008.
That was more than 3 years ago and i remember that day, i was there.

Yes, i can agree to another Anti-ISA Rally to really kick it in and show that the Rakyat really want a complete banishment of all oppressive laws.

Tell Najib not to piecemeal us Rakyat. Taking the Rakyat for Fools?

No! to "Detention Without Trial" and all the F@%# laws that permits it.

Anonymous said...

Pete is the pits. He is only fit to be Najib's ass-wiper.

எந்திரன் said...

So far Najib's feel good message and artificial sweetener (i.e. not real) has somehow attracted a lot of Indians to flock back to BN. So typical of gullible Indians.

nkkhoo said...

I can't understand why people get fidgety every time Najib or other BN leaders for that matter, start to embark on a transformation program or something to that effect. Najib is so desperate that he is paying foreign consultants to have 'cool makeover'.

People with more matured minds will not easily get swayed by all these gimmicks. It is those who are simple-minded and with less access to the real world that are susceptible to their pretence. So, hold your horses and refrain from issuing statements that could turn out in favour of BN. Time will tell if these so-called promises will be fulfilled. Don't waste your time playing mind games with them. Meanwhile, it's best that the opposition focus their energies on more pressing issues that affect the livelihood of the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

PM is acting cool as advised by Blair Boys?

Even with this "COOL" campaign but bear in mind that the can of worms are crawling out one by one for you to judge wether the Rakyat want this sort of goverment for your future. Think's for you to decide which one you want ......BN or PR?

Your future are in your own hand. Good luck.

Jeffrey said...

As Pak Lah said, “there are hardliners (right wing) who want to maintain the old system (ie the Ethnocentric Ketuanan Mahathirism ideology), controlling the flow of information and using laws to silence the public” opposing this political ideology/culture….Why do you think Ibrahim Ali (Perkasa) is less than enthusiastic about what Najib declared? Because what Najib promised (repeal of draconian law) if really carried through, will undercut the entire regime of draconian laws which have been used in this last 50 years to silence critics and opposition to this ethnocentric Ketuanan Mahathirism ideology which the ruling elites use to stay in power! Which is why what Najib said, even if not done, strikes fear and insecurity amongst thoe with veste interest in the present moribund system. They reluctantly go along (for the time being) if they think the UMNO president is merely paying lip service and using this ploy of promised reforms as mere public relation exercise to win sufficient votes for BN to regain 2/3 Parliament, and some of the states lost in 308.

大馬華人 said...


Suara rakyat said...

The travel expenses of PM Najib and his deputy, including their spouses from 2008 till June 2011 amounted to RM17,118,650.58 and RM8,020,328.07 respectively, making a grand total of RM25,138,978.65

The annual breakdown of “official expenses” of the prime minister and his spouse for the years from 2008 till June 2011 amounted to RM1,739,332.85, RM4,811,837.48, RM5,130,370.99 and RM5,427,172.26.

Travel expenses incurred by the Najibs for the first half of 2011 have exceeded the entire year travel expenses for the past 3 years and heavens know how much the total damage would run up to by the end of the year. This is a piercing self contradiction from an administration that advocates austerity amongst its population.

大馬華人 said...