Tuesday, September 13, 2011


MUM is finally discharged and I thought an infusion of good fungshui would speed up her recovery. As such I decided not to be a sour-puss

blogging about the shit that is flying around about us being colonized and then being protected. Real lancheow stuff!

Thus, whenever I need a LIFT I visit COCKTALES BY THE THIRSTY BLOGGER to recharge after the morning after at the OVAL. I thoroughly enjoy this blog because of its “in your face” narrative like ahemmmmm….

What I read got me real riled up….. D way I see it, we’ve paid way too much booze taxes in this country already. According to The Star, Malaysians pay the second highest tax in d whole goddam planet for beer! Probably d same with other booze.

Like we earn a lot.

If u buy a can of beer for five bucks, about four bucks is tax. Stupid dam government, blowing our hard-earned money! Fuck em.

Yes, fuck em….vote BN out and if the Pakatan don’t give us some spiritual relieve when they take over, we will ass-butt them out too….oooooooooaaaaahhhhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Here are some ways

Just ask what's his name at San Miguel to set up a beer plant ... maybe next to Lynas.

Or switch to toddy ... it's cheaper and give you high high!

Make your own beer at home. Start putting that spare bath-tub or aquarium or even swimming pool to use. Imagine swimming in 'beer'!

Go drinking in Thailand.

Get your mates in the military to buy you crates of beer. They get it dirt cheap ... last I know. Doesn't matter if most of the military men are forbidden by religion to consume it.

If all else failed ... switch to cincau drink in plastic bags. They are good to reduce heatiness and may even the extra oomph!

Anonymous said...

Elect Zaid as PM. You get free beer flowing.
Elect the sodomy king and you can have all kinds of spirits with him in private.

Anonymous said...

So beer is an election issue now. What are we? Germans?
More drunk drivers then...
You sure know how win majority Malay votes.
Good luck.

Next issue, cheaper cigarettes , drugs, & legalize porn & sex trade!

wandererAus said...

Boy!a fine pair of healthy lungs...you have made Fat Mama very upset and jealous.
I take the beer now.....

Anonymous said...

Please recall that that the sin tax came into being during the time that DSAI was MOF.
DSAI also banned untaxed booze for the military.
If he is your PM, please prepare to drink illegal samsu.

Bob Marley said...

Anon 11:54

Why not ? This is Democracy ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I drink to that and those...ummm


Anonymous said...

The taxes from the consumption of beer and liquor are good for the country even when they are supposed to be non halal.
I think it is time to have two sets of accounts for the country, one for the halal and one for the non halal. Use these taxes accordingly but what is going to happen to the halal projects when the black gold has run out ?
May be get the great grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala, the multi millionaire or even billionaire. Why is it he is carrying the name of his father and not his mother ? It must be because the male genes are so much more dominant than the female.
Therefore even the fake Malays are accepting in silence that they are Indians and not Malays.
Like I said before if your ancestor was a Smith all your descendants from the male lines will be Smith. Please someone tell this to the grand son of the untouchable pariah, the shenanigan Mahathir that he is not a Malay. And also tell that all the half breeds in Umno too !
If Allah want anyone one to be a Malay he will be born a Malay and not those in Umno. These bastards are playing Allah with legislations how to be a Malay. One interesting thing how often do you see these deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras in baju Melayu, how often ?

zorro said...
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zorro said...

More deaths are recorded on our roads during festivals than deaths because of drink/driving! Yes?

CLY said...

I was told you can buy 3 for RM10 cans of beer from provision shops. Please don't buy as it would only enrich unscrupulous Custom Officers.

Anonymous said...

Why not be like us???? Have a weekend bode at one of the border towns...Beer is so damm cheap [the smuggled one] hehehehe.....Chang? Heneiken? or Singa or Leo???
hEY langkawi is also cheap?

Anonymous said...


We all know our beer and alcohol are so heavily taxed because its haram. Even though pork is not taxed, it cost almost the same as imported beef so you can go figure it out why it is so. Perhaps we should all convert to be muslims and thus forced ourselves not to consume alcohol or eat pork. But even then, the government will still find ways to screw us out of our money to enrich themselves. We may soon have to pay tax to breathe in the air/haze over Malaysia.

samgoh88 said...


For all those who need and love beers
Any reduction in tax will bring great cheers
While any increase will surely invite jeers
Coming out loud and clear from among peers

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed.14th Sept. 2011.

Anonymous said...

These Amino-shits are forever looking for things that non-muslims will purchase to tax and heavily!That is one of the reasons why the non-muslims are the major contributors to the country,s finance!

backStreetGluttons said...

cheers to GE 13 and cheap beer, at last

Anonymous said...

"Wan Farid told us in January (ref A) that Abdullah had decided not to welcome Anwar back into UMNO, and there was certainly no hint in our May 15 meeting that UMNO views of Anwar had softened following the heated Ijok by-election. On the contrary, UMNO Secretary General Radzi Sheikh Ahmad on April 31 told reporters, "He (Anwar) will not be taken back. Period."
We have leap and normal years this must be a UMNO year....read between the lines as leaked