Friday, September 16, 2011



We know that the ISA will take care of itself! Why do you think we Barisan Rakyat Bloggerss continue to blog against corruption, the buggering of the judiciary and the prostituting of the PDRM plus rumors that the Armed Forces are going cheap over exposition of postal votes.

DANG….how time flies….its 2:44am and the celebratory drinks came fast and furious after last night's leftist forum. Sweet dreams yah! I have a very early morning breakfast with the WHISTLER…..he said that he was answering my questions about Robert Kuok. You will hear about this later today……

Kamal B, sorry to be crude on this Malaysia Day…..but go have a good jerk. Najib will be pleased with your handwork if you don’t mess the floor.


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bruno said...

These corrupted BN robber barons are all too busy emptying the vaults of the people's bank,that they have no time left for social and recreational activities.As time goes on their systems cannot function anymore.In other words they are so stressed that their batangs are so lembak,they cannot have any more erections.No erections means they cannot have any organisms.That is why they need boytoys like Saiful to hump them from behind,or the high class millionaire massage boy of Datuk T fame.

Anonymous said...

Indecent proposal

pinsysu said...

for all we know the new laws cud be more lethal ...

or they scad PR gomen will use ISA on them so get rid of these depised laws first ...

so i am not popping champagne yet as BN gomen is also good in gostaning decision ...

wandererAus said...

"You help me, I screw you" said the spider to the fly. Is'nt Najib a "BIG POLITICAL BONKER"?

Anonymous said...

UMNO PM, just like a political prostitute...soliciting for clients.
With a prostitute, better take precaution, then later be sorry!

jeremy said...

ISA repealed. Two new PREVENTIVE laws to replace it ...... hahaha.

UNMO will continue to abuse their power and interprete 'PREVENTIVE' any which way they like to suit their political agenda.

Out goes Internal Security Act (ISA) and in comes Itu Sama Aje (ISA). The Chinese saying: huan tang bu huan yao (loosely translated: new packing, same content).

எந்திரன் said...

Although the government has finally "abolished" or "repel" some of the draconian laws but it is done with pressures from the opposition, bersih and the rakyat. Without these pressures, I don't think the government will do anything about it.

However, this maybe a temporary measure as I believe the government will enact other similar laws once the are elected and given the mandate to rule again citing national security and blah blah blah.

You know this government will do anything at all cost to gain sympathy votes. We know them too well and we knew this can't be true. Just wait and see! Time will prove me right!

Brookeputera said...

Today 16 September (1963) is the day Sabah and Sarawak were annexed by Malayan UMNO and incorporated as part of Britain’s new colonial creation “Malaysia”.

The heroic anti-Malaysia Brunei Independence Uprising of December 8 1962 and the Sarawak armed resistance till 1990 remain indelible evidence of the people’s opposition to this fake “independence in Malaysia”.

“Malaysia” was created with British/UMNO lies about “independence”. It was imposed with armed force by Britain with the willing collaboration of Malayan UMNO in suppressing the people opposition to their new colonization plan to continue colonial control and exploitation of the 3 North Borneo/Kalimantan colonies of Brunei Sabah and Sarawak.

As a consequence of the Uprising Brunei was not included in the new colonial creation. The original concept of an equal “partnership” broke down” when Singapore left in disgust by 1965 when UMNO tried to impose their Malay supremacist apartheid system. Unfortunately, Sabah and Sarawak politicians were not politically naive (and still are) and failed to challenge the validity and legality of the union.

Brunei and Singapore have prospered without “Malaysia”.

Many writers write about “Malaysian history” by glossing over this important period of history like Ah Q refusing to face the reality.

So it is the duty of all Sarawak patriots to remind everyone that our colonial status did not change on 16 September 1963 but got worse with the intensified plunder of our oil and timber resources.

This was what the anti-Malaysia opposition forces were saying in the 1960s. They have been proven correct by the fact that Sabah and Sarawak have become the poorest “states in Malaysia”.

In 1963 Malaya and Sabah and Sarawak were on par in terms of poverty level. Malaya and UMNO elites have been enriched and developed at the expense of plundered wealth form Sabah and Sarawak resources.

For many of us in Sabah and Sarawak, we cannot help being nostalgic and believe that life was better before 1963.

So all Sarawak Ah Qs wake up from your hopeless illusions and face the reality that we have remained a colonized people and nation.

And to remind everyone what a Dayak compatriot said to the effect: “We had a Country, Government and National Anthem”. This was in 1941 and now we have nothing to be proud of.

How can you be proud of being colonized- which what 16 September is about!

Anonymous said...

Najib was too weak to keep his promise of allowing Bersih 2.0 to use any stadium to hold a peaceful protest and unwilling to take on Perkasa for the rubbish dished out.

When you re-look at Najib’s speech text, it becomes clearer that he has done a Houdini. Without the specifics, this is nothing but mere hot talk.

The devil is in the details. And Umno cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...


Najib can tell everyone he abolished the ISA but in the same breath he also said there will be 2 new acts for terrorism and national security. Wow, now we have 2 new security acts which gives his UMNO government and his idiot cousin even more powers to detain anyone they wish for anything they deemed to be potentially terrorism or threat to national security as adjudged by UMNO of course.

If the idiot home minister can detain a reporter under ISA for "her own safety", what makes us think he will not detain innocent people under either one of the 2 new acts for "their own safety". For a start, if the 2 new acts are enforced, for sure Mat Sabu will be detained under the Terrorist Act because he is judged by UMNO/Utusan to be a closet communist so communists are considered to be terrorists too, correct?

Anonymous said...

Dear uncle Zorro

Just keep in mind...

We pay taxes to govt. to get work done. The present govt. sub the work to privatised cronies and they charge us again for the same work (e.g. 1. Indah Water to clear shit; 2. PLUS to make roads;) If they do not get enough of our money, the govt. gives them more from our taxes!!!

ACA was changed to MACC..

Now another trick to replace ISA with two new laws???

Most probably another re-branding trick :-( !!!!!!!!


Charlie Oscar said...

No matter how much those in BN and UMNO wants to deny that they abuse ISA for political purposes in the name of "national security", here we have Pak Lah, our former PM and UMNO executive member, just confirming it when he said "“There are hardliners who want to maintain the old system, controlling the flow of information and using laws to silence the public". See, now UMNO cannot deny they are abusing the ISA for their political survival.

Again, any Rakyat who is still inclined to support UMNO must open their eyes and see through BN and UMNO's evil schemes. They must realize UMNO does not care for them and the Rakyat at large. UMNO only cares about their political survival and their own rice bowl through massive corruption and the plundering of the Rakyat's money. The granting of citizenships to Indons and Banglas are another example of their evil schemes. Ask yourselves, what will happen to our future generations?

We all must wake up and reject BN/UMNO and vote them out in the next GE!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 50,000 people attended Najib and Rosmah's open house. Wonder who's paying for the all the food? Certainly it's not Najib and Rosmah. MACC please check.

Anyway Najib is correct the UMNO gomen repealed the ISA not because of pressure. However we all know the ISA was repealed because he and the UMNO gomen are desperate to project themselves as "champions" of the people. What a crock lot of bull!! Isn't it a fact that the gomen's responsibility is to protect the people and their well being? But this is an UMNO gomen whose responsibility is to protect its own party, members and cronies well being through lucrative handouts in the guise of projects/contracts.

Najib should stop pretending and stop saying all the nice things such as making Malaysia the best democracy B***s**t stuffs.

Malaysia has one of the worst records of human rights violation since the early 80s' and its getting worse by the day. If Najib means what he says, then what's happened to the PSC, IPMC etc and those detainees under ISA?

zorro said...

CHARLIE! Is that you OSCAR?Charlie, I have always maintained in this blog that there are some genuinely good guys in UMNO and Pakatan. If only these good men can get together and collectively shut down the ugly ones, we will have utopia. Not possible? I am an eternal optimist. Cheers comrade.

Zeti said...

KLCI falls 1.24% as foreign funds continue to exit.

No confidence in Najib trying to make Msia best democracy in the world